Sunday, January 31, 2010

Air Starck: Wind Turbines for Urban Communities and Residential Use

Hey World Family,

The buzz around Philippe Starck’s new design for a small wind turbine that can harness wind from any direction and starts at a mere $3,500 has been mixed, mostly because some fail to understand the potential of this urban air revolution.

Pramac has developed Revolution Air:a series of vertical axis windmills that harness it all, quietly, and can even gather torrents and exhaust blasts-there is a twin blade and a triple blade model. They are small, so less likely to pull in wildlife that could be harmed by other types of windmills when installed on their migratory paths.

The original research concerning these small but mighty designs were done in Britain, and clearly the researchers were only focused on assessment for their arena, not the U.S. and other urban markets world wide. The design has tremendous potential since what won’t work in London will do just fine in places like: the East Coast of the U.S., Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Hawaii, The Pacific Northwest, The Caribbean, India, The West Coast of Africa, New Zealand, etc. The research just wasn’t broad enough, or frankly, visionary enough.

Here’s the thing: many urban areas have strong wind currents that must work around structures. This design makes that a snap, since it will harness currents from any direction. It is noiseless, so that’s a bonus. It is small, so less disruptive, and best of all, cheap and easy to install…for the most part. Urban areas that have large tracks of land where buildings have been demolished can make use of a ‘farm’ of these windmills, and small businesses and neighborhood ‘co-ops’ could save millions of dollars, lower the proverbial carbon footprint, and bring some strong energy independence to those who need it the most.

Here’s one of the most important points: it reduces the carbon footprint big time. Communities where clearer air is so important could use these with schools, senior centers, hospitals, and reduce their dependency on dirty coal. Combine this kind of technology with retrofitting and energy saving appliances, as well as community farms, personal gardens, and improved wastewater infrastructure…well the improvements could be huge. You won’t have to wait for this one-the Italian developer is ready to move this product this year. Very nice.

The triple blade can do 400W, and there is even a kilo version. This small wind turbine is huge. We should pay attention to it, and communities should start to look at ways to bring this kind of design to their doorstep.

This is not a toy for rich urbanites, this is possibly another tool to go in the box of community enfranchisement and energy independence on an affordable level for urban and rural areas world wide.

Let’s make sure we stay abreast of these kinds of developments, and don’t allow special interests to remove these tools from our collective grasp.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marcellus Shale Announcement from PA Gov. Ed Rendell

News for Immediate Release

Jan. 28, 2010

Governor Rendell: PA Taking Aggressive Action to Protect Public, Environment as Marcellus Shale Drilling Operations Expands

Directs DEP to Hire 68 Additional Staff to Bolster Inspections, Environmental Compliance; New Regulations Planned to Improve Well Safety Standards

Harrisburg – In order to protect Pennsylvania’s residents and environment from the impact of increased natural gas exploration across the state, Governor Edward G. Rendell announced today that the commonwealth is strengthening its enforcement capabilities.

At the Governor’s direction, the Department of Environmental Protection will begin hiring 68 new personnel who will make sure that drilling companies obey state laws and act responsibly to protect water supplies. DEP also will strengthen oil and gas regulations to improve well construction standards. These critical upgrades are designed to prevent gas leaks that can pose risks to the public and water quality.

“Interest in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale formation is greater than ever before and as natural gas prices continue to rise, that interest will only increase,” said Governor Rendell. “In fact, the industry has told us that they expect to apply for 5,200 permits to drill in the Marcellus Shale this year -- nearly three times the number of permits we issued in all of 2009. Given these conditions, an extraction tax is gaining widespread support across our state and I will again ask the General Assembly to enact such a levy. It is fair and affordable to drillers. They know it, and so do members of the House of Representatives who voted for it last year.

“The actions I am announcing today, however, are about decisive, progressive protections for the people of Pennsylvania. We were able to hire 37 additional inspectors and permitting staff in 2009, but the industry’s projected growth in 2010 means that we need additional inspectors to ensure oil and gas companies follow environmental laws and regulations. As I’ve said all along, we want to encourage the development of this resource because it’s a tremendous economic opportunity for the state, but we will not allow that to happen at the expense of our environment.”

DEP performed 14,544 drilling site inspections in 2009 and took 678 enforcement actions against drillers for violations.

The 68 additional personnel will be funded entirely from money generated by new, higher permitting fees that were instituted in 2009—the first such increase since 1984. The new fees were put in place with bipartisan support from the General Assembly, industry and environmental organizations.

The Governor noted that given the need for these additional health and safety personnel and the dedicated funding source that is independent of the state’s General Fund, these new hires are exemptions to the general hiring freeze he instituted last year.

DEP’s work to amend Pennsylvania’s oil and gas regulations will strengthen well construction standards and define a drilling company’s responsibility for responding to gas migration issues, such as when gas escapes a well or rock formation and seeps into homes or water wells. Specifically, he said the new regulations will:

· Require the casings of Marcellus Shale and other high-pressure wells to be tested and constructed with specific, oilfield-grade cement;

· Clarify the drilling industry’s responsibility to restore or replace water supplies affected by drilling;

· Establish procedures for operators to identify and correct gas migration problems without waiting for direction from DEP;

· Require drilling operators to notify DEP and local emergency responders immediately of gas migration problems;

· Require well operators to inspect every existing well quarterly to ensure each well is structurally sound, and report the results of those inspections to DEP annually; and

· Require well operators to notify DEP immediately if problems such as over-pressurized wells and defective casings are found during inspections.

“These new draft regulations, which were developed through open meetings with experts in the industry, are designed to give Pennsylvanians peace of mind by bringing our state’s requirements up to par with other major gas producing states or, as in the case of the well casing requirements, to a level that is even more rigorous,” said Governor Rendell.

The new regulations will be offered for public comment on Jan. 29 before going through DEP’s formal rulemaking process.

Interest in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale formation has been increasing. One third of the more than 6,200 oil and natural gas drilling permits DEP issued in 2009 were for drilling in the Marcellus Shale. By comparison, only four of the more than 6,000 permits issued in 2005 were for the Marcellus formation.

For more information, visit

Media contacts:

Tom Rathbun, DEP; 717-787-1323

Michael Smith, Governor’s Office; 717-783-1116

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad Rocks-State of the Union

Hey World Family-high points to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

More Pell Grant money and a $10,000 per year for 4 years tax deduction for families with young people in college-Yeah!
Reduction in student loan debt and ending debt after 20 years, 10 years if you work in public service!-Outstanding!!!!

$30 billion of returned TARP money going to small community banks to encourage loans for small businesses-YES!

Increasing exports by double in 5 years-Very cool!

Investment in green energy technology-we’ll get back to that one.

Investing in improving infrastructure across the country-Huge yes!

Freeze on government spending beginning with the 2011 budget on everything but defense, social security, Medicare…ok, that should work.

Investing in building more nuclear power plants-WHAT?! I guess we’ll keep dumping the waste in Indian Country on Yucca Mountain, right?

Investing in improving education…we’ll, after the ‘Every Child Left Behind” act, I don’t know how anyone could do much worse. Let’s see on that one.

Homeland Security…hmm…

Nuclear arms disassembled-cool

Clean coal-what the %^#@& is that? Oh, yeah: technology that doesn’t really work well and costs $7 billion per plant that releases more mercury into the air that a regular coal plant…hey, at least it’s not CO2, right? Throw the Republicans that still don’t believe in climate change a bone. Wow, talk about the queens of de-nial…
Does it ever occur to any of these guys that what goes into the air goes into the water…and us? I suppose not…

Overall, pretty good IF Congress will cooperate. He talked about people putting aside their petty arguments…oh, and one more thing that President Obama mentioned…

Hey Supreme Court…you blew it! Congress: fix it, NOW! Yeah, he said that.

Corporations are not people. They don’t vote, they can’t do jury duty, and often are run by those who otherwise wouldn’t have the same rights as other American citizens. The Constitution starts with “We the People” (got if from the Iroquois Confederacy, like so much of our system of checks and balances); Corps are not people. Period.

‘Nuff said on that subject. I give the president a thumbs up…now let’s see what happens; actions speak louder than words.


The speculation has ended, the day has arrived: iPad, the newest device from Apple; a nifty little pad that pretty much does everything an iPhone does except, well…the phone part. Obviously, you can do all the usual MMS, IM stuff and all the apps that work for the iPhone will work on the iPad: 120,000 of them! If you have already downloaded them to iTunes, then they will go on your iPad! Sweet!

It is very light (1.6 lbs), and cute (9 by7 inches, give or take, and around a half inch thick), and has a battery that can put up with 10 hours of continuous work (that impressed me) and a big screen with people touch sensitivity and LED pictures that are stunning.

Who will want this starting at $499? Falcon sees a market. I have to be honest: I love my iPhone, but sometimes, I would like to see things bigger. Falcon is not a spring chick anymore, and the eyes aren’t what they used to be. I think Baby Boomers and seniors will love this toy: it makes all your apps functions bigger, you can read books on it like a real book, only you control the size and the lighting automatically adjusts so that you don’t burn your eyeballs out in inappropriate light.

It’s super portable, works at any angle, and even has an external keyboard (or you can use the screen) that will let it stand up for ease and flexibility. As a constant multi-tasker, I will adore this feature.

Depending on your line of work, this would become your best electronic friend. I can see apps like the Film Budget one being really handy out in the field writing and recording things on the large screen while not being weighed down. It is smaller than the legal pad I normally would have had.

Email, work apps, movie watching, games become so much easier. Music (including hook-ups for external speakers) WiFi as well as 3G capabilities (extra) a cute case (I hope that’s not extra-and they should design additional cool cases for it like the iPhone), USB recharging, and versatility make this product attractive. I know there are other book-readers out there, but this does so much more than that. You can read the paper on the web so much easier. I will get through NYT so much faster this way, and easier on my body and my eyes. I think a lot of people will love that.

The way you view photos is pretty cool, it will make looking a production pics a snap! Sorting becomes seamless. Imagine being at an event, hooking the camera or SD card up, and sorting right away, and sending to everyone! It makes the process simpler.

Social networking becomes easier than ever. Maps are highly detailed with more features, and I am going to assume it will do directions on it, since the iPhone already has apps for that. For me, that is huge. For those with visual challenges who walk and need directions, this will show them clearly how to get there in a size they can see! That is empowering.

I can see those with physical handicaps or challenges finding this product a joy to work with. If apps can be added that helps them explore and find more to do, enjoy, and advance, that would be incredible.

The Calendar, Notepad, and Contacts pages look great! Again, easier for Boomers, Seniors, and those who just want to see it bigger.

The price point? Well, it’s pretty good. I wish the 3G difference wasn’t’ so much more pricey than the WiFi, but otherwise, I think it is fairly priced.

As a tablet, it is outstanding!I don't think it is for everyone, but many will like what it can do, and the size of the images will be very attractive to gamers. Portability is nice.
UPDATE: Falcon found out this device has no camera. This is one of those situations where you needed an average mom in the room-WE WANT A GOOD CAMERA! We don't want to carry around one more thing! If it had a camera, you can take goofy pictures with your friends and immediately look at them on a large screen. Great for picnics, sports, events, spontaneous moments of delight. This is a problem. I wonder if you already have a 3G account, do you need another separate account, or do they just add the device to the account you have? Hmm...
Falcon and Dove

Monday, January 25, 2010

AVATAR becomes worldwide highest grossing film EVER-

Hey World Family, Falcon here with the big news: Avatar has now passed even Titanic to become the all time number one. It hasn’t passed Titanic domestically at the time of this posting, but that’s days away. It is an amazing achievement for any film, but particularly in such a short period of time. It only took 38 days of release for Avatar to become the highest grossing film of all time.

The Hollywood

It's official. James Cameron's action-adventure epic Avatar is now the biggest-grossing offshore title in history. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the blockbuster reached a cumulative $1.288 billion internationally over the weekend, exceeding Titanic's 13-year international box office record of $1.242 billion.

Topping the frame with an estimated weekend gross of $36 million for a cume of $552.8 million, 20th Century Fox and James Cameron's "Avatar" has jumped past Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight" with $533.3 million to become the second highest grossing film ever at the domestic box office.

Still behind "Titanic" in U.S. totals, "Avatar" made history overseas.
Pic earned $107 million from 11,803 screens in 111 markets at the foreign B.O., just enough to sink the ship, making "Avatar" the all-time champ in international receipts with $1.28 billion. Cameron's "Titanic" previously held the overseas record with $1.24 billion.

"Having been a part of the 'Titanic' phenomenon, we never thought this day would come in our careers," said Fox Intl. co-prexys Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus. "But James Cameron created in 'Avatar' a film with such humanity and magic that it resonates with people of every culture."

"Avatar's" worldwide cume stands at $1.84 billion.

So, why this film? What is contained in its theme that seems to strike a chord in 112 markets worldwide? Some critics (and I would say those without a lot of cognitive depth, frankly) have simply called it ‘Dances with Aliens’…so then why is the appeal so much larger than Cosner with Wolves was?

It is also not about the white savior come along to save the poor savages. If that is all you got out of it, it is time you had a broader history lesson of why those 4to 6 genes that determine what wrapping paper we see has little to do with cultural soul. Immersion and surrender are necessary to truly understand and grow in a cultural context; Jake Sully got that lesson…are you up for the task?

I have heard a LOT of discussion concerning what Avatar is about, and not one review or critique I have seen has actually talked about the REAL story, just the tertiary supporting themes. Yes, there are broad strokes concerning honoring our planet and environment, respecting indigenous peoples, and the high costs paid for when the myopic become the policy writers. That is not the main thrust of the film, though. So… What is, you ask?

Avatar is about one central theme: initiating one man to manhood. That is something that every culture on the earth can relate to because it is the one thing that has almost died in modern culture. It is the most sacred act of human learning and consciousness expansion, and must be undertaken sacredly and deliberately, with full knowledge and consent in order to bring about true manhood. It is sorely lacking today, and that is why it resonates with so many. Let me explain…

Oh, if you are one of the two people on the planet who hasn’t seen Avatar yet, this critique is spoiler-rific, so you may want to wait to read this. On the other hand, if you are on the fence about whether to see it, then read on, this should give you additional information necessary to make an informed decision. The choice is yours…

Jake is a man who has been wounded; body and soul. He is physically injured, and he has lost his twin brother. He is not the most mature person on the planet at that point, but he has been thrown into ‘adulthood’ by these challenges, and he takes on the mantle of responsibility of assuming the role originally constructed for his brother. That is very mature, but he doesn’t necessarily do it for all the right reasons…but he will.

Jake is strong and undeterred. He doesn’t flinch in a fight, and he doesn’t let what people say about his disability impact his approach to doing his best. He is immature, however, and you begin to notice how much so when he talks smack to some of the huskier locals on Pandora, and runs into one he couldn’t talk his way away from (and almost loses his braid in the processJ).

His first meeting with Netiri is a volatile one, and costs lives. She gives him an earful, and describes him as being ‘a baby’. He asks her to teach him, but she would rather feed him to the locals at that point. However, the tree spirits with pure heart cover Jake and ask that she not slay him, and that demonstrates that his request to be shown how to grow up was heard by Eywa. When a young man (or a man who is youthful of maturity) makes the affirmation aloud to be shown how to grow up, it is a sign to all that is that he is ready for testing. So was Jake, and he was tested…

He was brought back to the village because of the blessing of the tree seed spirits. He was told to be trained, and could have easily perished with one misstep. He learned respect for all things, including those he didn’t see eye to eye with, and he learned to honor the challenges within himself as opportunities for change. Most importantly, when he demonstrated all the acquired skills, he was allowed to become a member of “The People”.

This ritual is honored in cultures all over the world, but few still celebrate it anymore past mere words. There is the Bar mitzvah for young men, which still has necessary code of conduct as well as sacred and scholarly learning that must take place, but this is an exception in western culture. Indigenous cultures still celebrate this time, but many tribes have forgotten their sacred roots, and taken to short-cutting a man’s initiation, and that is one that should not be sidestepped.

For those of you about to give birth to a cow because I haven’t mentioned women yet, there is a reason: women come fully equipped for the journey to we’ moon hood; men do not. This was recognized by every single culture on the planet at one time, before the arrogance of male dominance, testosterone poisoned contests without spiritual relevance began to flourish, and women and children were turned into chattel.

Women have the sacred cycle of the moon (and horses) that guides their cycle and their agriculture. Women were not the principal agrarians by accident; they understood the cycle of planting, harvesting, collecting seeds, and sacrifice. It was manifested monthly in their own bodies. Their purification lodges were shared with young girls who knew their roles and their responsibilities well, and being the embodiment of creation makes you less likely to turn your attention to mindless bloodsport simply for the sake of showing someone else who is more mighty.

That changed with the rise of the patriarchy, and with it came more wars, more death, more destruction, all in the name of something no one could put their finger on. There was a disconnect, and it has only grown.

The ritual of tying a young man to a tree and letting the fire ants crawl all over him wasn’t just to torture the poor lad, it was to let him know that in no uncertain terms, playtime was over. He was now going to be a member of The People, with certain requirements, and expectations. Childhood was over, and childish things were put away, forever. The culture could not survive with men acting like little boys. Jake found out fast why that was so on Pandora.

So, what is the moment of Manhood, in the truest sense of the word? Simple, really: it is the moment a man is willing to sacrifice all of his being for the sake of The People.

Men who put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of keeping communities safe, that is Manhood (I am not saying that every man is a mature male who does this job, only that the cause is right and that they have at least made that commitment to the community-personally and intimately is another matter). Women are always ready to die for The People-childbirth is very risky, and a balanced mother will fight to keep her children safe. They will also fight for the community, understanding that the whole is greater than any one of its parts, and should be protected.

Jake becomes a man not at the ritual, but when he risks all that he is to take on Turuk. That could have gone badly. He is not an alien of the Sky People at that point (or is he a white man come to save the savages) he is a member of The People; his sacrifice makes him so. It doesn’t matter if he is red, yellow, white, black…or blue; he is willing to die to save his people; he is willing to perish so that they may live. It takes courage. It takes sacrifice. It takes compassion. That is Manhood.

THAT is what AVATAR is about.

Falcon and Dove

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Call your Senators tonight! NO to Murkowski Ammendment if you Like Breathing

Hello World Family,and especially those in the U.S.: call your senators tonight! Tell them NO WAY AM I GOING TO TOLERATE AN EFFORT TO WEAKEN THE CLEAN AIR ACT WITH THIS AMENDMENT!!!

They should understand your position after you say that.

Senator Murkowski wants to play on the sly by attacking the EPA's right to oversee Climate Change and global warming under the Clean Air Act.

Please see below:
Senator Murkowski spoke today on the Senate floor in support of a Resolution of Disapproval (co-sponsored by Ds Blanche Lincoln (AR), Ben Nelson (NE) and Mary Landrieu (LA) and most Rs) which she introduced. The resolution disapproves of EPA's 'endangerment finding' (12/09 finding that CO2 threatens human health and the environment). The amendment was crafted in accordance with the Congressional Review Act, a law that enables Congress to veto federal agency rules (like the endangerment finding) using expedited procedures.

WHAT THIS MEANS: The endangerment finding essentially gave EPA the authority/responsibility to regulate global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act. Thus, if this resolution passes essentially overruling the endangerment finding, EPA no longer has the ability to regulate global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act.

The Murkowski amendment may be offered as early as tomorrow.

In Pennsylvania:
Casey (202-224-6324)

Senator Specter has already said he will NOT support this amendment. Good job, Arlen!

Thank you for your quick action, Family! For those who like to breathe, this is too important to ignore.

Falcon and Dove

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey World Family,
Falcon here with BREAKING NEWS! The children from Bresma Orphanage along with one of the two sisters from Ben Avon who had been taking care of these beautiful babies since the horrific earthquake in Haiti last Tuesday have just landed in Pittsburgh and they are boarding buses and on their way to Children Hospital. They look like they are in good shape considering what has happened to them, and some are waving to everyone! Warms my heart...

Jamie is coming a little later; had to take care of one child; they will come tonight or tomorrow.
They don't seem to even notice it is cold here.There's Governor Rendell and Rep. Altmire.

They are wrapping up some of them in's cold here, babies!
Welcome to Pittsburgh!

If you want to watch tape of the press conference:

Those are the best local channels to get unique angles and stories on the ground. Of course, all the major national networks must be covering this story.

Falcon is full of tears...some happiness during this trying, prayerful time.
Donate Now

Charitable giving helps Catholic Charities ensure the dignity of individuals, improving the quality of life for all, and advocate for the social good of families, so that the people who are economically challenged and vulnerable, are always welcomed and loved, and provided the tools necessary to realize their potential.

•Make a donation online using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard). You may designate your gift to one of Catholic Charities' programs using a drop down menu during the donation process.
•Print a donation form to use when mailing in your contribution.
•Designate your United Way contributor choice gift to Catholic Charities.
Use the following agency code numbers:
All Catholic Charities Programs: 4206
Allegheny County: 95
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Washington County: 39
St. Joseph's House of Hospitality: 290
•Please consider becoming a member of:
the Ambassador's Society or the Bishop's Circle for Catholic Charities.
•Support Catholic Charities through the Bishop's Annual Dinner which is held every Spring. This event raises funds for many important programs.
•Planned gifts can be as simple as remembering Catholic Charities in your will.

Many items were gathered for children ages 1 to age 4, but there are obviously going to need more, and some children are bigger and older than the original request for winter items. Right now, Falcon cannot get through to Catholic Charities to ask about specifics, but we can assume that there will be a major need.

There are 53 children here right now.

Peace, and much love,
Falcon and Dove

Friday, January 15, 2010

TOTAL RECALL: Tylenol and other J&J.McNeill Products-DO NOT TAKE

Hey World Family,
Falcon here with a widened Tylenol recall list. This is a voluntary recall, but could really sicken people, especially those with other health issues.

Your local drugstore or big box store may not know about this recall. Here is pertinent information below:

Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit broadened Tylenol recall because of complaints of a musty, moldy odor in some Tylenol products. As of Jan 15 2010, McNeil has expanded the Tylenol recall to include certain product lots of Tylenol, Mortin, Benadryl Allergy Ultratab, Rolaids Antacid Tablets, Simply Sleep, and St. Joseph products.

Just days before the New Year, McNeil announced a voluntary recall for all lots of Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplet 100 Count with EZ-Open cap. The affected products have a moldy, musty smell, because of the presence of a chemical called 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA). Some reported symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. The chemical is associated with the treatment of wooden pallets used to transport and store product packaging materials.

Back in September 2009, McNeil announced a major recall for infant and children's Tylenol.

The product affected in the Tylenol Recall 2010 were sold in the Americas, the United Arab Emirates, and Fiji.

1-888-222-6036 (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, and Sat-Sun 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST)

Fort Washington, PA (January 15, 2010) In consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., is voluntarily recalling certain lots of OTC products in the Americas, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Fiji (FULL RECALLED PRODUCT LIST BELOW). The company is initiating this recall following an investigation of consumer reports of an unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like odor that, in a small number of cases, was associated with temporary and non-serious gastrointestinal events. These include nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. This precautionary action is voluntary and has been taken in consultation with the FDA.

Based on this investigation, McNeil Consumer Healthcare has determined that the reported uncharacteristic smell is caused by the presence of trace amounts of a chemical called 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA). This can result from the breakdown of a chemical that is sometimes applied to wood that is used to build wood pallets that transport and store product packaging materials. The health effects of this chemical have not been well studied but no serious events have been documented in the medical literature. A small number of the product lots being recalled were associated with the complaints of an unusual moldy, musty, or mildew-like odor, and some of these lots were found to contain trace amounts of TBA. In December 2009, McNeil Consumer Healthcare also recalled all lots of TYLENOL® Arthritis Pain 100 count with EZ-OPEN CAP related to this issue. McNeil Consumer Healthcare has now applied broader criteria to identify and remove all product lots that it believes may have the potential to be affected, even if they have not been the subject of consumer complaints.

In addition to the product recall, McNeil Consumer Healthcare is continuing their investigation into this issue and is taking further actions that include ceasing shipment of products produced using materials shipped on these wood pallets and requiring suppliers who ship materials to our plants to discontinue the use of these pallets. We will continue to closely monitor and evaluate the situation and consult with the FDA.

Consumers who purchased product from the lots included in this recall should stop using the product and contact McNeil Consumer Healthcare for instructions on a refund or replacement. For these instructions or information regarding how to return or dispose of the product, consumers should log on to the internet at or call 1-888-222-6036 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time, and Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time). Consumers who have medical concerns or questions should contact their healthcare provider. Any adverse reactions may also be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Program by fax at 1-800-FDA-0178, by mail at MedWatch, FDA, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787, or on the MedWatch website at

The affected product lot numbers for the recalled products can be found on the side of the bottle label.


Just to mention, Falcon could NOT get any of the recall product lists to open, maybe that is because their site crashed, so be patient getting the list, or just avoid the products until you can access the information.

Safety first.

Falcon and Dove


Hey World Family,
Falcon here with some important updates.

EAT THE BISCUITS-the biscuits being distributed by World Food are fine; there are two dates on the package. The first date is the date they were PACKAGED. They have NOT EXPIRED-THE FOOD IS GOOD! Brothers and Sisters, you need water and nutrition to keep up your strength; the food is fine.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is arriving with the head of USAID, Dr. Rod Shaw tomorrow (SATURDAY). There are 2,000 Marines who should be there shortly to help the Haitian military and agencies with food and water distribution, as well as water purification.

Stay strong! We are with you! Don't give up!

Help the weaker injured family get food and water. Everyone work together.
We love you!

Falcon and Dove

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello World Family,
The flights have resumed into Haiti, but the airport handled more flights today than ever.

Can we do some air drops? Can we use planes with water capabilities?

Progress is being made, and the heavy equipment is coming.
If you are trying to find a missing person, please go to:

Okay, Brothers and Sisters with boats...use them to get into the ports and help unload those planes!!! The more people we have there to help unload, the quicker the planes can take off and new planes can arrive. Bring some medicine, water, etc. with you when you come! Please, let's all work together!

Keep aiding and praying.

Thank you!
Falcon and Dove

Funds Keep Coming for Haiti! Good Job, World Family!

$2 Million in Donations for Haiti, via Text Message
(courtesy of The New York Times)

Update | 12:48 a.m. The organizers of the mobile donations said on Twitter Thursday night that over $2 million had been raised.
Update | 6:51 p.m. Adding more information about the campaign and updating the total raised.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, thousands of Americans are sending financial support — through their mobile phones.

Anyone with a mobile phone and an account with a major wireless carrier can text the phrase “Haiti” to the number 90999 and donate $10 to the Red Cross. That amount is charged to the donor’s cellphone bill.

The texted donations are being handled by a company called mGive, which started the campaign in a joint effort with the State Department and the Red Cross late Tuesday night. Thanks to a mention on the White House’s blog and lots of word of mouth on Twitter and Facebook, the campaign had raised well over a million dollars by Tuesday evening, mGive said.

“Today is a huge day for mobile giving,” said Tony Aiello, chief executive of mGive. “We are experiencing a tipping point.”

Each month, when people pay their wireless bills, the texted donations are collected from the carriers and shuttled into a nonprofit clearinghouse managed by an mGive foundation, which in turn cuts a check to the appropriate charity.

MGive typically charges a licensing fee for its software platform, $4 to $1,500 a month, depending on the scale of the fund-raising effort and the additional services the company provides. In addition, after the charity receives the total amount raised from the wireless carriers, mGive charges a transaction fee for each collected donation.

In the case of the Haiti disaster, however, Mr. Aiello said the company had elected to waive all software and transaction fees.

“Catastrophic fund-raising is different from the everyday fund-raising that we help facilitate,” Mr. Aiello said. “This is a huge tragedy, and we simply hope to help provide relief.”

It typically takes about 90 days from the time someone makes a donation until the charity receives the money, Mr. Aiello said, although the company is working with wireless carriers to reduce that delay.

Mr. Aiello said the widespread adoption of cellphones and social media Web sites was helping to foster this approach to fund-raising. “Mobile giving is currently outpacing the early days of online giving,” he said.

Awareness about the disaster in Haiti has swept through Twitter and other social media sites. Facebook, for example, said its users had posted more than 1,500 status updates a minute containing the word Haiti.

MGive, which was founded in 2005, works with more than 200 organizations and charities, including the American Heart Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Mr. Aiello said the Haiti campaign had “outpaced anything we’ve every done in mobile giving so far” and showed no signs of slowing.

“Everyone is still trying to gauge the scope of this tragedy,” Mr. Aiello said, “But I expect this campaign could run for months.”

In another campaign that Twitter users are publicizing widely, the Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean is urging people to donate $5 to his charity organization by texting “YELE” to 501501.

NOTE: President Obama has pledged $115 million for relief for Haiti.

Peace, and stay safe and strong,
Falcon and Dove

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hello World Family,
It is with tremendous sadness that Falcon and Dove report the devastation to our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti after a 7.0 earthquake and many aftershocks have hit that fragile yet beautiful country. Our prayers are with all of you, as well as with the family and friends of those impacted by this tremendous challenge. An African proverb says, "When you pray, move your feet", and so we ask this of our world community right now.

UPDATE: Google map post-earthquake link:

The Navy ship Carl Vinson has arrived with communications capabilities and medicine.
A search and rescue tam from Fairfax, VA is on the ground and already rescuing people.
New Red Cross supplies will arrive by tomorrow.(Friday)


Anyone have any of those cool packs that have the endothermic chemicals that get cool when you break up the intenal separate vessels? It's going to be like 90 degrees there today...those would help.

WHAT CAN YOU DO-if you are in emergency management, have IT technology and equipment, generators, food, water, medical expertise, rescue and recover experience, etc. you are needed in Haiti NOW! Time is passing and in order to rescue and save lives, anything you can do to be there, help organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross,OXFAM, the UN,the Salvation Army, and many, many other organizations, please do. If you can't go to Haiti, any donations you can make to the above named organizations or others on the ground or going to Haiti can help.


Keep the lines of communication open. If you don't have to be on the phone to government agencies right now, free up the lines for others who are in critical need to find family and friends.
IN PITTSBURGH: Brother's Brother Foundation is collecting toiletries right now for a shipment leaving Monday. Anything that cannot spoil will be accepted. Their warehouse is on the Northside of the city.

UPDATES-this section will keep changing regularly, so keep checking back. I understand that the electricity is back on at the airport only. Medicine is completely gone. Donations are needed-if you work for pharma, here is your moment to be a hero-donate some much needed medicine.

It is now reported sadly that there may be as many as 500,000 casualties at this point. (11:30p EST)

SOCIAL NETWORKING-has been working when nothing else has. Scype, Wyclef's donation sites, Facebook, MySpace, and email is critical to communications. Anyone who can help send messages and receive messages for those who need it, please do. Thank you so much for your courage and generosity. Message boards are also important. Post what you need, many are trying to reach out. Tweet if you can get a phone signal or access to a computer and let people know you are alive. Any messages sent to Falcon and Dove will be posted as long as they pertain directly to the Haiti disaster.

ADVICE-if you can, donate through Wyclef or reputable websites; go directly to branches or organizations to donate if you can-it reduces the liklihood of scams.

Again, updates will be made repeatedly, so check back.
Keep you heads up World Family, and thank you in advance for your generosity, your prayers, your donations, and your concern for those impacted by this tragedy.
Peace...and prayers,
Falcon and Dove

Sunday, January 10, 2010

AVATAR: An Indigenous Perspective

We at Falcon and Dove wrote a very general review about three weeks ago about James Cameron’s latest achievement, Avatar, and advised everyone, and we mean everyone…to see it.

Well, thanks World Family for apparently taking our advice! As of Wednesday, January 6, Avatar moved into the Number Two position of all time world gross box office receipts behind, you guessed it…Titanic, another James Cameron film. It passed The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King, and as of Friday January 8 sits at 1.75 billion. Titanic is at 1.8 billion, so it seems entirely conceivable that it may become the top box office grossing film of all time. That is staggering, especially considering it is only 21 days into release.

Is it that good? Well, yes. Not just because of the landmark special effects breakthroughs, but because it tells a very important story in subtle, interpersonal, intimate ways without losing its character, or the larger themes it embodies. That task is rarely accomplished, yet James Cameron has done it repeatedly in his films.

Many reviews have been written about this film, and very few of them talk about what the film is actually about. Some have touched on the films deeper meaning, but even those have missed the mark in some respects, even though they were very well meaning. There is a message that is so deep that it is felt on a level that surprises many after seeing it. It reaches into our most sacred archetypes of connectedness, and asks us to remember our most sacred edict: thrive, respect all blessings, and help others to do the same.

It is extremely hard to put into words where this film can take you, and although most of this review doesn‘t spoil the overall film, I would caution those who haven’t yet seen it that there will be plot devices revealed here. It is my hope not to give away too much, while also providing a necessary perspective to the discussion that is so obviously absent elsewhere.

Avatar can be enjoyed by the masses because it has universal understanding and appeal. It is a very different tale for indigenous people, however. James Cameron placed elegant and respectful elements that he knew would not be seen by all, but would be appreciated by many. I am going to attempt to describe in words what is nearly indescribable, and hope that I do these elements some small justice. There are some I will not mention because they are so sacred to indigenous people that to attempt to use mere words would appear arrogant and inadequate.

Falcon appreciates the use of the braid of hair as a device of connectedness to other sacred creatures and to Eywa herself. It was a visual device to show an invisible but tangible and very real connection we all have with our earth, something I have noticed has not been mentioned in any review I have seen. I have even seen references that said we don’t have that kind of relationship to our earth. That would be woefully incorrect-it is in that forgetting that Avatar attempts to remind us of our sacred connection to all living things. We have a network very similar to that of Pandora-some of us have cut our chords, or they are lost. They must be regained.

Everything that exists physically already existed spiritually and non-physically. The chair I sit on was an idea; then a spark, that combined with materials of the earth and physical design and artistry became the chair it is. The Internet is simply a physical (technological, not touchable) manifestation of what already existed in the non-physical. The network of Pandora is the network of all things on earth; there is no difference. Many of us just don’t see it.

Every corner of Avatar’s Sci-fantasy world is filled; yet it appears as natural as a workroom in our own world, or a laboratory we have visited with better equipment. There are little things that no dialog is added to-some funny, some not so funny. Jake obviously had some Jarhead buddies put a bumper sticker on the back of his wheel chair so that where his name once appeared, the ‘Jake’ was covered up with ‘Grunt’. You just had to catch it. There is a dream catcher handing up on the wall in the office of the corporate pin-head, although Grace probably put it there…and yes, it is on the correct wall. Pretty cool.

Indigenous people understood Netiri’s initial anger with Jake concerning his ‘rescue’-sacred 4-legged lives were lost because of his foolishness. She offered a prayer up over their bodies, and reduced their suffering. This is something inherent in our indigenous spiritual system of understanding and practice of the hunt. Even in my rural home location, anything that was hit along the road I would go out, assist them along their way, and offer a prayer with tobacco and sage. We are never without them. We understand the concept and practice of a clean kill, and never wasting a life. We know that the animal’s or plant’s sacrifice is so that we can live, and we honor that. Cameron made sure the Na’vi honored their kills as well.

After Jake’s manhood ritual, The People formed a sacred web around him, demonstrating that he was now a scared part of all with the Na’vi. Again, no words are used; it is understood by those who recognize it, yet not necessary to those who don’t and not needed to understand the overall plotline. It does enrich the experience, however, if you do.

It takes three strands of the sacred chords to hear the voices of the ancestors-that is a natural law, and a spiritual one-honored in James Cameron’s vision on Pandora. Healing happens there-prayers are made, and always heard. Sometimes, the answer is no to the request. Sometimes the answer is ‘not yet’. Jake’s prayers are heard when Eywa clearly has animals respond to defend their most sacred site, and even the most fierce acquiesce to being ridden by warriors in order to preserve the balance of the world. Netiri announces that loudly during the battle and is offered a ride by one fierce predator after her sacred beast is slain.

The most difficult scene in the film for me personally was what happened at Home Tree. It is a life moment nearly every living indigenous person has a personal reference for; not from stories, but from loss in sacred space, flesh, and blood. It is the same for Falcon, and these atrocities continue in our world. Even some of the sternest souls had their eyes betray them in the theatre and wept at this scene. The real pain was not in the destruction alone, but the short-sightedness and arrogance with which the acts play out. So out of balance with divine consciousness was this moment, that some of the characters involved in the fray turn away from the battle and refuse to participate. So powerful have some of these images been that people have stood up in theatres at the end of screenings and spoke out against the atrocities that are paralleled on our own world.

Falcon has NEVER seen that in a movie theatre before.

The sacred tree seed spirits that are considered blessings by the Na’vi are a delightful presence, as are the scenes of beautiful rainforest, day and night that delight the senses. There are subtle sounds that are reminders of our collective sacredness, and asks us to get back to the proverbial garden.

The key message to all in Avatar in Falcon’s opinion: remember our own sacredness, our connections, and our resourcefulness. Do not squander our sacred gifts, but learn to share them and protect them with fierce determination, and do not fall victim to hubris and myopic arrogance. It is a hopeful film, exquisitely beautiful, and profoundly paradigm shifting-in effects, technology, and consciousness. Cameron could have hedged and blinked, he didn’t. Neither should we.

Remember who we are and why we are here.


To read Dove’s review, go to:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Like Eating? Start Your Garden Plans Now!

Hey World Family,
This is a note for Brothers and Sisters who are in the depths of winter right now...start planning your garden now. Food prices are bound to go up this year due to the billions in lost crops due to the deep freeze, and besides, wouldn't you like to know what you are eating? The best way to do that is to grow it yourself.

I don't have time. It takes so little time to garden small, but the yields are large-go for it! It is certainly not expensive. For the price of a latte, you can have seeds for a 10'by 10'garden, pronto. No space, use containers-plenty of plants can be grown for food or beauty in containers, especially microgreens and herbs. Not a green thumb, that is what books, friends, family, community, and the Internet are for!

There are lots of resources for great seeds-Google for organic sources, and pick ones close to your climate for less shipping and a smaller carbon footprint.

Nothing will taste better than food you grow-get the kids involved-they will love it. Get an empty lot in your community or some grassy wasted space at your church or holy place and see if you can plant in that bit of earth. Get your community group or congregation involved. Everyone loves fresh fruits and veggies, and you will be growing food that is delicious, nutritious, and a whole lot less expensive.

Okay, so let's say you are completely hopeless, just too busy, or supernaturally lazy: join a local farm co-op. Help local farmers bring the food to you!!! Buy a share and get fresh produce delivered near you all summer and fall! Wholesome, organic food delivered to you that you didn't have to grow with lots of wonderful options and choices...that's the ticket!

They key is to think about sustainability. What can you do to get what you need at less cost to you, your community, and the environment? No matter how young or old your are, you can do this! Reach out to others and make this a priority for 2010.

Love your Mother, love your community, love yourself, and save some money!
Grow some food:)

Falcon and Dove

Friday, January 8, 2010

DGA Nominations Announced! Five Wonderful Directors

Hey World family,
Falcon here with a quick mention: The Directors Guild of America nominations for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Film are out. The list will not be surprising to most of you, but it is one of the strongest in recent years:

James Cameron-yeah, the man who is truly King of the World at the global box office. Of course, you all know Cameron for TITANIC, the number one grossing box office film of all time, but in a mere 21 days, his masterpiece, AVATAR has moved into second place, passing THE RETURN OF THE KING on Wednesday. AVATAR has now earned a staggering 1.13 billion in just 3 weeks. TITANIC earned 1.87 billion. It appears that a new champion is on the horizon. For bringing this stunning, visually intoxicating, magnificent tale to the screen, Cameron makes the cut for the nomination.

Kathryn Bigelow-for THE HURT LOCKER, an intense, never-lets-up film with war and psychological clastrophobia in the extreme. Yes, she is Jim Cameron's Ex-and she rocks!She also did MISSION ZERO and K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, and shows a strong eye and an unflinching courage to do the tough stuff, yet her vision is balanced. Every frame is important.

Lee Daniels-for the most unblinking film of the year, PRECIOUS. He has done the best job with material that moves the soul and ignites the desire to change the human condition for the precious people in our lives. Lee, you are local (from Philly) and strong, I am so glad you are getting the attention you have longed deserved, and Falcon and Dove personally congratulate you for being the first African-American director to be nominated by the DGA.
For those of you who don't know about Lee, he built his own business by age 21, then sold it to fund his film interests. He has also managed some of the top talent in the industry, as well as direct this tremendous film. He is a model man, not only because he has industriously managed to finance his career, but also because he raised twins as his own who were a niece and nephew. He handles material and people with respect and with an intimate vision missing from so much modern filmmaking.

Quentin Tarantino-what can we say about him: daring, creative, scary, seductive...and nominated for INGLOUROUS BASTERDS. Quentin has a history of insane, controversial films, some of them excellent, and some we were sure he left the building on. All of his projects from PULP FICTION, to KILL BILL are smooth as silk, and deadly if you blink. That style gives him a spot on this distinguished list of the best of 2009.

Jason Reitman-he is nominated for his job on the vast ensemble cast sort-of comedy, UP IN THE AIR. He is the son of Ivan Reitman, as you might has gathered, and did the wildly entertaining, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, with Aaron Eckhart and J.K. Simmons. Obviously, we thik of this Canadian's work on television more than for films, but he has ambitiously taken on a great piece and delivered the goods. It is well shot, edited well, and has some spice to it. He is in pretty powerful company, and we give him props for making the cut.

Congratualtions, all. You have done some of the finest work of the decade; thank you for your dedication to the craft, and your visionary fortitude.

Falcon and Dove