Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Top Picks and Best Wishes

Hello World Family,
Falcon here with the annual year-end report. What did Falcon and Dove love and...well, not love? Here's the list. Let's start with the bad news:

We don't like FRACKING! We think poisoning the environment for a couple burbs of natural gas and calling it an energy strategy is an outright lie. Attempting to make it legal (notice the word attempt) is vile and disgusting. People, rise up and ban this schtuff before you can't drink your water. If you don't have water, you don't have life. By the way, nice job City of Pittsburgh for standing up to the greedy bullies...cause that's what they are. Get off the crack of fossil fuels and start investing in things that work, without creating a catastrophe. Energy is all around, harness it safely without putting workers, emergency responders and communities at such high risk. Don't make excuses. Unconventional horizontal acquisition of black shale is MORDER IN DISGUISE. It kills, and its technique will ruin whole states. Stop it.

Two, don't drink and drive. It's stupid. We want you around for 2011.

Three: Extended Stay America, Savannah, GA Midtown: get a new staff. A new manager who actually has the capability to lead would be nice. Just because most of your contracts are with traveling workers and the military is no reason not to respect the people staying in your hotel. They deserve better. Give it to them.

Four: Bullies-you suck. You always have. Stop using other people as the scapegoats for your problems. Grow up. Victims of bullying: stop giving your power away. Tell someone of authority to act and stop the abuse. If they won't listen, call the media-they are aways looking for a good story. Those on the sidelines watching the spectacle: get a moral compass and speak up.

Five: MTV- you and your producers are barking mad to put a young mother clearly distressed and beating up the father of her child on television as entertainment. You should have gotten her some help and gotten the family counseling. Very, very poor decision making. You videotaped a crime committed in front of a toddler. What were you thinking?!

Ah....yes, now-on to the goodies:
One: City of Pittsburgh-you passed a comprehensive ordinance banning fracking in the city-next the state of PA. Let's do it!

Two: All the lives saved this year by first responders! You guys and gals completely rock!!! you put yourselves out there every day. I would also like to include the K-9 units and all dogs and pets who saved lives this year. You are all made of AWESOME!

Three: Movies: The best, and we predict, award contenders/winners: THE KING'S SPEECH (Falcon's favorite movie for 2010), CARLOS (yes, it is 6 hours long, but it is worth it.)
BLACK SWAN-mighty good; BIUTIFUL-simply beautiful; THE FIGHTER-very well shot and excellently acted; THE TEMPEST-Helen Mirren doing it right-Shakespeare lovers unite!!! Julie Taymor, you are a visionary. What a cast! Must see! THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (not The Who film) and 127 HOURS better see some Oscar buzz.

Four: Good deeds. We have seen so many this year! The latest on my mind is the number of people who stepped forward to help a little girl whose pony was shot. Her family barn also blew down in a recent storm. There was a battle from complete strangers to get her a new pony, and now there is a plan on to help build the family a barn from donated goods and volunteer sweat. We are so proud of the millions of humans who do acts of kindness everyday.

Five: The arts. There have been so many great concerts, musicals, a capella performances, dancing, painting...fantastic pieces of work!

We are grateful to have seen so many wonderful efforts this year...and blessed for surviving the trails. We are most grateful to have you:)

Happy New Year, ALL!!!
Falcon and Dove

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