Friday, August 21, 2009


Hello World Family,
BREAKING NEWS! As of noon today, all G-20 public permits have been approved! All parks will be used that were applied for, and the march is also approved! HUGE VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY!!!

This is why America can be cool! When we all work together, use our voices, use some logic, and keep our hearts and minds open, we can find an accord. Yes, there will be conditions...

Point State Park is only available 9am-11pm-no overnight camping. We still don't know where the march on Friday will end in downtown; that is still going to be figured out, but it will happen with approval!

Other issues like who is paying for all this and additional police begin approved to come in rom other cities was also on the docket today, all the figures seem to be all coming together.

More news is pending, and things will be in flux for awhile, but we here at Falcon and Dove just had to share the good news!!!

Everyone, be proud of your hard work!!! It was excellent! I am so proud of all my Brothers and Sisters who worked so hard on this. I am proud of our officials who worked diligently and consistently in front of, and behind the scenes to make this a reality.

World-you are gregariously welcomed to Pittsburgh to share ideas, protest, and engage in democracy during the G-20. You are invited to not be disruptive nor distructive. This is our house, and we want you be comfortable, but we don't want you doing anything that will bring harm to us or our children. Be kind, engage, enlighten, but do not disrespect our hospitality.

There will be many, many local eyes and ears and hearts in this sacred place: honor it with your presence, your love, your insight, and your wisdom.

Falcon and Dove

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

City of Champions Becomes a G-20 Police State? Oh, No We Can't

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here, reporting directly after returning from a meeting of coalition forces of labor groups, spiritual groups, environmental groups, veterans groups, and more to say that even though no permits have been approved for the public for the G-20 period in Pittsburgh Sept. 24-25, 2009, our voices will be heard! This is our house, and we will be heard.

Here's the thing: It's our right. It's our constitutional right. Americans have watched their rights widdled away by government during the past decade, and this is another example of a good idea gone bad. Want to protect the public? Allow them to participate in the Democratic process that is our right as Americans. Here's what I mean...

Turning Point State Park into a staging area for law enforcement is, in a word: dumb. There's a reason my ancestors didn't base themselves in what is today the Golden Triangle: you're a sitting duck down there. This is the space that law enforcement will plan and stage? The point furthest from everything else in downtown Pittsburgh, including the Convention Center? Seriously? Well, a malcontent wouldn't have to be in downtown to do damage; they could pick you off from the West End!

This is not good; let the people have the park...every park; staging should be done in strategic places all over downtown, and preferably, underground. Yeah, I know soft targets in the park? Better locals with local knowledge a double the sets of eyes in Pittsburgh on every bridge, buffer, underpass, tunnel, overpass and hillside than some out of town law enforcement who are going to have a crash course in familiarizing themselves with the streets, topography and terrain in a month's time. Yes, I said that. If permits were issued to the organizations who applied, there would be 100,000 pairs of eyes with local knowledge, working with law enforcement 'cause this is OUR HOUSE! This is OUR HOME! You think we are going to let some troublemakers mess up our town? Oh, no we won't!

If the approach is to treat this like a natural disaster, I have a suggestion: bring in the aid BEFORE the storm hits! Your aid is your people; the people.

This is not just a political issue; it is a moral one. This is a sacred place; the confluence of The Three Rivers is a sacred force of power and prayer. That spot belongs to the people. ALL THE PEOPLE.

This is the City of Champions. WE are champions because we invite all peaceful people into our borders as family and friends. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Isn't that what Falcon and Dove have said since we started this blog?! We honor our differences and the opportunity to share our perspectives. We are not going to allow those with distracted tendencies to undermine our messages of peace, tolerance, and our constitutional right to do what we will do. We will also not allow our city, our home, our front yard to become District 9. We will walk, talk, and act. That is how democracies work, and that is how it will work in Pittsburgh during the G-20. WE will see to it.

We are all shareholders: veterans, politicians, clergy, environmentalists, union members, bloggers, firefighters, police, EMS, and teachers. We all have an investment in this event, and we all have something to gain...and to lose. There will be drama to be sure, but if we focus all our collective efforts, this will be an extraordinary opportunity to share. Why the elitism? Why the separation? What are we really afraid of? NOTHING! WE THE PEOPLE are not afraid.

We are taking a stand for our children and our grandchildren. We are honoring our ancestors with our hands, our voice, and our walk.

As Peter Gabriel once said in a song about a strong freedom fighter, Steven Biko, "The eyes of the world are watching now".

So are our children.

Falcon and Dove

Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul, Guitar Virtuoso, dies at age 94

Hello World Family,
On this the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, guitar great Les Paul has passed away from complications from pneumonia. To try to sum up the accomplishments of this man in a few lines is simply impossible. He was one of the greatest pickers ever. His innovations of, with, and for the guitar are unmeasurable. He was a studio progressive, seeing the way forward into an emerging music industry that was just about to burst forth in Rock 'N Roll. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Without Les Paul and Leo Fender, there would be no electric guitar.

The first Gibson solid-body was released in 1952. Les Paul's contribution to recording was unprecedented: he created multi-track recording. He and his wife Mary Ford (Colleen Summers), experimented with echo and over-dubbing. It completely changed the way previous releases of his music sounded, and revolutionized the industry, to say the very least.

If you listen to electric music today, if you have ever touched a Les Paul autograph, solid-body, pearl inlaid, black guitar...or dreamed about it, say a prayer of thanks for Les Paul's gift to the world. If you haven't...well, you probably aren't reading this on the Internet, are you? If by chance you are about to hear your first electronic guitar tonight, may I suggest a recording:"I'm Sitting on Top of the World". Somewhere in the heavens, he is sitting, and hopefully, still smiling.

Thank you, very, very much, Mr. Paul. For everything you gave us, inspired us to do, and took from our dreams and brought into reality...thank you bunches!

I will miss you...from the top to bottom of my heart...I love you.

Peace be with you and your family,

Netroots in Pittsburgh This Weekend; Pancreatic Cancer Walk on Sunday

Hello World Family,
There are some pretty cool events in Pittsburgh this weekend, and some food for thought from one of my favorite brothers. If you are in the area:

Important Reminders for Pick Up the Pace

Please double-check these event details!
Registration opens at 9:00 a.m.
Event begins at 10:00 a.m.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network invites you to Pick Up the Pace for Pancreatic Cancer this Sunday, August 16, 2009! Join us at the North Park Boathouse in Allison Park, PA as we create awareness, raise funds and meet others who share the same goal: to find a cure for pancreatic cancer!

Pick Up the Pace for Pancreatic Cancer includes a 1- or 3-mile walk, live and silent auctions, a raffle and live music. Activities for kids include face painting and balloons. New this year will be a survivors' tent, children's tent and organized team photos. Registration and check-in begins at 9:00 a.m., and the walk's opening ceremonies begin at 10:00 a.m.

There is no parking at the boathouse; parking will be provided in the surrounding lots, and shuttle buses will take participants from the swimming pool parking lot to the event beginning at 8:00 a.m. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

Register online for this event. Online registration will close today at 5:00 p.m. EDT, but you can also register at the event beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. T-shirts will be available while supplies last. Pancreatic cancer survivors register for free! After registering, your very own personal fundraising site will be created for you to customize and share your story. We encourage participants to fundraise and you can earn fun prizes for doing so!

Pick Up the Pace for Pancreatic Cancer will also feature an honor wall at our event. If you would like your loved one's picture on the memory wall, bring your photo the day of the walk. You can also include information about your loved one to post alongside the photo.

For more information, please contact Theresa Dukovich at

Pick Up the Pace for Pancreatic Cancer
Sunday, August 16, 2009
Registration opens at 9:00 a.m.
Event begins at 10:00 a.m.
North Park Boathouse
Pierce Mill Road
Allison Park, PA 15101

Netroots in Pittsburgh at David L. Lawrence Convention Center-food for thought

Falcon has been covering a booth, and talking to a lot of people about a lot of things. This article by our Brother Garrison came to my attention this week, and it provides some interesting food for thought: about blogging, the Internet, and how the New Media revolution is changing the face of communications…for the better. There are also some comments about Healthcare Reform. Thanks to Tribune Media. I will contribute my own at the end of this piece:

The tragedy of the Internet
By Garrison Keillor

Aug. 12, 2009 | You know it's going to be a difficult day when you wake up with "Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera, Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera" going around and around in your head and it won't stop. You know that probably you should not tackle healthcare reform today though brainlessness has not stopped other people from weighing in on it. (FALCON’S NOTE: I haven’t heard that song in years).

Here are mobs of flannel-mouthed robots denouncing Socialist Gummint Takeover as Medicare goes rolling along rather tidily and the private schemes resemble railroads of the early 19th century, when each line decided its own gauge and each stationmaster decided what time it is. Anyone who has tried to coax authorization for payment from Federated Amalgamated Health knows that, for incomprehensible standards and voluminous rules and implacable bureaucrats, the health insurance industry carries on where the Italian postal service left off. But don't mind me, I'm a man with a viral song in my head and I should go soak it.

The goons who go to town hall meetings and shout down the congressmen are museum pieces. They can shout until the bats fall off the rafters, but if you really want to know about health insurance, you just look around on the Internet and it's all there and more. The president gave a good solid tutorial on the subject back in June to the AMA, and you can still find it at YouTube. When you come to choose between him and the goons, you don't have to think too hard.

This is the beauty of new media: It isn't so transitory as newspapers and TV. Good stuff sticks around and people e-mail it to friends and slowly it floods the country.

What the new media age also means is that there won't be newspapers to send reporters to cover the next war, but there will be 6 million teenage girls blogging about their plans for the weekend. There will be no TV networks to put on dramas in which actors in costume strut and orate and gesticulate, but you can see home video of dogs and anybody's high school graduation anywhere in America. We will be a nation of unpaid freelance journalists and memoirists. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

It comes too late for Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. In the new media age, there would not be a Watergate or a Monica Lewinsky. The president could conspire to break the law or canoodle with anybody within arm's reach and likely there would be nobody in the forest to hear that particular tree fall. And that would be just fine. All we got from those enormous Old Media events, frankly, was entertainment. They were no more enlightening than a Harold Robbins novel.

I'm an old media guy and I love newspapers, but they were brought down by a long period of gluttonous profits when they were run as monopolies by large, phlegmatic, semi-literate men who endowed schools of journalism that labored mightily to stamp out any style or originality and to create a cadre of reliable transcribers. That was their role, crushing writers and rolling them into cookie dough. Nobody who compares newspaper writing to the swashbuckling world of blogging can have any doubt where the future lies. Bloggers are writers who've been liberated from editors, and some of them take you back to the thrilling days of frontier journalism, before the colleges squashed the profession.

The Internet is a powerful tide that is washing away some enormous castles and releasing a lovely sense of independence and playfulness in the American people. Millions of people have discovered the joys of seeing yourself in print -- your own words! the unique essence of yourself, your stories, your jokes, your own peculiar take on the world -- out there where anybody can see it! Wowser.

Unfortunately, nobody is earning a dime from this. So much work, so little pay. It's tragic.

But one door closes and a window opens. The healthcare industry is wide open and there's a need for writers. Old people are lonely, old people want to be listened to and their stories written down, old people need entertainment. That's why I am opposed to the current healthcare reform bill -- there is nothing in there for creative therapy and the artistic fulfillment of the sick and elderly. A humorist in every hospital ward. Laughter is the best medicine. Sick people need distraction. When you wake up in the morning with "Guantanamera" going around in your head, you forget about your troubles except for that one.

(Garrison Keillor is the author of "77 Love Sonnets," published by Common Good Books.)
© 2009 by Garrison Keillor. All rights reserved. Distributed by Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Falcon thinks the Healthcare Reform issue has been focusing on the wrong things. Here is what I have been thinking:

One: When that pandemic breaks out, are we going to be arguing about who gets the vaccine first? The guy next to you on the morning bus or subway train…the child next to your child in class…or at a university? The pregnant woman who just moved to a new state? The person in front of you at the coffee shop?

Answer: Well, I know one thing: I would be a lot more concerned about the 43 million people who don’t have any access to healthcare and pay whatever it takes when a pandemic could take us all out, indiscriminately.

Two: Socialized medicine? Yes, we have had it for quite some time: seniors, children in some states, handicapped, SSI, those on public assistance. Frankly, they have better healthcare than I do. Bring it on!

Three: Do you really want the current bunch in charge of deciding whether you get the life-saving drug or not? How about that ‘experimental’ drug not approved for your child, but has been in use in other countries for years, and your insurance company won’t cover treatment? Yeah…what about that scenario?

Four: What about those with pre-existing conditions that can’t get health care? Whole families denied because of one person’s illness in the group…what do we do about them? This is why having something concerned with health and profits are mutually exclusive goals; you can’t serve two masters. I say serve the former and screw the latter!
There are other ways to make money; making it on the backs of the most needy is most repugnant.

Five: If integrative therapies are not included, this is all still a sham…just a smaller one. Alternative therapies work, have been in use for literally thousands of years, and save big bucks. If we are talking about saving money, why hasn’t this been said more loudly? Oh, yeah…big pharma…shhhh…they may hear me….

Food for thought, World Family…I hope you eat well. Have a great weekend!

Falcon and Dove

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music, Movie Updates: Tori, RyG, Peter Janson, Billy Sherwood; Maya Calendar Event and Narnia begins shooting

Hello World Family,
Falcon here reporting from NetRoots. I am running around like crazy, and I hope I get to see you at the bloger-fest, but I have collected some wonderful entertainment news that must be shared. See the latest from some great artists, including a 10 year old artist who will touch you with her profound insight.

There is an workshop in Pittsburgh concerning the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 Prophecy, actually be held by people who would know: Mayan and Taino people! Check that out, too if you are in the area. This will be an extraordinary event.

We will be in touch!
Falcon and Dove

Tori Martin, Age 10 has a Strong Song for Everyone

Check out Tori’s latest piece, a fantastic homage to a courageous man named “Ben”

Peter Janson has a new release coming out August 31
Falcon and Dove heard some of his incredible new music previewed at the House Concert in Pittsburgh, PA July 22. It was powerful and intoxicating, especially a piece he has written about will see what we mean...

Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 Fall Tour

2 KOKO London, United Kingdom (sold out)

4 Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland

9 Alhambra Paris, France
12 Town Square Caen, France
16 Terminal 5, New York, NY, USA
19 The Buell Theatre, Denver, CO, USA

21 Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA

23 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA, USA
25 Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA


10 4th & B Concert Theater, San Diego, CA, USA
12 Schnitzer Hall, Portland, OR, USA

14 Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA

16 Riveria Theater, Chicago, IL, USA

19 House of Blues, Dallas, TX, USA

20 Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheatre, Austin, TX, USA
22 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA

23 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA

24 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD, USA


11 La Carriere, Nantes, France
12 Casino de Paris, France
13 Aeronef, Lille, France
18 Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland

20 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

21 Watt, Rotterdam, Holland
23 Hammersmith Apollo, London, United Kingdom
24 Academy, Birmingham, United Kingdom

26 Academy Glasgow, United Kingdom

28 Manchester Apollo, Manchester, United Kingdom
29 Colston Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom

Rodrigo y Gabriela will release their new studio album, entitled “11:11” on Rubyworks, on Monday 7th September (Tue 8th - USA).

Jim Ladd and Billy Sherwood New Release August 19
This was posted in Billy's My Space Blog today:

Hello Friends,

I am thrilled to announce that Jim Ladd and Billy Sherwood "Headsets Chapter 2: Sides" will be released August 19TH {next Wed.}.

I will be joining Jim Ladd live on KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles on the release date to discuss the new record and also play a few tracks from the CD.

KLOS streams live on the internet at this address: Jim's "Headsets" radio show begins at 12:00 {Midnight Pacific Standard Time} to 1:00 AM. Grab a pair of headsets... and tune in !!

The CD will only be available via the Headsets online store so if you dig what you hear...

As always thanks to everyone for the love and support.

Cheers, Billy

The New NARNIA Movie Begins Filming

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER Began filming July 27 in Australia’s Gold Coast

From Walden Media:

We are excited to announce that the third installment in our “Narnia” series, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” began filming today in Queensland, Australia. For the next four months, our production team will be hard at work on set bringing C.S. Lewis’ imaginative vision to life. We’re filming at the beautiful Warner Roadshow studios in Australia’s gorgeous Gold Coast. It is home to the largest water tank facility in the Southern Hemisphere which will help create the epic high seas adventure.

This time around - Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their pesky cousin Eustace Scrubb - find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to a fantastic Narnian ship headed for the very edges of the world. Joining forces once again with their royal friend Prince Caspian and the warrior mouse Reepicheep, they are whisked away on a mysterious mission to the Lone Islands, and beyond. On this bewitching voyage that will test their hearts and spirits, the trio will face magical Dufflepuds, sinister slave traders, roaring dragons and enchanted merfolk. Only an entirely uncharted journey to Aslan’s Country - a voyage of destiny and transformation for each of those aboard the Dawn Treader - can save Narnia, and all the astonishing creatures in it, from an unfathomable fate.

We’re excited to be surrounded by many familiar and new faces on set. New to the team, veteran filmmaker Michael Apted will direct the new adventure. Returning cast Georgie Henley as Lucy, Skandar Keynes as Edmund, Ben Barnes as Caspian and Liam Neeson as Aslan will join a new cast mate Will Poulter as cousin Eustace.
While relinquishing the director’s chair this time out, our friend, filmmaker Andrew Adamson will return as one of the film’s three producers, reteaming with his colleagues from the first two “Narnia” films—Academy Award®-winner Mark Johnson and Philip Steuer. Also back for another Narnian adventure are Executive Producers Perry Moore and Lewis’ stepson, Douglas Gresham.

In the coming months, we’ll update regularly with news from the set, exclusive photos and special offers to registered users. We hope you take this ‘voyage’ with us.

Maya Calendar Workshop Taught by Indigenous Artists

The Maya Calendar, The 2012 Prophesy Decoded by Guatemalan Maya artist and seer Antonio Ah Ik, and Taino Indigenous medicine man Miguel Sague
10:00 am-2:00 pm
Nuin Center, Bryant St. Pittsburgh, PA

Event Description:
The Maya Calendar, The 2012 Prophesy Decoded by Guatemalan Maya artist and seer Antonio Ah Ik, and Taino Indigenous medicine man Miguel Sague

Entering the mystic flow of Mayan time-stream 2012 workshop with catered snack of Yucatecan Maya food. Understanding the basic relationships that exist in Sacred Time and focusing the energies of the mind, the body and our personal environment in preparation for a successful transition on the date Dec. 12, 2012 into the new Mayan Era called FOUR AHAU. Creating a personal journey-space within the continuum of mystic and natural time cycles. Establishing a personal relationship with each and every day of our lives to make each and every day a holy day and a day of enhanced awareness.

412.969.4009 to make reservations this event. $80 tax-deductible contribution per person

NOTE: Miguel is in PR this week doing a Taino event there, so if it takes him to next Wednesday to confirm your reservation, don't worry; you are on the list.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Outrage Fest Continues: Bonner and Associates with Coal Buddies Fraudulent Faux Pas

Hello World Family,
Falcon here as Outrage Week continues with a little piece about what it’s like to live in a country where companies can pay other companies to pretend to be real people and organizations, misrepresent their opinions and philosophies to Congressmen and no one goes to jail.

Now, don’t try this at home; if you or I did something so disgusting, we would be brought up on fraud charges faster than you can say “coal”, but these guys have actually made a career out of fraud, and quite a profitable one, too; I might add.

The company in question is Bonner and Associates and the Clean Coal guys hired them to…ah…well..what was it they hired them to do exactly? I don’t know what they were hired to do…I do know what they did.

They stole the trademarked logo and organizational name of the NAACP and created false names, placed them on letters objecting to the ACES bill (American Clean Energy and Security Act), and sent these frauds to members of Congress, specifically Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) received multiple letters pressuring him to vote against clean energy reform. Perriello staffers discovered that the letters were actually forged by Bonner & Associates. Going through past correspondence regarding ACES, staffers found at least six forged letters purporting to be from Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit Hispanic group, and the NAACP. (Thanks to The Daily Progress for information for this blog post).

Now, what is really funny about this is…the coal companies said that they didn’t know that Bonner and Associates might employ this kind of tactic. Indeed, Bonner themselves said it was a ‘temporary employee’ who did this, and they have been removed. Bonner seems to have had a history of maverick employees going way outside the lines for their company.

Going back to the mid 1980’s this firm has done things that you or I would have long been in jail for doing. They have been caught defrauding the federal government (aka…us) for millions, helping everyone from the tobacco lobby to PhRMA back in ’02. They even hired people to pretend to be retirees back in ’05 and say they were members of AARP. They weren’t.

This type of lie even has a name: Astroturfing. It is when a hired gun pretends to be a grassroots organization and commits fraud for the purpose of influencing elected officials by falsely acting as if they are constituents. They go to meetings, write letters, but they are just paid actors. These are corporate backed policies and have no actual grassroots representatives.

Bonner says that they are sorry. Bad employee. Hmm….

Protesters stood in the rain in D.C. in front of Bonner and Associates offices, nearly naked to make a point about the ‘naked lies’ that the company committed.

The NAACP has issued this statement:

“The NAACP is appalled that an organization like Bonner and Associates would stoop to these depths to deceive Congress. In this case Bonner and Associates are exploiting the African-American Community to achieve their misdirected goal. These tactics illustrate that discriminatory tactics normally used to deceive voters are now being used to deceive the Congress,” stated Hilary O. Shelton, Director of the NAACP’s Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President for Advocacy

So…World Family, what should we do? Besides ask for these guys to go to jail, protest, complain…what should we do?


We should get to know our representatives very well. Do you know who your representatives are in Congress? They know Falcon on sight. Do you write them regularly? Have you attended town hall meetings in your community? Do they come to your community? Invite them…personally.

Every minority and ethnic organization in this country needs to make sure that your elected officials in your neighborhood, city, borough, municipality, district, region, and state know you. They should come to your annual dinners. They should attend the picnics. Members of your organization should be present at every activity they throw. Aren’t on “the List?” Get on it! Demand it! After all, these are public officials and they WORK FOR US! They are public servants. We elected them, our tax dollars pay their salary, and we should have access to them regularly.

Actually, our elected officials and especially members of Congress will probably gregariously embrace our closer friendship. It will help reduce the likelihood that they can be manipulated by corporate interest misrepresenting itself as grassroots people.

Let’s put folks like Bonner out of business…since we can’t put them in jail. Why can’t we put them in jail, again…?

Have a great weekend getting to know your representatives.
Falcon and Dove

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Outrage Week, Still With Hope

Falcon here with the gloves totally off; I have had it. This is Falcon’s official rant:
Another eclipse, another mass murder…this one in our region


I am so sick of hearing about self-absorbed, myopic, mean-spirited, selfish men who are healthy, have a job, ten fingers and ten toes, living in nice neighborhoods whining about how much their lives suck, so they went out and shot a bunch of people because (Falcon did warn you that my gloves are off)…whatever. Your family didn’t love you; well, we all have messed up family members, grow up and make some new friends. Women wouldn’t date you; there are millions of people who don’t go on regular dates; volunteer somewhere, meet new people, and go out with a group for coffee, movies, etc. See?! It’s that easy…when you aren’t moping around feeling sorry for yourself.

Never been away for a weekend with a woman? Oh well…the sun will still rise without it. I go away on weekends with women all the time (hehe); try being nice, considerate, genuinely interested in them, listen to them, interested in the world and your community, an activist, a mentor, join a support group, start a support group, work with children, cancer patients, animals (this guy had no pets; bad sign right there), and I guarantee women will like you. They may not go away with you for a weekend, but at least you will have something to talk about.

I even go away on weekends with men…now THAT is what I call entertainment…okay, it’s usually a conference or something, but occasionally camping, hiking, fishing, etc. It’s good. It’s nice. There are tons of outings in the paper, magazines, blogs, websites…just check them out and go! It’s not about dating, it’s about being. I never heard this guy once say what he was going to do for anyone else; it was all about what he was doing to get what HE wanted. It was all about him. (Following Falcon and Dove’s usual policy, we don’t reprint the name of the assassins in our blog; they will get enough press elsewhere. We print the names of those who should be celebrated; we feel for the perpetrators as lost souls, and we pray for them obviously, but we will not add to their celebrity).

Here is some unsolicited advice for this guy but more for those who may find some congruence with his feelings…

Stop whining. Many people in the world live in horrible, disgusting conditions and have had miserable lives for many reasons: they don’t whine about it. ONLY the socially dysfunctional-miserable-sorry for myself syndrome types, and they don’t go it alone…they have to make other people miserable by acting out their rage and self-absorbed misery on others. Nice…just stop. Get a spine-grow a set-and grow up…and I mean that in the most spiritually actualizing way. Stop blaming everyone else for your karma. Crap happens. The universe is not out to get you. You have made some choices that brought you to this point-OWN IT! Stop whining about it.

Three really great women are dead. More are injured, and even more traumatized by the experience of going to the exercise club to dance and feel good, only to be shot or witness the chaos produced by one whining self-absorbed man who could have had the world on a string, but was just too selfish to look up from his naval-staring and see how great the world is. I need to talk about our Sisters…

Heidi Overmier was literally one of the sweetest people I had ever met. Loyal Falcon and Dove fans will remember that we interviewed her awhile back and talked about Kennywood, her place of employment and Coaster Capital of the World. Heidi has been there for about a decade; I remembered this because I took some pictures one warm April, when the park opened on Dove’s birthday, and we went and caught all of the park’s magnificent blooms in season: Ornamental Cherry, Dogwoods of many varieties, Apple Blossoms galore, and outstanding Lilacs. The park smelled like springtime in Paris. She laughed and giggled with delight about the photos, and we talked about our kids. These two brief exchanges are like so many others we have during out lives, but Heidi’s smile is infectious, and if you had ever met her, I am sure you never forgot that smile. Falcon and Dove will keep her dear in our hearts, as we will all of those effected by this tragedy, and pray that her way is gentle, her path beautiful, and know that the love she had for so many will never fade away.

Betsy Gannon lived in Green Tree most of her life and worked for West Penn Allegheny System for years. She used to work for Eye and Ear Hospital. Although I did not know her personally, I know others who did and speak of her highly. She, like Falcon, loved to celebrate her Irish heritage. I am sure we passed each other at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, either as volunteers or patrons enjoying the music, dancing and food.

Jody Billingsley was a physical therapist and sales representative. In college played for the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) for the Women’s Basketball Team. She got her doctorate from Chatham University. She has been described as smart, friendly, and full of energy.

These three beautiful lives were taken from our world because one man couldn’t get all the things he thought he wanted, but he did get one thing he sought…he got a gun. Four actually, and had about 160 rounds.

He clearly had some pretty severe emotional problems, but no one noticed it. Apparently, before the incident, no one read his blog, so there was no realization that this guy had posted his birth and death dates-telling the world the day he was going to end it all…and take others with him.

Falcon could say a lot about this; frankly…I am busted up. I am out of tears. Right now, I am angry. I am outraged. I am sad. I am resolved. It is time for us to collectively stand up and say that we are not going to take this kind of nonsense anymore. I keep hearing that there is nothing we can do about these kinds of incidents. I don’t believe that for a moment.

WE CAN-make sure that individuals have full physicals, including information about their emotional health. Doctors need to spend more time with their patients, and instead of just giving them drugs (many completely inappropriate for the symptoms being described), listen to what they are saying about their lives. This guy went nearly 20 years without what he would call a meaningful relationship with a woman. This is a red flag about someone who really wants a relationship. He should have been seeing a therapist ages ago. He was sober 20 years, he probably had a sponsor…was there any follow-up when he fell off the wagon last year? The beginning of drinking alcohol was the beginning of purchasing the guns…coincidence? I think not. He may have had some sort of alcohol sensitivity…was he ever tested?

WE CAN-put more money forward for the treatment of mental health. If this man had been properly evaluated and received treatment, he wouldn’t have committed these crimes, mostly because he couldn’t have gotten the guns. This would have been a very tough case to treat, but he had nothing and no one. Clearly, that was not a good idea.

WE CAN-watch for signs when people begin to isolate and separate themselves from others. His neighbors noticed something was more amiss than usual. Had he been under a doctor’s care, surely he/she would have noticed as well.

WE CAN-increase security, although this is a last stop gap. Should every business and school be locked down like a penitentiary? I think if we employ some of the previous suggestions, this may be the last resort that hopefully won’t be needed.

SUMMARY-Look, this man didn’t get sick yesterday, he evolved into this state. This started a long time ago, and the way his family has responded to the tragedy has been a litmus test to the fact that maybe he didn’t get what he needed emotionally from the people he should have. Whatever the case, until we collectively stand up and say we are willing to invest resources and sweat equity into a process of identifying and treating men (cause that is who does this kind of thing), this will continue. Oh, and one more thing…unless you are on your way to the range for target practice, or work with them…

ONE MORE TIME: PUT THE GUNS DOWN! THINK! There has GOT to be another way to do this!

Peace, and we really mean it…
Falcon and Dove