Friday, April 8, 2011

Check Out Scholarship Opportunities on Falcon's New Blog

Hello World Family, Falcon here with the new blog connected to my book release: Check out this blog for the latest in undergrad, graduate and doctoral scholarship, internship and stipend opportunities. I just posted three new opportunities NOW! Check them out. All this is in anticipation of my new book, DEBT FREE COLLEGE: GET IN, STAY IN, GRADUATE DEBT FREE There will be TONS of valuable information in the book for less than the price of coffee for a week. One book, save thousands....sound like a good deal? Why did I write this book? Because Dove and I learned a lot during the process of her education, especially about what families are NEVER TOLD about looking for scholarship opportunities, study and organizational skills, working with admissions offices, etc. We want you to know what we learned because it will save you money. Thank you for your loyal support of Falcon and Dove. Now, students, get over to the new blog and check out all the cool stuff! Keep an eye on it. Subscribe if you will. After all, it is FREE! Peace, Falcon and Dove