Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year, A New Natural Frito Lay

Hello World Family,
Falcon here with some good news (I figured at this point, I don't need to go over the bad; you already know).
The Lay's line of products has not only devised a quieter green product bag for 2011, they are going all natural...well, everybody but two-I'll explain.

The entire line of products: Sun Chips, Frito's, Potato Chips (Baked, too), etc. will be completely natural in 2011...that's right, the msg will be gone! This is huge news for those who either can't snack or wouldn't because of certain ingredients. Here are the exceptions:
Dorito's Nacho Cheese Flavor

Now, before you panic-here's the thing-it's some of the cheese components may contain artificial ingredients, but that's it.

Hey, BIG props to them for making an effort to rid an entire product line of all that is unnatural.

No preservatives, all natural oil, no trans fat, and in bags that biodegrade-that is HUGE!

The company is focusing on a 'zero landfill' goal. they have reduced waste by 90% at some plants and have one that in 2011 will be completely run on renewable energy-the good stuff, not the fossil fuel crack. They are reducing their water usage and recycling water. That is something you know Falcon greatly admires since water is our sacred currency for the planet, anyone making a sincere effort to reduce that use stands tall to me.

They are using organic fertilizers, maintaining as much natural habitat at growing sites as possible, use oven heat recovery systems, and remember Family: they were one of the first companies in North American to start recycling their shipping containers...in 1939!!!!

Do you know about TerraCycle? Frito Lay is asking large institutions to recycle their snack bags to TerraCycle. They will even pay for the shipping and donate 2 cents per bag to a school or non profit institution! For more information, please go to:

We rarely compliment companies here on the blog, but we give Frito Lay and their parent company, Pepsico big props for their bag design and Pepsi's THROWBACK line made with all natural sugar and no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). Recent research has shown just how horrible the additive HFCS is to the human body, and you have heard our call to have it removed from everything. We cheer Frito Lay and Pepsico for their efforts to reduce energy use, switch to renewables like solar, reduce landfill waste, and recycle water while reducing use...and making:


Keep up the good work...and make Throwback ALL YEAR! Please?! Pretty Please?!

Falcon and Dove

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