Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GITHEAD: Free, Live Webcast tonight from Orchard tv.com

Hello World Family,
Here is something free and fun for tonight for anyone anywhere this evening.

Orchard Studios in Brampton, Ontario will have a free live webcast tonight at 8pm EDT. GITHEAD, featuring Colin Newman of WIRE and Malka Spigel of MINIMAL CONTACT.

Log on to orchardtv.com to watch and listen!

Remember, Orchard Studios does post a small sample of previous performances on their website, but there is nothing like seeing it live.

Have a good week, Brothers and Sisters!
Falcon and Dove

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seven Days into Summer…

Hello World Family,

Falcon and Dove are here together to contribute to this blog post. What a week! Seven days ago was Father’s Day, and of course, Solstice, the first day of summer. We were trying to get the U.S. Open in between flooding raindrops (here in Pittsburgh as well), and hoping that Father’s Day would be pleasant, and the Cancer New Moon Monday wouldn’t bring any of the havoc we were told might erupt.

So let’s review: A late finish to the U.S. Open was only the beginning. Lucas Glover would be one of the few who had good news this week. PGA member Chris Smith’s wife was killed in an auto accident in Indiana, and his children in critical condition. Our prayers are with you.

A Metro accident in Washington D.C. also greeted the week, and made us tearful about the loss of 9 people over what looks like it could be a computer glitch.

Then, the stories of Father’s Day nightmare of children killed by their fathers and wives or girlfriend’s murdered over stress combined with guns and alcohol.

Then, June 24: FEMA came to town to access the extensive damage all over southwestern PA but particularly in the small towns of Jeannette and Turtle Creek from a slow moving storm system that did as much damage as a Category 3 hurricane in even less time.

In the meantime, pressure was building concerning the ACES bill in the House. We figured the vote would be on Friday, and it was. It passed the House; next stop, the Senate. This could bring great change to how we handle climate change and the industries it will impact.

Then came June 25: Farrah Fawcett’s passing was sorrowful, but not surprising. There had been documentary footage over the past several weeks getting us ready for the inevitable. What happened that afternoon however, was a shock to all but a very few. Michael Joseph Jackson, age 50 collapsed of cardiac arrest in a rented home with a doctor present, and was rush to LA country hospital, but died shortly thereafter. Opinions about Jackson are as varied as his musical material, but one thing is sure: this will be one of those times, whether one likes it or not, when someone asks you in later years where you were when you heard…you will remember.

I was fixing dinner. It was 5:23pm Eastern Time. My daughter had just gone upstairs to change after her internship, so she missed most of the initial discussion on the news. My mother asked me if I could see the television screen from the kitchen. I was turning the vegetables in the skillet, and leaned into see the graphics at the bottom of the screen, hearing Sally Wiggin’s voice announcing the breaking news. There was some footage from a helicopter in LA over the hospital, and information on cardiac arrest. I thought quickly,” that doesn’t sound good; arrest means not beating”. My mother asked, “Is he alright?!” It was a question with not a small amount of alarm in her voice.

“That doesn’t sound good, mom. It means he was not breathing when they found him.” The news came back to the WTAE studio and said they would update the situation when they had more information. They discussed one more blurb about the FEMA assessment from the previous week’s flooding, and then Sally’s eyes dropped. Mike sat beside her staring at the prompter. I knew what they were going to say. They were aware that what they were about to say would be the voice many people would remember, so they were trying to give it the caution and reverence that they thought it deserved. Then, Sally mentioned the website TMZ and said they were reporting that Michael Jackson had died. It was 5:28pm.

Falcon grew up with all the Motown sounds, and the Jackson 5 were a staple of the music scene. On Saturday mornings, we all watched the cartoons. I remember going to a concert when I was 8, and crocheting a purse to match the very carefully picked outfit I chose: lilac colored sandals with a heel, pale lavender pants, a multi hued shirt with pink, purple and apricot in the mix and a lilac apple cap to complete the ensemble. It was the 60’s after all. I had pictures on the wall like any young girl, although mine were probably a bit more varied than some of my contemporaries, including not only Motown faves, but Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson and George Benson, and some new bands from the UK called Yes and Led Zeppelin had just released their first albums the previous summer. I loved The Moody Blues, and thought classical music was pretty keen, too. Michel LeGrand and Andre Previn were just getting started. Stereo was the bomb! Little did I know my father would get me a really cool system just a year later called quadraphonic…

I am sure this kind of waxing nostalgic scene has been playing out all over the country, indeed, all over the world. People remembering their favorite songs, dancing, moon-walking, and even reflecting on the fundraisers Jackson contributed to over the years. His presence was felt in nearly every corner of the globe, and without his walk, there would have been fewer footsteps to follow for those yet to come, especially from the African American community in every genre of entertainment.

Michael’s story is a bit more complicated than all that, though. He was complicated, unpredictable, and frankly troubled. He clearly suffered from something that changed his perceptions of himself, and then impacted the way he communicated and related to others. It is likely that he would have carried that discomfort for the rest of his life.

To die at 50, possibly after a fatal interaction of prescription drugs is completely unacceptable. He was supposedly in good health, yet he had a hip injury, a fractured vertebrae, and apparently constant pain. Instead of being directed to any sort of integrative therapies that might have relieved (or dare I say, solved) his issues, he was directed to the ever faithful band aid of drugs that provide no curative assistance at all, and contraindications abound. All of the drugs mentioned in his medicine cabinet have some habit forming tendencies, and none actually help ANY condition they are prescribed to treat.

Before we go ONE STEP FURTHER in the health care debate, this needs to be said: The health care industry needs to start focusing on the needs of the patient as curative and treatment centered, rather than as symptom treating and profit margin centered. Want health care reform in this country? Start with taking the profit out of health care. Until that happens, it will constantly be in the collective interested of those who are vow to first ‘Do No Harm” to begin to address the mechanization of the industry before the needs of the patient. If that person is also surrounded by enablers, it becomes even more important to address the individual, not the industry. Integrative therapies need to become part of this conversation of health and wellness. Otherwise, this is nothing but a bad joke.

We just heard about Billy Mays (infomercial spokesperson) today, a Pittsburgh Native currently living in Tampa, dead at age 50. We have no idea at the time of this posting what happened, but foul play is not suspected. The question is: what killed him? I hope this is not another case of contraindicated drug interaction.

Heath Ledger didn’t die of a drug overdose; he took drugs that were prescribed to him by doctors in the amounts recommended. If individuals with the kind of money these guys have can get health care this bad, what do the rest of us hope to get? It’s time to stand up and demand that we begin to address the issues of health and wellness over disease and profit. How many lives could be saved if we became patient centered? Will we ever know? Will we get a collective spine and the courage to demand change?

Along with all the other prayers we are praying, this one has also been added to the list.

Falcon and Dove

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hg+Me, Unnatural Causes Screened Tonight!

Hello Pittsburgh Family,
Are you in The 'Burgh? YOu have a wonderful opportunity to see two wonderful films as part of a community gathering in East Liberty. Here are the details:

The Urban Growth Collaborative presents A Community Gathering

June 24, 2009, 5:30-8pm

The Kingsley Association, 6435 Frankstown Ave. Pittsburgh 15206

Dove's award winning documentary short he did at age 16, Hg+ Me is a powerful brief on mercury/methylmercury poisoning, and along with the PBS Special, Unnatural Causes gives viewers some interesting perspectives and evidence on what really impacts our health in this country.

The health care debate is on right now, get some additional information that will help you be better informed about causes of illness and ways to address health.

In addition, there will be discussions on green jobs, OSHA Training, trade opportunities, etc.

Come out, do some networking, and see some powerful films.

Falcon and Dove

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Men, New Moon, Eclipses, and Summer Solstice

Men: The Summer of Change Starts June 21
Summer Solstice, New Moon in Cancer

Hi World Family, and especially the men!

This summer has some pretty dramatic astrological aspects, especially for men. Guys, Father’s Day brings HUGE changes in the landscape, immediately followed by New Moon in Cancer Monday morning.

There are significant aspects with Cancer this summer season, and lots of issues involving women, emotion, home, security, home appliances, home products, and mothers.

Specifically where the Cancer New Moon is concerned, there can be significant action in work with non-profits and community organizations, or on the Dark Side, some heavy aggressive, angry, get-it-at any-price energy. Falcon’s Mars is in Cancer, which normally is very ebb and flow like the ocean, and more gentle than when it’s located in other signs (now, before some people who know me jump all over this, remember, I am a Scorpio-ruled by Mars and Pluto, so the action you see from me is probably from my Sun Sign, and be grateful my Mars isn’t someplace else…like Scorpio!) but Monday may give even the most peaceful folks a kick. Everyone, just keep your heads on straight. Take a deep breath…relax…

The New Moon in Cancer has some interesting aspects with it that can bring sudden upsets in a very public way; ironic, since Cancer really likes familiarity and security, and sort of prefers to avoid public attention on its private emotions. If it is handled well, these sudden upsets can bring new emotional beginnings that will bring Cancer more security and stability in love. Sometimes, the changes come suddenly and shake things up in order to create a new (and sometimes better) future. Those who may experience political and social upheaval, it may be necessary to suffer losses to ultimately get larger gains. This will be a summer of significant social and political changes.

By the way, the moon goes ‘out of bounds’ (void-of-course) in the wee hours of June 20 for a couple of days, and that can bring out a sense of higher consciousness without drug accompaniment where imagination and freedom will be heightened. Hmmmm…

Jupiter has already gone retrograde along with Neptune, so if there’s something that you really want to know, now is the time to find out. Follow your intuition and your heart; you can’t go wrong. This is a good time to finish projects you have been working on, nurture relationships, and go introspective to build your inner talents. This is not really a good time for a new job or new project to start. If it is in the same vein as things you have already been doing, then you are probably going to do just fine.

Venus and Mars are coming together (in Taurus) in the middle of the Summer Solstice week next week, June 21-25. The reason I refer to it as a week is that for several days, the sun appears to not move at all. This is a high season in Native American tradition for the male; the highest energy for the Life Force in its greatest power of the year. Venus and Mars coming together means that there will be opportunities to express unconditional love freely and openly.

Dads, load up on the hugs!

Lovers, enjoy the sharing in a genuine way that is healing and generous to each other. Let the love flow as the Bellamy Brothers would say…and that new singer on the Prius commercial…Petra, right?

The Sun and Uranus are also coming to the party this summer with some unexpected events and opportunities. This could be fun. Watch yourselves! When Pluto comes on the scene with these two, there will be reform, revolution, rebellion, etc. There will also be new perspectives for the self, new revelations, and sudden adjustments to the changes that may happen at a moment’s notice.

Saturn wants everyone to take responsibility for changing their lives by making a solid life plan, cutting away the old, and embracing the new. Personal freedom is featured, as well as a serious change within the Self from the way things have been. The system is still there, but it will look very different from this point forward.

Neptune wants you to celebrate spirituality, not be surrounded by deceitful or inauthentic people.

Jupiter and Pluto want you to come together in partnerships that are enriching and rewarding, joint aspirations, working for the benefit of others who are less fortunate, and handling large projects that have a long term benefit with and for others. It’s a great time this summer to start working on new partnerships that give as well as receive. This can be a magical time to get things done and create successful endeavors.

There are THREE eclipses this summer: July 7, (Capricorn) a total solar eclipse July 21 (Cancer), and August 5 (Aquarius). Those whose sun signs are in Capricorn, Cancer, and Aquarius should be ready and willing to throw out the old and welcome the new. You will get a fresh, new start.

The first eclipse on July 7 is going to (along with other very interesting aspects) present some challenges. You don’t want the list, but you do want the bottom line: there could be arguments, fights, disputes, jealous rage, financial problems, as well as the possibility of accidents higher than normal.

So, why am I pointing this post toward men? Well, gentlemen: you tend to have greater access to weapons when in disputes, and therefore, higher incidents of violence and losses. Okay, so what am I telling you to do? I am begging you to keep your cool. Disputes and arguments may happen, but you are still the boss of you! Try to maintain some perspective.

Jealousy is the worst, and I am talking to the Women, My Sisters now, too. No fighting over relationships; it is not worth it. If someone is leaving, let them go-at this point, you have probably outgrown them, or they you, and it’s for the best, no matter how it looks in the moment. If they cheated on you, let them go so you can find someone who actually deserves your good graces. Clearly, something wasn’t right, and cutting them loose is a gift for both of you. If there are children involved, you be the grown-up! Don’t turn your kids’ affections against your partner; tell them the truth as they can handle it in terms of age appropriateness, but don’t poison the proverbial well. One day, you may be glad that you kept a civil relationship with the other parent of your child. If you are a step-parent, remember that you are, and allow the parents to do their job first, and run batter-up when needed. It does take a village to raise a child, and it takes adults to raise children. If you are dealing with an addiction, rather than allowing it to take you away from everything that is sacred, including yourself, dump it! This is a sign to let it go.

There are no solutions at the end of a fist, a gun, or a knife used in anger, aggression, jealousy, or disappointment against another person. Stop and think. Someone out there loves you…and one of those people should be you. Love yourself enough to not destroy your life or someone else’s. No hating! Have the fight that may be inevitable and let it go.

The second eclipse on July 21 (July 22 overseas) brings a total solar eclipse at 29 degrees in Cancer.

I have to be honest with you about this one: it is fierce. This aspect can bring out the hero in some people and challenges in others. This is not a time to ‘buy, buy, buy’ as Jim Cramer might say, since investment losses could be significant during this time. This could be a time when illness may take its toll, or unexpected deaths in greater numbers than anticipated may occur. Relationships may break-up, and others may decide to take control of their lives and go get what they want. The ‘sleeper may awaken’ as Herbert Frank might say. Many of these things may happen unexpectedly, without any warning. Stay alert to shifting trends financially, and with people’s emotions. The attentive and intuitive may see a shift in those most sensitive coming…like beginning right now. Many times, things begin to shift in the month before an eclipse. With three so close together, no one will be able to catch their breath from one to the other. Start looking at things now that may show signs of stress: people, structures (bridges, tunnels, political structures, individual emotions). Remember Venus Retrograde? Yeah. Well, let’s keep our wits about us and try to ride out the changes. Some will be great. Some will be challenging shifts in reality. Create a new reality, and don’t hold on to what is past.

The third eclipse on August 5 in Aquarius will be much less volatile than the previous two, but brings up hope out of change, and an opportunity to think creatively about the future. There may even be a reason to celebrate for some. This is Lughnasa (Mid Summer, in the truest sense of the word, middle of summer), and the early harvests will begin to come in. In some places, there will be bounty beyond what was anticipated. If we haven’t had 3 major hurricanes by then, there should be enough to go around this year. Sharing and caring as well as an attitude of gratitude is important this summer.

Men, please keep up your highest graces, even in the most difficult times.

Avoid those that don’t. That is the key to getting through this summer of change.

Fathers, remember that someone looks to you for leadership and strength. Sometimes, the greatest, most powerful lesson you can share with your children…is that you are human, and capable of mistakes, and a renewal of spirit. Forgiveness is also an excellent trait to share.

Have a powerful Father’s Day, and a Happy Solstice!

Falcon and Dove

G-20: Get your Hotel Rooms Now!!!

Hello World Family,
Those of you coming in September 24, 25 for the G-20 Economic Summit: Get your rooms now! Some hotels are already filling up. Below is an excerpt from our Summer Vacation blog posting that we have now moved to a separate post for easier access. Here is the latest, and check back frequently because this post WILL be updated!

Those of you interested in the G-20, BOOK NOW!!!Every hotel for miles will be filled. Here’s the thing: Try to stay at a hotel that has transportation to the Convention Center, or has access to nearby transportation that takes a direct route. DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE AND PARK DURING THIS EVENT! If you need to be close to the city, pick a hotel or bed and breakfast that has free parking close to the convention center. Make your inquiries now, don’t wait.

Here’s some other suggestions I thinks may help. If you really don’t like traffic, but must drive from where you are to this event, try staying at a small boutique hotel or B&B outside of Pittsburgh…I mean, significantly outside of Pgh.

UPDATED June 18: Because of their available airstrip, Nemacolin Woodlands is FULL! There is no availability at any of the hotels, cabins, suites, etc. We did mention that things would move quickly.

For example, stay in Cranberry Township at one of the many hotels there. Stay in the Laurel Highlands (Donegal, Somerset, Johnstown area). Yes, these are an hour out, but all highway driving. From there, you can park at one of the many Port Authority Transit Park and Ride lots (PAT), and take the bus directly into downtown Pittsburgh to the Convention Center. They are reasonably priced:
www.portauthority.org Latrobe is also close by for those who want to fly.

Those hotels in Latrobe, Ligonier, Donegal, Somerset, etc. on less than 30 minutes from the airport. Johnstown is also another great place to get a more reasonably priced hotel with an airport nearby. Don't forget the magnificent Bedford Springs Resort and Spa as well. Beautiful, quiet, but with all the amenities one would expect in the city. The Laurel Highlands make a great alternative.

This will give you some peace in the evenings after events, and some reasonable places to eat inexpensively nearby if you want.

Remember, there are a ton of Bed and Breakfast locations throughout the region. Check with :
For a list and location information.

Falcon and Dove

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pittsburgh-City of Champions Plans Penguins' Victory Parade for Monday, June 15

Hello World Family, and all Pittsburgh Penguins fans,
Here is the latest on celebration news! Heartfelt thanks to our Pens for a fantastic season and one of the greatest sports stories of all time. Every member of this team and coaching staff should be proud! The Stanley Cup is in the City of Champions! We will celebrate with you tomorrow! Details are below!

See you there!
Falcon and Dove

PITTSBURGH -- County Executive Dan Onorato and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl declared Pittsburgh the "City of Champions" on Saturday, following the Penguins' Stanley Cup win on Friday night.

They also announced that a parade to honor the Penguins will be held on Monday, June 15 at noon.

The parade will start at the intersection of Grant Street and Seventh Avenue.

"No words can describe the history-making comeback achieved by our team, Ravenstahl said. "No one believed that this could be done, that we could win on the road and defy history, and that the league's youngest captain could make it happen. On Monday, let's show the world how the 'City of Champions' welcomes home their Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins."

"Monday's parade will be a great opportunity for this region to honor and celebrate this amazing Penguins team for bringing the Stanley Cup back home," Onorato said.

The parade will commence at 12:00 noon and take the same route as last February’s Super Bowl parade. Proceeding through Grant Street, the parade will loop to the Boulevard of the Allies and end at Stanwix Street where a stage celebration will be held. A media reviewing stand will be set up near the stage.

Barricades will be set up throughout the parade route to ensure the safety of fans and players. The City encourages all fans to take public transportation. If driving is necessary, fans are encouraged to park on the periphery of downtown.

Road closures and any additional parade information will be sent to the media Sunday. Parking and set-up for media trucks and reporters will be the same as the Super Bowl parade. Check the news outlets for the latest:


Thank you, Pens for a job well done!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's Go Pens!!! Tonight's the Night We Make History

Hello Penguin Fans,
Falcon, here with a simple message. It is below.
Falcon and Dove

Great moments are born of great opportunity, and that’s what you have here tonight.
That’s what you’ve earned here tonight.
One game.
If we played them ten times, they might win nine, but not this game. Not tonight.
Tonight we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them, and we shut them down because we can!
Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world.

You were born to be hockey players, every one of you.
You were meant to be here tonight.
This is your time.
Their time is done. It’s over.
Screw ‘em! This is your time,
Now go out there and take it!

Herb Brooks, 1980 Miracle

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Rock This Way" for Breast Cancer Research June 22

Hi World Family,
This is an wonderful event for those in the Oakville, Ontario area (like Toronto, Buffalo, Erie, etc.) There was a special announcement today from Rik Emmett. He says:

We have an important notice about a very special event called "Rock This Way." It’s an exclusive opportunity for students, families & friends to see Rik and his band up close in an intimate theatre setting at Sheridan College Theatre in Oakville.

Rik and his band have agreed to perform a special concert for Rock This Way and Breast Cancer Research on Monday, June 22nd 2009 at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $25.

See Rik perform Triumph hits like “Magic Power”, “Hold On” and “Lay It On The Line”…and you will see why he’s often been voted as one of the Top 10 Guitarists in the World.

The show will open with “Everywhere”, a young local band featuring 15 year old singer/songwriter Dylan Munro. Dylan’s song “Pink” (a song written about Breast Cancer survivors) was featured at last year’s CIBC Run For The Cure, and will soon appear on the Princess Margaret Hospital Website. It is the inspiration for this Breast Cancer Benefit, and will be a highlight performance of the evening.

Please join us for an unforgettable evening of music…and help support a great cause!

Call now for tickets at 905-845-3600 or buy online at www.rockthisway.ca.

Thank you all for your support. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, June 22nd!

Falcon and Dove have done Race for the Cure many times as well as other cancer fundraising activities and support our Brothers and Sisters to the north. We had an aunt(great aunt for Dove) who passed away from breast cancer last September. This is a cause that is especially passionate to our hearts. If you are in the area, and can attend we encourage you to show your support for breast cancer research, and support young emerging talent.

In the next few weeks, Falcon and Dove will be featuring some extraordinary young talent, and we hope you enjoy their offerings as much as we do.
Thank you, Mr. Emmett for the heads up, and for your support of this important endeavour.

Falcon and Dove

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coal Combustion Waste is Toxic-Call Your Congressional Leaders

Hey World Family,
Falcon, here. I just got this from Sister Lisa and she has a message too important to wait. Check it out:

Urgent response needed – please help us prevent special interests from stalling our efforts for enforceable regulation of coal combustion wastes (CCW):

Congressional leaders, including PA Congressman Tim Holden, are circulating “Dear Colleague” letters seeking to maintain the status quo for disposal of toxic coal combustion wastes (CCW). Industry lobbyists are working hard to convince lawmakers that federal CCW “guidelines,” rather than national disposal standards, are all that is needed to protect human health and the environment: they say current state regulations of coal combustion wastes are “adequate.”

Following the TVA Kingston fly ash disaster, (Google this if you forgot what this one looked like last winter) we know otherwise— CCW is toxic, and states are turning a blind eye to regulatory controls in an effort to preserve the so-called beneficial use status of these wastes.

Don’t be fooled—the status quo of patchwork state regulations may save the utility companies money, but it does little to safeguard humans or the environment, particularly our water sources, from the hazards posed by arsenic, mercury, chromium, selenium, and other CCW constituents.

The US EPA’s 2007 Risk Assessment found that communities closest to CCW impoundments can have a 1 in 50 risk of cancer: that’s 2,000 times higher than threshold beyond which the EPA deems any cancer risk to be unacceptable—1 in 100,000.

And, the prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) concluded that current state practices of calling the wastes “beneficial” did not prove their safety. The NAS recommended a federal regulatory standard and much more scientific studies.
Please join us by calling your Congressperson and asking him/her not to sign on to letters sponsored by industry that seek weak CCW ”guidelines” that skimp on environmental protections. Please ask them to, instead, support the following principles:

•Consistent and enforceable federal regulations, not guidelines, are needed to prevent coal ash disasters like the TVA spill and more insidious, but no less dangerous and on-going releases.

• Enforceable federal regulations can simultaneously promote coal ash recycling and protect the public and environment from toxic leaching from coal ash. Federal law already allows the EPA to distinguish between waste disposal and beneficial re-use of wastes. Following this precedent, the EPA can regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste when disposed in a landfill, but as a non-hazardous product when it is safely recycled. EPA has made these distinctions many times before without damaging the market for recycled products.

• The cost of implementing safe standards is marginal. In 2000, the EPA estimated that the cost of compliance with tailored hazardous waste regulations would be about $1 billion, annually – just 0.4 percent of utility industry sales. In a 2005 report, EPA reduced this cost estimate to $521 million for comparable standards. Even industry estimates of $5-6 billon is reasonable in light of the high risk posed by the waste.

Find your Congressional Members and their phone numbers by clicking on the following link – listing is by state:

Thanks for making these important calls – and for sharing this action alert with your friends, family and colleagues!

Lisa Graves Marcucci
Environmental Integrity Project
PA Coordinator, Community Outreach

What are you Doing on YOUR Summer Vacation?

Hey World Family,
Falcon and Dove hope you have an awesome summer! We have listed some fun things that we are going to do, and we hope that you have a chance to do some of this stuff, too. The events are scattered and some of them a bit unusual, but I hope you can make some of the special activities, or do similar gigs where you live.

Weddings-coming up all over the place; we are sure you may have at least 1 pop up; get those gift cards for Target and Macy’s; no fail gifts there.

Pow Wows-okay, this is a Native American event, but this is about celebration and sharing. Have you ever had a buffalo burger and some fry bread outdoors while doing some Grass Dancing? You haven’t? Well, this is the summer perhaps to try to of the three anyway. Check out the Pow Wow calendar:



U.S. and Canadian Pow Wows:



Attend the Symphony-there are symphonic concerts in the park from full size performances to chamber music groups. Search your area for more information on what and when.

National Holiday Celebrations-choose your country, or travel to another and celebrate with them their summer holiday. It will be fun and a great learning experience for the kids.

Fallingwater-We absolutely love this place! This is Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture in the deep woods of southwestern PA, and it is a joy to experience! The tour is great, the food in incredible for a cafĂ©, and the atmosphere in the magical forest is something you will never forget. June is an ideal time to visit because the endangered Mountain Laurel (a lot of people think it’s a rhodo shrub) is in full bloom in the forest during this month. The smell is intoxicatingly beautiful, and adds to the experience along Big Bear while touring this astonishing structure. This year, we will visit during July probably while camping and kayaking. Also see Kentuck Knob (reservations made through the Fallingwater website, or call (724) 329-1901


ROBOWORLD has opened at the Carnegie Science Center! Robots of the generations, and some you only thought weren't real. Gotta go! Finish an evening with a lazer show.


June 26-28, 2009 Celtic Fling and Highland Games-Mount Hope Estate and Winery, Manheim, PA.



Kennywood Park-one of the great old-fashioned American amusement parks (you know a Pittsburgh named Ferris invented the Ferris wheel?), this park along the Monongahela River is a true treat for the entire family. It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the country and a great portion of the park is a registered historic site. The merry-go-round is gorgeous, with figures and coach chairs dating from its installation in 1912. Some pieces go back to the opening of the park in 1895. The calliope still plays its period songs, as well as some modern tunes, you can paddle boat around the lagoon, or sky-chair yourself across its waters. The Penny Arcade still has some penny features and the Thunderbolt is still atop coaster enthusiasts’ lists of the best. If spinning at high rates of speed are not your style, the train gives you a great view of the park and the river, the games are plentiful, and the food is…well, outstanding! Vegetarians, there is plenty for you, as well as you long established carnivores! If you saw the film, Adventureland this year in theaters, you saw Kennywood! It was amazing how they made it look so 1980’s again.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, you can also visit Kennywood’s sister water park, Sandcastle in Homestead. Great fun!

If you would like to visit the quiet, cooler and exquisite Laurel Highlands (about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh), then visiting Idlewild would be ideal. Another property in the Kennywood family, it boasts Storybook Forest for young children, a host of rides for everyone, and even has its own waterpark, H20 Zone! It really is two parks in one, and I always need two days to do it right (note: the BBQ rib place right by the train depot with the grilled corn-on-the-cob and the funnel cake and apple pie…oh, sorry! That place rocks!) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood is located here, it is always a hugely popular attraction. The kids will sleep for a day to work this one off.


So You Wanna Make Pictures?" panel scheduled for July 11
In 2009, the Johnstown Film & Wine Festival is pleased to add "So You Wanna Make Pictures?", a panel discussion for new and aspiring filmmakers. The panel and showing of the panelists' films will take place during the day on Saturday, July 11; see http://www.jaha.org/FilmFestival/panel2009.html for complete details and schedule.

So You Wanna Make Pictures?
Join four area filmmakers for a conversation on filmmaking for fun (and maybe profit).

If you're interested in making films and would like some advice, or if you just love hearing filmmakers talk about making movies, you're invited to join four area filmmakers for a panel discussion on making films and documentaries. Join Andy McAllister, Bob Rutkowski, Kev Stock, and Will Zavala as they offer advice on how you can get your start as a filmmaker -- or take the next step in developing your skills. Come prepared to ask questions, and to listen as they offer up personal insight into their processes, motivation, and the technical tricks they've learned over the years- tricks that they wish they would have known on their first shoot!

The Machine - Pink Floyd Tribute
Location: Heinz Hall
Friday, July 10, 2009 at 8:00 PM

Daniel Meyer, Conductor
Live with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performing Dark Side of the Moon, THE MACHINE, America’s top Pink Floyd show, has forged a 20 year reputation of excellence, extending the legacy of Pink Floyd, while creating another legacy all their own. Over the years, The Machine has touched the hearts and souls of many, selling out large clubs and theatres across North and Central America, Europe and Asia. They have also appeared at renowned music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Riverbend, and Germany’s Rock of Ages.

The Machine duplicates the sound and hits of Pink Floyd with chilling accuracy.
- Matt Diehl, Rolling Stone Magazine

In western Canada? Check out the Surrey Fusion Festival, July 18-19, 2009

Multicultural, food fun, and music on multiple stages! The festival is in Holland Park, Surrey BC. Sunday night concludes with some awesome brothers, Pavlo and Oscar Lopez with buddy Rik Emmett at 9pm on the Coast Capital Savings Main Stage.

July 21, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Station Square Amphitheatre
We will be there!

July 22, 2009

Concert House Party-Ceilidh/Ceol: Acoustic Guitarists

An extraordinary private event will be held in Pittsburgh in the Shadyside area of the city for some members of The Sierra Club, and the Carnegie Science Center, guitar organizations, sponsors, and some select guitar students. Obviously, we wish it could be larger, but the intimacy of the event also adds to how wonderful it is to hear intoxicating music in a small forum. This is a preview event for a future larger fundraising effort.
There will be gorgeous music, fantastic organic food and wine, along with some sharing of good vibes and networking.

Three extraordinary artists are lending their guitar talents to the event: Ken Bonfield, Peter Janson, and Tim Farrell. In addition yours truly will get to warm up her pipes a little on some of her own tunes! These guys are wonderful and you have to experience this music for yourself to really get how powerful they are together, live. It is by invitation only

If you are a guitarist (acoustic event) who would be willing to lend your talent to not only this evening event, but the future fundraiser (taking place somewhere between August 25 and Sept. 2), contact us here at Falcon and Dove.

Although we cannot provide transportation to this event if you are invited, we will provide lodging if you need it. Bring your CD's.

If you are a listener just interested in being there that evening, we can invite about 5 outside guests. There is no charge for this event, just a genuine interest in Jazz, Folk, Rock, Celtic, or Blues. Help these guys out by purchasing a CD while you are there. It will be greatly appreciated.

July 30-August 2, 2009: Summer Rhythm Renewal

Jim Donovan is doing an extra special event this summer at St. Francis University involving percussion, yoga, and self-exploration. Summer Rhythm Renewal will be held at the school in Loretto, PA. You can be a beginner or advanced. Drums are provided. It is extremely affordable and for those who need it, this course counts towards ACT 48 Continuing Education Credits. It is just $299 for the 4 day workshop. Accommodations at St. Francis and meal plans can be provided for an additional fee. Those of you who know me know Jim and I go way back, and I love the annual drum cruise on the river he does in conjunction with Afrika Yetu. The course will include Congolese drum and dance, Nia Dance, a Djun Djun Workshop, Didgeridoo, Native American flute, Mandala drawing, and a whole lot more.
Please note that the event is designed for adults ages 18 and older


Reunions- my class reunion will be held in the summer rather than winter this year (high school). I won’t say how many years it has been, but if you look at my profile, you already know…hehe.

Renaissance Faire and Festivals-They all begin in August, and they are everywhere, as well as Pennsic War at Cooper’s Lake off I-79 in PA for those who are members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire- www.parenfaire.com/
Weekends including Labor Day, beginning August 8-Oct. 25, 2009

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival: www.pgh-renfest.com
Opens the Weekend of August 29-30 and runs through October 3-4 Weekends only (includes Labor Day Monday, of course)
There are themed weekends, including children’s, romance, Shakespeare, etc. Free parking as always and real easy to get to just off I-70 near New Stanton: 10:30 am-6:30pm
Very affordable family fun, lots of crafts, games, rides, even (spun by young, svelte men in much better shape than I remember men being when I was that age)

Concerts There are tons of major tours this summer. We are going to a couple of excellent shows and August seems to be the month for most groups that we will see.

BROTHER to return to Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Halifax Busker Fest - August 6 to 16 - will see the return of BROTHER this summer. Final dates and set times to be announced soon.

Mid-Summer Scottish/Irish Music and PA Wine Festival
August 22-23, 2009

Lancaster Host Expo Center
2300 Lincoln Hwy. East
Lancaster, PA 17602

Featuring 7 Nations and BROTHER! All day Saturday, and until 5pm Sunday

$15 for adults, kids under 12 free! Wine tasting $10 glass

Moody Blues at Radio City August 20
Yes, Falcon likes that 60-s and 70’s stuff, and it has been awhile, so why not see the boys in a great forum: Radio City Music Hall. They are on tour all summer, check them out when they play your area.


Because most of September is still actually summer, don’t forget to have some fun, not just Labor Day weekend, but during the month. Most of the festivals are still running, and the crowds will be smaller, so take some time out. It’s a great time to go to the zoo, aviary, Phipps, etc.
Google the following:
Pittsburgh Zoo

The National Aviary

Phipps Conservatory

Heinz History Center

Carnegie Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

G-20: September 24-25, 2009 Pittsburgh /David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Those of you interested in the G-20, BOOK NOW!!! Every hotel for miles will be filled. Here’s the thing: Try to stay at a hotel that has transportation to the Convention Center, or has access to nearby transportation that takes a direct route. DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE AND PARK DURING THIS EVENT! If you need to be close to the city, pick a hotel or bed and breakfast that has free parking close to the convention center. Make your inquiries now, don’t wait.

Here’s some other suggestions I thinks may help. If you really don’t like traffic, but must drive from where you are to this event, try staying at a small boutique hotel or B&B outside of Pittsburgh…I mean, significantly outside of Pgh.

UPDATED June 18: Because of their available airstrip, Nemacolin Woodlands is FULL! There is no availability at any of the hotels, cabins, suites, etc. We did mention that things would move quickly.

For example, stay in Cranberry Township at one of the many hotels there. Stay in the Laurel Highlands (Donegal, Somerset, Johnstown area). Yes, these are an hour out, but all highway driving. From there, you can park at one of the many Port Authority Transit Park and Ride lots (PAT), and take the bus directly into downtown Pittsburgh to the Convention Center.They are reasonably priced:
www.portauthority.org Latrobe is also close by for those who want to fly.

Those hotels in Latrobe, Ligonier, Donegal, Somerset, etc. on less than 30 minutes from the airport. Johnstown is also another great place to get a more reasonably priced hotel with an airport nearby. Don't forget the magnificent Beadford Springs Resort and Spa as well. Beautiful, quiet, but with all the amenities one would expect in the city. The Laurel Highlands make a great alternative.

This will give you some peace in the evenings after events, and some reasonable places to eat inexpensively.

Well, there is a huge summer schedule of events to get your heart beating a little faster and thinking about all the fun there is to have. Remember, if everything here seems unaffordable, get a book from your local library and take a trip to knowledge and fascination. Those trips are just as important as the ones that wear out your shoes.

Keep those concert updates/new releases coming! We will post them!
Falcon and Dove

Monday, June 8, 2009

Half-Blood Prince in IMAX Delayed Two Weeks

Hello World Family,
Falcon here will a little information on the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release for IMAX theatres. This was provided through our cousins at HPana:

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie scheduled for release in conventional theaters on July 15 won't be shown in IMAX theaters until July 29, a full two weeks after it's general release date.

News came to HPANA yesterday and it was confirmed today by Richard Gelfond, IMAX chief executive, that at least one IMAX theater in New York and another in Los Angeles are scheduled to play the movie starting on July 14, while dates for international theaters are still being negotiated.

Thanks to Jeff from TVWatchOnline for the original tip.

Well, those glasses work fine in conventional theatres, too.
Falcon and Dove

Urban Birds Tweet Differently than Rural Cousins

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here with an interesting study.
I got a line on the story this morning from our Brother Howard in Iowa. This research done in Wales might give some indication of how the urban environment has unintentionally caused birds to create different languages for themselves. Further, their rural counterparts may not understand why.

Check it out:

Birds in cities 'singing louder'

Scientists from Aberystwyth University have discovered that some urban birds sing at a different pitch to their rural cousins
Great tits are tweaking their tweets to be heard in noisy urban areas, but for their country cousins it is like they are speaking a different language.
Scientists at Aberystwyth University found male great tits in 20 UK towns and cities sang at a higher pitch to be heard above the man-made noise.
Rural birds were confused by urban bird song while city birds "didn't understand the lower rural pitch".
The male great tit sings to defend his territory and attract a mate.
Research student Emily Mockford visited 20 towns and cities in the UK to capture the bird song.
The singing was played back to rural male tits during the breeding season when they are at their most aggressive, but there was a "slower and weaker" response than normal from the countryside birds.
Scientists also recorded countryside great tits and found they sang at a lower pitch and, in turn, city birds found the rural droll difficult to understand, the study found.
Project leader Dr Rupert Marshall explained how the city bird song was captured.
He said: "We just stood there and pointed a microphone at them (the great tits).
"We went for medium-sized areas which were close to rural locations so that's why we avoided London.
"We played the urban bird song on a speaker to rural males during the breeding season. Usually this would provoke a strong reaction - the tits get quite worked up about it and would normally attack the speaker.
"But there was a slower and weaker response from the rural males.
"They were less aggressive and not quite sure what to make of it. It was like the city birds were speaking a different language.
"Likewise, we found city birds didn't understand the lower rural pitch."
Project scientists said the urban great tit reacted to man-made noise by raising the pitch of its songs, but in quieter rural locations a few miles away the pitch was found to be lower.
PhD student Ms Mockford said: "The next step is to find out what the females make of these different songs - will they want to mate with a guy who sings too high or too low?"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hello World Family,
Falcon, here with some special news for those of you in the New England area of the U.S. We just received this announcement from our Brother, Ken Bonfield, guitarist:

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know about a last minute show Peter Janson and I will be playing this Friday in Sunapee, NH. This is a great little coffee house series run by amazing volunteers; among them my pal, Alan Carruth Luthier. This will give me an opportunity to visit my newest guitar under construction from Al; a high string guitar. I'll take some photos and circulate those next week.

I'll be performing material from the album as well as a couple of new tunes, and a couple of very old tunes that have found their way back to my guitars.

Peter will be debuting several new tunes he'll be recording for his new album Compass Rose due out this August. I've heard a handful of his new tunes and they're stunning; I can't wait to hear the rest.

This summer will find me in Montreal, Pennsylvania, and California. Check the schedule to see if I'll be in a town near you

Peace, kb.

So...here are the particulars:

Who: Peter Janson, Ken Bonfield, AOG
When: Fri Jun 05 2009 @ 07:00 PM
Where: Sunapee Community Coffeehouse, Sunapee, NH

Details: Sunapee Community Coffeehouse will present Artistry of the Guitar at the Sunapee Methodist Church in Sunapee NH featuring Ken Bonfield and Peter Janson at 7pm. Artistry of the Guitar is a feast not only for guitar lovers, but for anyone with a passion for acoustic music. Individually, Ken and Peter have performed in the finest acoustic venues around the world, and their music has been heard by millions on radio, TV, and Satellite radio. We are excited to bring the two together for this special concert. If you enjoy folk, blues, jazz, Celtic or world music with a contemporary twist you're in for a real treat! Expect to be dazzled by their fretwork, charmed by their wit, and moved by their music! This is a free concert with a pass the hat suggested donation of $15.

This should be a grand show in a small venue! Wish we could be there!
NOTE: You may see a Ken Bonfield concert in Pittsburgh this summer...oops! Did I say too much? Watch the July calendar for a very, very special concert announcement!

Peace, World Family!
Falcon and Dove