Friday, January 14, 2011

No, There are NOT 13 Signs in the Zodiac; Here's Why...

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This is why astrologers and modern astronomers don't talk so much...because sometimes they just don't know enough about certain things to comment on them, and yet, someone did...

Just to historically clarify, the Sumerians made the first mathematical associations to astrology, not Babylonians. The xenophobia continues...

Two, Astrology is NOT constellation associated, although I know it seems that it is. It is all about the math.

Three, the reason the Babs got so upset with the whole snake thing had more to do with matrifocal issues and the rise of male arrogance than with the sign itself.

Four, we have 13 moons a year, always have; we only have 12 signs because the seasons are three FULL moons each, and fall in the Cardinal aspects.

This is why I follow the ancient calendars of my ancestors (the Mayan and the Sumerian Saturn Return charts) rather than more modern measurements. The Pleadian and Southern Hemispheres charts of India are also MUCH more accurate.

Since the most recent medical studies in Seasonal Effect Disorders have affirmed the basic premises of astrological associations of predispositional biological and personality imprints, much of this seems moot, but since I happen to know a very good astrologer, and he just emailed me some information, I am sharing with you, with his permission, what this is all about, in his humble opinion.
I personally am done with all the amateur hour.
I know one thing...I am NOT a Libra;) Anyone who knows me knows I am not a Libra...

Here is what an authority says:

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