Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Top Picks and Best Wishes

Hello World Family,
Falcon here with the annual year-end report. What did Falcon and Dove love and...well, not love? Here's the list. Let's start with the bad news:

We don't like FRACKING! We think poisoning the environment for a couple burbs of natural gas and calling it an energy strategy is an outright lie. Attempting to make it legal (notice the word attempt) is vile and disgusting. People, rise up and ban this schtuff before you can't drink your water. If you don't have water, you don't have life. By the way, nice job City of Pittsburgh for standing up to the greedy bullies...cause that's what they are. Get off the crack of fossil fuels and start investing in things that work, without creating a catastrophe. Energy is all around, harness it safely without putting workers, emergency responders and communities at such high risk. Don't make excuses. Unconventional horizontal acquisition of black shale is MORDER IN DISGUISE. It kills, and its technique will ruin whole states. Stop it.

Two, don't drink and drive. It's stupid. We want you around for 2011.

Three: Extended Stay America, Savannah, GA Midtown: get a new staff. A new manager who actually has the capability to lead would be nice. Just because most of your contracts are with traveling workers and the military is no reason not to respect the people staying in your hotel. They deserve better. Give it to them.

Four: Bullies-you suck. You always have. Stop using other people as the scapegoats for your problems. Grow up. Victims of bullying: stop giving your power away. Tell someone of authority to act and stop the abuse. If they won't listen, call the media-they are aways looking for a good story. Those on the sidelines watching the spectacle: get a moral compass and speak up.

Five: MTV- you and your producers are barking mad to put a young mother clearly distressed and beating up the father of her child on television as entertainment. You should have gotten her some help and gotten the family counseling. Very, very poor decision making. You videotaped a crime committed in front of a toddler. What were you thinking?!

Ah....yes, now-on to the goodies:
One: City of Pittsburgh-you passed a comprehensive ordinance banning fracking in the city-next the state of PA. Let's do it!

Two: All the lives saved this year by first responders! You guys and gals completely rock!!! you put yourselves out there every day. I would also like to include the K-9 units and all dogs and pets who saved lives this year. You are all made of AWESOME!

Three: Movies: The best, and we predict, award contenders/winners: THE KING'S SPEECH (Falcon's favorite movie for 2010), CARLOS (yes, it is 6 hours long, but it is worth it.)
BLACK SWAN-mighty good; BIUTIFUL-simply beautiful; THE FIGHTER-very well shot and excellently acted; THE TEMPEST-Helen Mirren doing it right-Shakespeare lovers unite!!! Julie Taymor, you are a visionary. What a cast! Must see! THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (not The Who film) and 127 HOURS better see some Oscar buzz.

Four: Good deeds. We have seen so many this year! The latest on my mind is the number of people who stepped forward to help a little girl whose pony was shot. Her family barn also blew down in a recent storm. There was a battle from complete strangers to get her a new pony, and now there is a plan on to help build the family a barn from donated goods and volunteer sweat. We are so proud of the millions of humans who do acts of kindness everyday.

Five: The arts. There have been so many great concerts, musicals, a capella performances, dancing, painting...fantastic pieces of work!

We are grateful to have seen so many wonderful efforts this year...and blessed for surviving the trails. We are most grateful to have you:)

Happy New Year, ALL!!!
Falcon and Dove

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Principal of Astrology Proven Scientific

Mike Adams - ( Mention the word "astrology" and skeptics go into an epileptic fit. The idea that someone's personality could be imprinted at birth according to the position of the sun, moon and planets has long been derided as "quackery" by the so-called "scientific" community which resists any notion based on holistic connections between individuals and the cosmos.

According to the conventional view, your genes and your parenting determine your personality, and the position of planet Earth at the time of your
birth has nothing to do with it.

Then again, conventional scientists don't believe the position of the moon has anything to do with
life on Earth, either. They dismiss the wisdom that farmers have known for ages -- that planting seeds or transplanting living plants in harmony with the moon cycles results in higher crop yields. Even the seeds inside humans are strongly influenced by the moon, as menstruation cycles and moon cycles are closely synchronized (28 days, roughly).

Researchers demonstrate scientific principle of astrology

Skeptics must be further bewildered by the new research published in Nature Neuroscience and conducted at Vanderbilt University which unintentionally provides scientific support for the fundamental principle of astrology -- namely, that the position of the planets at your time of birth influences your personality.

In this study, not only did the birth month impact personality; it also resulted in
measurable functional changes in the brain.

This study, conducted on mice, showed that mice born in the winter showed a "consistent slowing" of their daytime activity. They were also more susceptible to symptoms that we might call "Seasonal Affective Disorder."

The study was carried out by Professor of Biological Sciences Douglas McMahon, graduate student Chris Ciarleglio, post-doctoral fellow Karen Gamble and two additional undergraduate students, none of whom believe in astrology, apparently. They do, of course, believe in
science, which is why all their study findings have been draped in the language of science even though the findings are essentially supporting principles of astrology.

"What is particularly striking about our results is the fact that the imprinting affects both the animal's
behavior and the cycling of the neurons in the master biological clock in their brains," said Ciarleglio. This is one of the core principles of astrology: That the position of the planets at the time of your birth (which might be called the "season" of your birth) can actually result in changes in your brain physiology which impact lifelong behavior.

Once again, such an idea sounds preposterous to the scientifically trained, unless of course they discover it for themselves, at which point it's all suddenly very "scientific." Instead of calling it "astrology," they're now referring to it as "seasonal biology."

How to discredit real science

It all reminds me of the discovery of cold fusion in 1989 by Fleishmann and Pons, who were widely ridiculed by the arrogant hot fusion researchers who tried to destroy the credibility (and careers) of cold fusion researchers ( After the very idea of "cold fusion" was attacked and demolished by these arrogant scientists, it soon returned under a new name: Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

LENR has now been verified as true by none other than the U.S. Navy -- along with hundreds of other researchers around the world (see link above). And yet, even today, the conventional scientific community still insists cold fusion doesn't exist and cold fusion researchers are frauds.

Just as there is a solid scientific basis for LENR, there is a scientific basis for astrology, too. The relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun naturally alter light exposure, temperature, gravitational pull and other conditions that may be sensed by living organisms. To believe in astrology, all that's really required is to grasp the basic concepts of the interrelationships between all living things. Does the position of the sun or moon influence life on Earth? Of course it does: Life as we know it wouldn't even exist without the moon tugging on Earth and preventing its rotational axis from shifting around to the point where radical changes in seasonal temperatures would make life far more challenging. (The moon, in other words, is one of the key "stabilizers" of life on
planet Earth because it tends to stabilize the seasons and keep the Earth on a steady rotational plane.)

None of this, of course, means that the position of Saturn today is going to make you win the
lottery or find a new love. That's the tabloid version of astrology, not real astrology.

Don't confuse tabloid astrology with real astrology

Even astronomy has its tabloid versions, too, which are entirely non-scientific. For example, every model of our solar system that I've ever seen is a wildly inaccurate tabloid version of reality, with planet sizes ridiculously exaggerated and planet distances not depicted to scale. These silly, non-scientific solar system models imprint a kind of solar system mythology into the minds of schoolchildren and even school teachers. Virtually no one outside the communities of astrophysics and astronomy has any real grasp of the enormity of not merely our solar system, but of our galaxy and the space between neighboring galaxies.

To show a giant sun the size of a basketball, with a depiction of the Earth as a marble-sized planet three inches away is the astronomical equivalent of a gimmicky horoscope claiming you're going to win the lottery today because you were born under the sign of Pisces. Both are fictions. And both are an insult to real science.

In fact, even the whole idea that an "electron" is a piece of physical matter, made up of other "particles" is an insult to real science. The sobering truth of the matter is that "particle physics" doesn't have much to do with actual particles at all. It's all about energies that might, on occasion, vibrate in just the right way so that they momentarily appear to take on the illusion of a particle as measured by our observers -- observers who inevitably alter the outcome of the entire experiment, by the way, once again proving the interrelated
nature of things in our universe, including observer and experiment.

The horoscope predictions in the Sunday paper -- as well as much of the hilarious mythology found in the modern description of an atom -- are both simplified, comic-book versions of a larger truth -- the truth that
we live in a holistic universe where every bit of physical matter, every bit of energy and every conscious mind impacts the rest of the universe in subtle ways. There is no such thing as an individual who is isolated from the cosmos, because we are of the cosmos and we exist as the physical manifestations of energies that, for our lifetimes, are momentarily organized as beings.

We are made of star stuff, says Carl Sagan. He he's right: We are not only made of star stuff, we are influenced by that stuff, too. And finally, modern science is beginning to catch up to this greater truth that astrologers have known since the dawn of human existence on our tiny planet.

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