Friday, September 25, 2009

G-20 is done; Thank You Protesters and Leaders

Hello World Family,
Well, things are wrapping up here in Pittsburgh; the G-20 leaders and their attaché are leaving and life will get back to normal here in the shire-just in time for the high school football games and Saturday soccer games in the region.

Pamela’s Pancakes once again reigned supreme with a visit from the First Lady, Michelle Obama in Millvale this morning. I understand the Japanese Prime Minister also got some pancakes, but even the President didn’t know how he pulled it off;)

There have been 81 arrests over three days-14 on Wednesday, mostly Greenpeace people who pulled off that daring banner display on the West End Bridge; only a few yesterday until evening where in the Oakland area of the city some folks just got stupid breaking out windows, and some police pushed bicycle riders. Everybody should have behaved better, we think. Just one today during the very large protest of thousands of people, all expressing their concerns in a democratic fashion, and everyone walking away with all parts in-tact.


First to the people of Pittsburgh-you are truly special. The definition of what is really super-you do what you do best: stepping up when needed and working so hard and being so patient during this entire process. From leaders to laborers, everyone did a fantastic job.

There was a broad, diverse group of visitors from around the world, and it seems that a splendid time was had by all. Thank you, visiting Brothers and Sisters for being so kind while you were here. We respect your voice and appreciate your energy. Our blessings go with you as you travel home. We wish you peace, joy, and increased prosperity as you continue your struggles back home on issues we all care about. Be strong, and know that you are never alone.

Thank you security forces who came from everywhere to help keep our house safe. We are gloriously glad that you will go home to your families no worse for wear, and secure within yourselves that you did a great job. Travel safely, and be ever vigilant in your police work where you live. Remember to see each person you meet as a brother or sister, and treat them with respect, even when they forget to do the same. Take the high road.

G-20 Leaders: We are impressed with some decisions you made during this event, particularly with no longer giving subsidies to fossil fuel industries. This is a grand opportunity to begin to transition our global communities into a place where we all can live in harmony with the planet, encourage enfranchisement that respects all people and populations, and enjoins our abilities and creativity to make products and conduct prosperous industry with a heart as well as a head.
This is a good beginning-there is much work to do; let’s all get to work.

The preparations for this week have been exhausting for many. Thank you protest organizers, peace leaders, environmental organization activists, and regional planners for your hard work. You have done an incredible job, and deserve high praise. Congratulations on a job well done.

We would also like to personally thank all of you: those that marched, those that planned, those that prayed, whether here in the region or on the other side of the earth. It has been our continuous prayer that all would be well, and healing would manifest in mind, heart and action. We thank you for your words, thoughts, prayers…whatever you put forth that provided positive energy for the highest, best outcomes is greatly appreciated.

These times are not easy. There is so much to do. Let’s continue to be mindful of our best purposes-to thrive and help others to do so.

We can never in words truly express our gratitude to all who made this event so peaceful. We can simply and with the greatest of sincerity say, thank you. Thank you, all.

Falcon and Dove