Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tsunami slams Samoa islands after 8.0 quake

Hello World Family,
Prayers are needed now for our Family members in Samoa and the region.
UPDATE: Tsunami Advisory for the West Coast of U.S.

This is from The Associated Press:

Dozens reported dead after wave hits following temblor

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa - Towering tsunami waves spawned by a powerful earthquake swept ashore on Samoa and American Samoa early Tuesday, flattening villages, killing at least 34 people and leaving dozens of workers missing at devastated National Park Service facilities.

Cars and people were swept out to sea by the fast-churning waters as survivors fled to high ground, where they remained huddled hours later. Hampered by power and communications outages, officials struggled to assess the casualties and damage.
The quake, with a magnitude between 8.0 and 8.3, struck around dawn about 20 miles below to ocean floor, 120 miles from American Samoa, a U.S. territory that is home to 65,000 people, and 125 miles from Samoa.

Mike Reynolds, superintendent of the National Park of American Samoa, was quoted as saying four tsunami waves 15 to 20 feet high roared ashore soon afterward, reaching up to a mile inland. Holly Bundock, spokeswoman for the National Park Service's Pacific West Region in Oakland, Calif., said Reynolds spoke to officials from under a coconut tree uphill from Pago Pago Harbor and reported that the park's visitor center and offices appeared to have been destroyed.

Bundock said Reynolds and another park service staffer had been able to locate only 20 percent of the park's 13 to 15 employees and 30 to 50 volunteers. The National Park of American Samoa is the only national park south of the equator, a scenic expanse of reefs, picturesque beaches, tropical forests and wildlife that include sea turtles and flying foxes, a type of fruit bat.

Barry Rose, the owner of the Coconuts Beach Club in Western Samoa, told NBC News that his hotel took a direct hit, with several buildings completely destroyed. He said one guest was unaccounted for and one member of his staff was in the hospital with minor injuries. All guests have been evacuated either to the hospital or to other hotels on the island, he said.
He said the wave hit less than a minute after warning sirens went off.

Quake lasted two to three minutes

Residents in both Samoa and American Samoa reported being shaken awake by the quake, which lasted two to three minutes. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a general alert from American Samoa to New Zealand; Tonga suffered some coastal damage from 13-foot waves.

Mase Akapo, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in American Samoa, said at least 14 people were killed in four different villages on the main island of Tutuila, while 20 people died neighboring Samoa. The initial quake was followed by at three aftershocks of at least 5.6 magnitude.

An Associated Press reported saw the bodies of about 20 victims in a hospital at Lalomanu town on the south coast of the main island, Upolu, and said the surrounding tourist coast had been flattened, with the dead including those who hesitated to leave right after the quake.

An unspecified number of fatalities and injuries were reported in the Samoan village of Talamoa. New Zealander Graeme Ansell said the beach village of Sau Sau Beach Fale was leveled.

"It was very quick. The whole village has been wiped out," Ansell told New Zealand's National Radio from a hill near Samoa's capital, Apia. "There's not a building standing. We've all clambered up hills, and one of our party has a broken leg. There will be people in a great lot of need 'round here."
The Samoan capital was virtually deserted with schools and businesses closed.
Local media said they had reports of some landslides in the Solosolo region of the main Samoan island of Upolu and damage to plantations in the countryside outside Apia.

American Samoa Gov. Togiola Tulafono was at his Honolulu office assessing the situation but was having difficulty getting information, said Filipp Ilaoa, deputy director of the office.

Scene of destruction

Rescue workers found a scene of destruction and debris with cars overturned or stuck in mud, and rockslides hit some roads. Several students were seen ransacking a gas station/convenience store.

Rear Adm. Manson Brown, Coast Guard commander for the Pacific region, said the Coast Guard is in the early stages of assessing what resources to send to American Samoa. Coast Guard spokesman Lt. John Titchen said a C-130 was being dispatched Wednesday to deliver aid, assess damage and take the governor back home. A New Zealand air force P3 Orion maritime search airplane also was being sent.
One of the runways at Pago Pago (Pan-go, pan-go) International Airport was being cleared of widespread debris for emergency use, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said in Los Angeles.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it was deploying teams to American Samoa to provide support and on the ground assessment.
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of American Samoa and all those in the region who have been affected by these natural disasters," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said.

Dangerous waves in the forecast

The ramifications of the tsunami could be felt thousands of miles away, with federal officials saying strong currents and dangerous waves were forecast from California to Washington state. No major flooding was expected, however.
The earthquake and tsunami were big, but not on the same large scale of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami that killed more than 150,000 across Asia the day after Christmas in 2004, said tsunami expert Brian Atwater of the U.S. Geological Survey in Seattle.
The 2004 earthquake was at least 10 times stronger than the 8.0 to 8.3 measurements being reported for Tuesday's quake, Atwater said. It's also a different style of earthquake than the one that hit in 2004.
The tsunami hit American Samoa about 25 minutes after the quake, which is similar to the travel time in 2004, Atwater said. The big difference is there were more people in Indonesia at risk than in Samoa.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

After 26 years, Reading Rainbow reaches its end

Hello World Family,
Here is a story from NPR that touches our hearts here at The Falcon and the Dove.
After over two and a half decades, the hit show, Emmy Award-winning Reading Rainbow has reached its final show.

See the link below:

Friday, September 25, 2009

G-20 is done; Thank You Protesters and Leaders

Hello World Family,
Well, things are wrapping up here in Pittsburgh; the G-20 leaders and their attaché are leaving and life will get back to normal here in the shire-just in time for the high school football games and Saturday soccer games in the region.

Pamela’s Pancakes once again reigned supreme with a visit from the First Lady, Michelle Obama in Millvale this morning. I understand the Japanese Prime Minister also got some pancakes, but even the President didn’t know how he pulled it off;)

There have been 81 arrests over three days-14 on Wednesday, mostly Greenpeace people who pulled off that daring banner display on the West End Bridge; only a few yesterday until evening where in the Oakland area of the city some folks just got stupid breaking out windows, and some police pushed bicycle riders. Everybody should have behaved better, we think. Just one today during the very large protest of thousands of people, all expressing their concerns in a democratic fashion, and everyone walking away with all parts in-tact.


First to the people of Pittsburgh-you are truly special. The definition of what is really super-you do what you do best: stepping up when needed and working so hard and being so patient during this entire process. From leaders to laborers, everyone did a fantastic job.

There was a broad, diverse group of visitors from around the world, and it seems that a splendid time was had by all. Thank you, visiting Brothers and Sisters for being so kind while you were here. We respect your voice and appreciate your energy. Our blessings go with you as you travel home. We wish you peace, joy, and increased prosperity as you continue your struggles back home on issues we all care about. Be strong, and know that you are never alone.

Thank you security forces who came from everywhere to help keep our house safe. We are gloriously glad that you will go home to your families no worse for wear, and secure within yourselves that you did a great job. Travel safely, and be ever vigilant in your police work where you live. Remember to see each person you meet as a brother or sister, and treat them with respect, even when they forget to do the same. Take the high road.

G-20 Leaders: We are impressed with some decisions you made during this event, particularly with no longer giving subsidies to fossil fuel industries. This is a grand opportunity to begin to transition our global communities into a place where we all can live in harmony with the planet, encourage enfranchisement that respects all people and populations, and enjoins our abilities and creativity to make products and conduct prosperous industry with a heart as well as a head.
This is a good beginning-there is much work to do; let’s all get to work.

The preparations for this week have been exhausting for many. Thank you protest organizers, peace leaders, environmental organization activists, and regional planners for your hard work. You have done an incredible job, and deserve high praise. Congratulations on a job well done.

We would also like to personally thank all of you: those that marched, those that planned, those that prayed, whether here in the region or on the other side of the earth. It has been our continuous prayer that all would be well, and healing would manifest in mind, heart and action. We thank you for your words, thoughts, prayers…whatever you put forth that provided positive energy for the highest, best outcomes is greatly appreciated.

These times are not easy. There is so much to do. Let’s continue to be mindful of our best purposes-to thrive and help others to do so.

We can never in words truly express our gratitude to all who made this event so peaceful. We can simply and with the greatest of sincerity say, thank you. Thank you, all.

Falcon and Dove

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Drive on Your Campus for 'Invisible Children'

Hey World Family,
We received this message from our Brother at the IQA concerning children who desperatly need our help. Please read below.
Falcon and Dove
p.s.:Don't forget that the Quidditich World Championships will be held inext month near Boston. Check the IQA Facebook page for more information.

Alex Benepe September 23 at 2:15pm

This message is on behalf of Seth Williams, a member of the organization Invisible Children. The IQA supports groups that promote literacy and education for children, so we hope you will take a minute to read this message.

INVISIBLE CHILDREN began in 2003 as a documentary on the Ugandan civil war. Today it is a non-profit that helps to improve education in the region in which it was filmed. So far the program has put more than 765 Ugandan students through High School and more than 120 through college.

In order to bolster the program, a new group called Schools for Schools was created. Schools for Schools is an organization of high school and college students working to raise money and awareness about civil war and the need for education in Uganda.

SCHOOLS FOR SCHOOLS NEEDS MORE STUDENTS to help. Last year they partnered with Better World Books (http://www.betterworldbooks.com/invisiblechildren) and collected over 2 million books for Ugandan schools.

If you are interested in running a book drive at YOUR CAMPUS (or high school) send an email to bookdrive@invisiblechildren.com.For more information, check out http://www.invisiblechildren.com/bookdrive.

Best Wishes,

Alex Benepe

IQA Commissioner

Greenpeace drops banner off West End Bridge in Pittsburgh

Hey Family,
It's Falcon with a bold move by Brothers and Sisters at Greenpeace. Check this out!

The World is Ready for a Strong Climate Treaty
Greenpeace Activists Greet G20 Leaders with Massive Banner on Pittsburgh Bridge

Pittsburgh, United States — Greenpeace activists rappelled off of a Pittsburgh bridge with a massive banner displaying our message to G20 leaders gathering for tomorrow's summit. The banner takes the form of stylized "road sign" that warns of the political maneuvering and delay that have put a international climate treaty in jeopardy as the world enters the final stretch on the road to Copenhagen.

"It is imperative that developed world leaders do not fail again in Pittsburgh. They must put money on the table to support developing countries" said Damon Moglen, Greenpeace USA's global warming campaign director. "It is also critical for G20 leaders agree to kick-start economic recovery through clean energy investment. Both of these elements are vital to achieve a good deal in Copenhagen and avert catastrophic climate change."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Savannah Film Festival selections released!

Hello World Family,
In the midst of the G-20 preparations, Falcon and Dove have been paying attention to the fall film calendar. TIFF had some awesome films, but not a lot of domestic distribution deals were struck. We will post a full review of some of our picks for fall after the G-20, but since this was released today, we wanted to pass it along asap.

Happy Fall Equinox, and for all of you LOTR fans, Happy Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday!
Enjoy these selections...we have seen a couple of these (the student shorts specifically) and they are extremely impressive.

Published: September 21, 2009

SAVANNAH, Ga. - The Savannah College of Art and Design announces the competition film lineup and jurors for its 12th annual Savannah Film Festival, scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 7 in historic downtown Savannah, Ga. Featuring the best in independent and innovative film from around the world, the Savannah Film Festival presents a full range of cinematic creativity from both award-winning professionals and emerging student filmmakers. The festival received a record-breaking 525 submissions from 37 states and 27 countries for the 2009 competition.

Jurors for the 2009 Savannah Film Festival are renowned for their work in the film and entertainment industries.

Patti D'Arbanville, winner of the Best Actress Dramalogue Award, has enjoyed an outstanding career in film, television and on stage, with noteworthy roles in "The Main Event," "The Sopranos," "Guiding Light" and "Third Watch."

Award-winning actress Rita Gam starred in more than 30 feature films before launching a second career as an author and documentary film producer. She has won numerous accolades for her documentaries and books, including the Literary Medal of Excellency from the United Nations Society of Writers for her contribution to better understanding between nations.

Ingrid Rockefeller has written, performed and produced original material off-Broadway and wrote and directed the award-winning short film "Melting Ice." She recently started her own company, Light is Sweet Films, and is producing and co-directing a documentary on the life of photojournalist Lisl Steiner.

Michael Sucsy is the writer, director and producer of the Emmy Award-winning "Grey Gardens," a made-for-TV movie starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. The movie also won the 2009 Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Mini-Series, and Specials.

David Twohy, both a writer and director, was named by Entertainment Weekly as "one of the most creative people in Hollywood" for his work in films such as "The Fugitive," "Waterworld" and "The Chronicles of Riddick."

The highly anticipated 2009 Savannah Film Festival competition films include the following:

Professional Shorts

Lessons in Self-Defense
USA, 2009, 12 min.

Director/Writer: Lee Miller
Producers: Ayal Miodovnik, David Post
Cast: Ashley Ann-Michaels, Alfred Molina
Synopsis: Ben wants nothing more than to have his estranged 15-year-old daughter, Victoria, back in his life. When Victoria asks to meet with him, Ben eagerly seizes the opportunity, but quickly realizes that his daughter's reasons for coming back have nothing to do with reconciliation.

Love and Roadkill
USA, 2008, 14 min.

Director: John David Allen
Writer: Elisabeth Lewis Corley
Producers: Laura Heberton, James Ivory
Cast: Bill Camp, Madeleine Potter
Synopsis: A scenic ride through the country takes an unexpected turn, resulting in a rare moment of reflection on life and death for a female urban executive. Based on the one-act play by Rose Caruso.

Me, You, a Bag & Bamboo
USA, 2008, 18:40 min., DigiBeta

Director: Lara Everly
Writers: Annika Marks, Padraic Duffy
Producers: Annika Marks, Ceciley Jenkins, Stephen Chbosky
Cast: Kirby Heyborne, Ceciley Jenkins, Amber Elizabeth Ingram
Synopsis: Clifford and Chun Li, two melancholic strangers sharing a park bench, take a quirky journey as they work up the courage to say hello.

Nice to Meet You
UK, 2009, 14 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Will Garthwaite
Producers: Will Garthwaite, Will Misselbrook, Anita Sumner
Cast: Trudie Styler, Jamie Dornan, Mickey Sumner
Synopsis: In London, a mother, a daughter and her boyfriend become entangled in a web of secrecy and sexual tension that leads them from extraordinary circumstances into extraordinary acts.

Ten for Grandpa
USA, Canada, 2008, 7:08 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Doug Karr
Producer(s): Doug Karr, Edward Boyce, Heather K. Dahlstrom
Cast: David Alpay, David Huband, Catherine Black
Synopsis: David Karr: husband, father, White House press reporter, film producer, powerful millionaire, defense contractor, corporate CEO, Renaissance businessman ... Soviet agent? This film-a clear-eyed, comedic take on the life of a complex character and the events surrounding his untimely demise-reaches to understand the forces that push an individual to immerse himself in a nefarious web of danger and infamy.

That's Magic!
USA, 2008, 14:44 min., DigiBeta

Director: Brandon McCormick
Writers: Brandon McCormick, Billy Wilkerson, Charlie Wetzel
Producers: Brandon McCormick, Dave Ronne
Cast: Jackson Walker, Sorrell Sanders, Mark Ashworth
Synopsis: A disillusioned magician seeks his own answer to what is "magic" in the world around him.

USA, 2009, 14:53 min, DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Tomer Gendler
Producer(s): Tomer Gendler, Christine Giorgio
Cast: Bernie Lippman, Jean Alexander
Synopsis: Leon and Frida, both deaf, communicate via an old, tethered clothesline that joins their two buildings across a fantastical distance. Leon attempts to convince Frida that although her beauty, talents and everything else have faded, there is plenty of life left in life. He does so by sending messages…. messages written on underwear.

USA, 2009, 14 min, DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Bradford Schmidt
Producer(s): Bradford Schmidt, Katherine Sharp
Cast: Gary Colon, April Eckfeld, Michael McCartney
Synopsis: Donald was going to build a time machine. He was going to travel into the future... and murder himself.

Animated Shorts

Èikorja an' kafe (Chicory 'N' Coffee)
Hungary, 2008, 8:07 min., 35mm

Director/Writer: Dusan Kastelic
Synopsis: Throughout her marriage, a wife has been making chicory for her ruffian husband instead of real coffee. This story examines how people are unable to express their love to those they're close to … until it's too late.

Gerald's Last Day
USA, 2008, 11:30 min., DigiBeta

Directors/Producers: Shel Rasch and Justin Rasch
Writer: Justin Rasch
Synopsis: Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at the pound at 5 p.m. Today is his last chance to seduce a potential adopter. Can he do it before his time runs out?

Horn Dog
USA, 2009, 4:30 min., 35mm

Director: Bill Plympton
Writer: Bill Plympton
Producer: Biljana Labovic
Synopsis: The fourth film in the famed Oscar®-nominated "Dog" series features more adventures from a plucky canine. He fends off an obese dog, attacks oysters and encounters a wayward, killer violin bow, while trying to win the love of his heart's desire.

I Am So Proud of You
USA, 2008, 21:30 min., 35mm

Director/Writer: Don Hertzfeldt
Synopsis: Dark family secrets cast a shadow over Bill's recovery in this second chapter to Don Hertzfeldt's Everything Will Be OK.

The Mouse That Soared
USA, 2009, 5:45 min., 35mm
Director: Kyle Bell
Writers: Kyle Bell, Matthew J. Hayes
Producers: Daniel R. Casey, Steve Emerson
Synopsis: A famous flying circus mouse reflects back on his humble beginnings in this high-altitude adventure in aerodynamics.

Pigeon: Impossible
USA, 2009, 6:12 min., DigiBeta

Director/Producer: Lucas Martell
Writers: Austen Menges, Lucas Martel
Synopsis: Walter, a rookie secret agent, faces a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside his multi-million-dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

Canada, 2009, 4:37 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: David Baas
Synopsis: This animated mockumentary explores the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

Student Shorts

Duck Heart Teslacoil
USA, 2009, 5:40 min., Beta SP

Director/Writer: Tyler Kupferer
Producer: Alysha Kupferer
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Synopsis: A young duck learns how to deal with a bus stop menace through the use of high-voltage weaponry.

The Earth in the Air
USA, 2009, 14:50 min., DigiBeta

Director: Jared Hogan
Writer: Michael Bailey, Jared Hogan
Producers: Samuel Eidson, Jared Hogan, Matthew J. Kern
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Cast: Joshua S. Hogan, Robert Conley
Synopsis: On April 14, 1935, widely known as "Black Tuesday," the darkest cloud of the dustbowl rolled across the Midwest. When the storm leaves a man's house uninhabitable, he travels West in an attempt to start anew and escape the worst natural disaster in American history. But what begins as a journey to find life and opportunity becomes a struggle to simply survive.

Even in My Dreams
USA, 2008, 7:53 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Flavio Alves
Producer: Randall Martusis
School: New York University
Cast: Beau Hauser, Burt Panitz, Celia Howard
Synopsis: In his pattern of mundane daily urban meanderings, Michael, an elderly, world-worn widower, happens on a Tom of Finland doll in a sex shop window. His fascination with the erotic doll triggers a belated and reluctant sexual self-discovery. A series of dreams and stream-of-consciousness vignettes move Michael from surprise to hope to a love affair that ends in violence and betrayal.

The Fakers
USA, 2009, 14 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Evan Watkins
Producers: Max Crandall, Aram Kaplan, Evan Watkins
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Cast: Phil Morales, Ali Mohr, J.T. Chinn, Aurora Hiembach, Jeff Hall, Kat Paris
Synopsis: Jerry and Jill Tamlin have become so bored with life in the suburbs that they decide to create their own danger. Things go horribly awry when a few real criminals get into the mix.

Farewell to the Sparrow
USA, 2009, 15 min., DigiBeta

Director: Shane Ladd
Writers: Shane Ladd, Zack Cutler
Producers: Shane Ladd, Jon Spicola
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Cast: Timothy V. Murphy, Eileen Grubba, Lilly Rains, Dey Young, Carmen Argenziano.
Synopsis: Sable, a small town girl, returns home for her mother's funeral. The hard truth unravels as suspicious behavior at the funeral and gossip force Sable to get to the bottom of her mother's death.

Joy in the Morning
USA, 2009, 17 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer/Producer: Gina Atwater
School: Columbia University
Cast: Nedra McClyde, Kaprielle Trenard, Stephanie Parrott
Synopsis: When Nikki Hughes spends an unusual afternoon with her autistic niece, Joy, she is forced to confront her own impending motherhood.

USA, 2009, 18 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Sebastian Davis
School: University of Southern California
Cast: Christopher Hobgood, Destiny West, John Ammerman
Synopsis: In industrial Atlanta, the scrawny hero, Magellan, walks to and from middle school every day with his popular, latchkey classmate, Tiana. Their precarious friendship is jeopardized, however, when Magellan works up the foolhardy courage to ask her to the upcoming spring dance.

USA, 2009, 2:14 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Kyle Stephens
School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Cast: David Solomon, Chase Arrington, Jenna Paulette, Grace Olsen Davidson, Derrick Parks.
Synopsis: A steampunk stop-motion musical.

Quality Time
USA, 2008, 15 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Colin Marshall
Producers: Gilana Lobel, Joshua Greenberg, Martin Teevan
School: Columbia University
Cast: Charlie Tahan, David Alan Basche
Synopsis: Estranged brothers Tucker and Ray are forced to spend Christmas afternoon together while their father Harold lays comatose in a hospital bed. As they struggle to come to terms with his impending death, they're reminded of the sweet and sour taste of familial bonds.

Sebastian's Voodoo
USA, 2009, 4:07 min., DigiBeta

Director/Producer: Joaquin Baldwin
School: University of California, Los Angeles
Synopsis: A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

There Once Was
USA, 2009, 2:18 min., DigiBeta

Director: Fay Helfer
Writers: Fay Helfer, David Leonard

School: Savannah College of Art and Design
Cast: Kate Helfer, Rose Ibiama, Rhianna Helton
Synopsis: A series of three short, animated limericks includes a comedy between bats in the air, a romance among turtles on land, and the horror a giant squid faces at sea.

Narrative Features

USA, 2008, 84 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Paul Cotter
Producers: Paul Cotter, Maureen A. Ryan
Cast: Shane Taylor, Benjamin Whitrow, Eileen Nicholas
Synopsis: An 83-year-old man returns to Germany for a long-planned journey of atonement. When his useless son agrees to drive him there, a nightmare family road trip ensues.

Dear Lemon Lima
USA, 2009, 107 min., DigiBeta

Director/Writer: Suzi Yoonessi
Producers: Melissa M. Lee, Jonako Donley
Cast: Savanah Wiltfong, Shayne Topp, Zane Huett, Melissa Leo
Synopsis: Vanessa believes that a victory in the Snowstorm Survivor championship is the only way into Philip's heart. Unlike the Native Olympics, which bring together people of all sizes and shapes to celebrate Native Alaskan culture, Snowstorm Survivor perverts the traditional Eskimo games in order to foster an antiquated class system. Vanessa discovers the true meaning of love and must embrace her Native heritage to reclaim the spirit of the World Eskimo Indian Olympics.

Love Hurts
USA, 2009, 95 min., 35mm

Director/Writer: Barra Grant
Producers: Laura Hopper, Sara Mattison, Brian Reilly
Cast: Richard E. Grant, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jenna Elfman, Janeane Garofalo, Camryn Manheim
Synopsis: Ben (Richard E. Grant), a successful doctor but an obtuse husband, is finally left by his wife (Carrie-Anne Moss). Befuddled by life and romance and obsessed with winning her back, Ben receives tutoring from his extremely popular 17-year-old son. To his amazement, Ben becomes the most desirable single man in town.

USA, 2009, 87 min., 35mm

Director: Patrick Hoelck
Writer: Scott Caan
Producers: Andrea Bottigliero, Scott Caan, Sean Gowrie, Vince Palomino, David Albert Pierce
Cast: Erika Christensen, Whitney Able, Troy Garity, Scott Caan, James Caan, Dylan McDermott
Synopsis: For novelist Johnny Ryan (Scott Caan), writing about love is the easy part. Believing in love is a different story; he's not entirely sure it exists. However, his lifestyle of seduction and bachelorhood forever changes when a single critic writes a biting review of his latest book, cutting through his charming persona and straight to his arrogant core. Thrown off course, Johnny does what comes naturally: He asks the critic on a date, which leads him on a rocky path of self-discovery as he realizes that love is much more real (and perilous) than he ever imagined.

Documentary Films

USA, 2008, 90 min., DigiBeta

Directors/Producers: Bill Ross, Turner Ross
Synopsis: This film follows lives and stories in a small town as they coalesce into a mosaic of faces, places and events. The county fair, a barber shop, the retirement home, a football team, a judge's race for re-election, a father and son, young love lost, and arrest and sentencing are all explored in this sweeping survey of life in Sidney, Ohio.

An Unlikely Weapon
USA, 2008, 85 min., DigiBeta

Director: Susan Morgan Cooper
Producers: Susan Morgan Cooper, Cindy Lou Adkins
Cast: Eddie Adams
Synopsis: Eddie Adams photographed 13 wars, six American presidents and every major film star of the last 50 years. History was changed through his lens … but the person Eddie found hardest to impress was himself.

No. 4 Street of Our Lady
Israel, USA, Ukraine, 2009, 90 min., DigiBeta

Directors: Barbara Bird, Judy Maltz
Producers: Judy Maltz, Richie Sherman
Cast: Herb Maltz, Eli Kindler, Fay Letzter Malkin
Synopsis: If your neighbors were being hunted down and came to your door begging for help, would you risk your life to save theirs? This film tells the remarkable yet little-known story of Francisca Halamajowa, a Polish-Catholic woman who hid 16 of her Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust, while cleverly passing herself off as a Nazi sympathizer.

So Right So Smart
USA, 2008, 93 min., DigiBeta

Directors: Justin Maine, Michael Swantek, Guy Noerr
Producers: Guy Noerr, Leanne Robinson-Maine
Synopsis: As environmental awareness increases in customers, business leaders like Ray Anderson are learning that sustainability is an ethical imperative for the future; in the process, they're finding that money just might grow on trees.

Media inquiries and image requests may be directed to 912.525.5231.

About the Savannah Film Festival

The Savannah Film Festival brings world-renowned filmmakers, producers, actors and journalists, as well as other film enthusiasts, to SCAD and Savannah for eight days of feature films, lectures, workshops, panels and competition films from a range of genres. Now in its 12th year, the festival was started by SCAD President Paula Wallace to provide students with opportunities to network with, meet and learn from entertainment industry leaders and to showcase the university's talented students and unique resources.

More than 40,000 people from around the world attend the festival to celebrate film, network, and immerse themselves in the inspiring artistic environment of SCAD and Savannah. On average, more than 500 studio and independent filmmakers submit a range of films-including documentaries, narratives, animations, professional shorts and student projects-to the festival each year.

The Savannah Film Festival also plays a significant role in preparing talented students for creative careers. From dramatic writing and performing arts to animation and sound design, almost every department at SCAD-and every student-benefits from the multifaceted festival experience.

Each year, distinguished honorees are presented awards for excellence in the entertainment industry. Past recipients include Michael Douglas, Natasha Richardson, Jane Fonda, Alec Baldwin, Sydney Pollack and Kathleen Turner. Invariably, these guests remark on the wealth of talent and enthusiasm at SCAD, as well as their excitement at seeing a university so dedicated to the art of film.

Highlights of the festival include workshops, special screenings and evening receptions. Each day is packed with workshops about a variety of topics, such as entertainment investments, the latest film technology, sound design and acting for the screen. Every evening features a special screening at Trustees Theater, followed by a star-studded after-party where celebrities and industry professionals mingle with students, faculty and select pass holders.

Passes to the Savannah Film Festival are available for purchase through the SCAD box office, 216 E. Broughton St., or by phone at 912.525.5050.

A limited number of individual tickets to screenings and workshops will be available at the SCAD box office beginning Oct. 1. Morning and afternoon screenings and panels will be $5 for the general public; $3 for students, seniors and military; and free for SCAD students, faculty and staff with a valid SCAD ID.

The price for tickets to the evening screenings will be $10 for the general public and $5 for SCAD students, faculty and staff with a valid SCAD ID.

Group discounts are available.

The Savannah Film Festival schedule is subject to change.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

B-PEP Events in Pittsburgh this week

Hello Family,
For those of you in Pittsburgh, here are some additional important events that should not be missed. Please see the details below.
Falcon and Dove

DON'T MISS THIS… The Peoples' Summit
Black Political Empowerment Project

--MONDAY September 21 - 7:00 p.m.
"Ending Poverty, Reversing Economic Decline in Our Communities"
NEW HAZLETT THEATER (North Side) 6 Allegheny Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Between Ridge St. and East Ohio St., below Federal St. in East Park

Special Guests: Privilege Haangandu (Jubilee Zambia/Jubilee USA), Tim Stevens (Black Political Empowerment Project), Carl Redwood (One Hill), John Canning (North Side United), Molly Rush (Thomas Merton Center), Maria Somma (United Steel Workers)

--TUESDAY September 22 - 7:00 p.m.
"Another World is Possible"
20th CENTURY CLUB (Oakland) 4201 Bigelow Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

1 block from Pitt's Cathedral of Learning (behind Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall)
Special Guests: John Tarka (President, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers), Leo Gerard (President, United Steelworkers), Benedicto Martinez (National Officer, Authentic Workers' Front), Jihan Gearon (Diné (Navajo)/African-American organizer), Jeremy Scahill (award-winning author and investigative journalist), and others.

BE SURE TO ATTEND: The First Annual International Peace, Justice, and Empowerment Summit, September 22nd, 2009, 9am-4pm

Townhall Meeting and Banquet with Dr. Ron Walters, 5-8pm
--September 23rd, 2009, 9am-4pm

Hosanna House, (807 Wallace Avenue), Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Keynote by: Dr. Ron Walters
Video Presentation by: Dr. John a. Powell
Extensive workshops and panel discussions by grassroots organizations and activists from all over the world!

The International Peace, Justice, and Empowerment Summit

The G20 Summit of nations will meet in Pittsburgh, PA on September 24th and 25th following the London Summit of April 1st of this year, when it met in the context of the financial crisis, in an attempt to stabilize global financial markets. These Summits are closed-door meetings organized and attended by financial representatives from 19 of the richest and most influential nations and their decisions affect the economic trajectory of our world for generations to come…

Sadly, nowhere in the final communiqué issue by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the host of the April meeting, were measures proposed to shield disadvantaged communities around the world who were already under stress before the financial crisis provided even steeper challenges of survival. Indeed, the G7, the
antecedent of the G20, had been so criticized for creating structural criteria for the dispensation of funds to poor countries that activists and others from the private sector intervened in its discussions and stated that what was done to alleviate poverty was grossly insufficient and to demand added effort.

Since then, meetings of the G20 have met with enormous protest from progressive forces, calling on participating members to acknowledge the needs of the disadvantaged populations in their respective nations.

Therefore, in the effort to constructively empower and engage our disadvantaged communities, and those who advocate for them:

The Community Empowerment Association along with the National Council of Urban Peace and Justice presents:

The First Annual International Peace, Justice, and Empowerment Summit
September 22nd, 2009
Townhall Meeting and Banquet with Dr. Ron Walters
September 23rd, 2009
Hosanna House
(807 Wallace Avenue)
Pittsburgh, PA
Keynote by: Dr. Ron Walters
Video Presentation by: Dr. john a. powell
Extensive workshops and panel discussions by grassroots organizations and activists from all
over the world!

This Summit is a foundation for serious action and interaction, not merely a protest site. Our teachings and workshops will focus on the nature of the crisis faced by disadvantaged populations of color everywhere; from the many blighted communities in Pittsburgh, to the shanty towns of Brazil.

By elevating discussions of the G20 beyond the narrow aspects of the health of financial markets, into addressing problems such as poverty, housing, employment, education, climate change, urban infrastructure, health care, economic development, we seek to remind the world that the issues pertinent to the survival of disadvantaged peoples are also an essential part of the long-term answer to
national and global viability.

We are calling all professors, students, activists, grassroots organizations, business owners, politicians, and concerned citizens to participate in this action oriented Summit of the following goals:

1. To examine the intersectionality of local and global communities of color, addressing issues such as:

a. The effect of the global financial crisis on the poorest countries, most of which are on the African Continent
b. The impact of globalization on urban economic opportunity
c. Urban youth violence, and the prison industrial complex
d. Urban blight and the lack of neighborhood capital and investment
e. The access of disadvantaged peoples to the proposed “green economy”

2. Raise consciousness to the public about the myriad ways that communities of color are exploited locally and globally

3. Take steps to resurrect the important bond that has ceased to exist between the national and international struggles of people of color

4. Compare the "best-in-class models" of grassroots initiatives and pathways out of poverty so that we may replicate and learn from these models

5. Continue to communicate and organize with this newly formed community and network of progressives to further our work in racial and social justice

6. Determine the role of the White House Office on Urban Policy in addressing the urban crisis while developing a list of policy recommendations for the administration.

To register and find out more information about The First Annual Peace, Justice, and Empowerment
Summit please visit www.CEAPittsburgh.blogspot.com, or contact us!

October 3 at 2 PM --The August Wilson Center for African American Culture is featuring the upcoming documentary on Nate Smith, "What Does Trouble Mean? Nate Smith's Revolution." This 56 minute feature documentary follows the journey of a black laborer and his unexpected evolution into a charismatic leader who forced integration of Pittsburgh's construction trade unions in the late 1960's and 1970's. It's a tremendous story, and was produced by the Robert Morris University Center for Documentary Production & Study.
This great documentary that will appeal to people of all ages! We want to get as many people to come as possible.

Nate Smith and his family will be attending the film

Sunday, September 20, 2009

G-20 Schedule of Awesome Community Events

Hello World Family,
Welcome to Pittsburgh! The weather is beautiful, although some rain may move in over night for you family members camping out. Stay warm and dry.

Here is a list of some very important activities, and we need some PLACES TO STAY for our family guests. If your church has space in the basement, yards, etc. for those who are coming to celebrate their voice and vision, we need you. Details are below.

From my Brothers and Sisters in the Three Rivers Climate Convergence (I love that name):
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2009
Contact: Kim Teplitzky, 267-307-4707, kim.pgh@gmail.com
NOTE: For questions about actions or to confirm information, please contact Kim Teplitzky as an official source for all 3RCC inquiries, additional spokespeople are listed below for climate/ environmental specific inquiries
Convergence at Schenley Park serves as base camp for a series of workshops, film screenings, actions and events in response to the International Coal Conference and G-20
The 3 Rivers Climate Convergence kicks off Monday at Schenley Park for a week of action, education and organizing demanding sustainable and local solutions to the climate and economic crises.
The Convergence, being held at the Schenley Park Overlook Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 10pm is a hub for people and organizations demanding environmental and climate justice, demanding solutions that empower rural, Indigenous, and economically disadvantaged communities to overcome the toxic pollution and land grabs of our dirty energy dependence.
“The Coal Conference and the G-20 are a series of closed door meetings designed to further the same destructive systems that caused our current economic and climate crises,” said Kim Teplitzky, a Coordinator with 3RCC. “We want an end to these failed polices and institutions and instead solutions that value the health and safety of the 6 billion people of the world, not just the wallets of the few profiting from polluting our land, air and water.”
The group is demanding a swift move beyond coal and other dirty energy sources, including nuclear power that pollute and destroy land and communities here in Pennsylvania and around the world. Instead, they are advocating for clean energy solutions that will create jobs by jump-starting local economies.
“Because of longwall mining, Southwestern Pennsylvania is essentially being treated as an energy sacrifice zone. We provide “cheap” coal to a nation hungry for energy, while bearing a disproportionate amount of the environmental, health and economic costs to our citizens and communities,” said Raina Rippel, Director of the Center for Coalfield Justice.
The Convergence will feature workshops, films, art and demonstrations of sustainable alternatives, including a solar power array, a screening of the new movie “Coal Country” with speakers from directly impacted communities in nearby Ohio and West Virginia and trainings on “The True Cost of Coal”. See the full Convergence schedule below for more details.
The biggest challenge the Convergence currently faces is the denial of city permits for overnight camping, even in the face of precedent set by other groups who have camped in the parks overnight. The denial has caused a housing crisis for the hundreds to thousands of people expected to arrive this week who will be forced to the streets without the safe alternative housing space the Convergence was planning to set up at the park.
3 Rivers Climate Convergence is a collaboration of local and national individuals and organizations. Our purpose is to organize the voice of climate and environmental justice resistance and a vision for sustainable alternatives to the International Coal Conference and G-20 meetings in Pittsburgh from September 21-25, 2009.
For more information: 3riversconvergence.org On twitter: pghclimatecamp


Sunday Sept. 20
2pm-5pm Coal Country Film Screening, with Elisa Young, SE Ohio activist featured in the film
UPitt 120 David L. Lawrence Hall

10am-4pm Artbuild at CMU fence, as part of the G20 Artspace – a student project

Monday Sept. 21 – Welcome to Coal Country
7am-11am Convergence Site Set-up (good b-roll, background story opportunity)

10am-5pm Workshops at the Convergence, including “Decolonizing Your Mind”, “Health and Safety for Activists” and “Non-violent Direct Action”

10am-6pm 3 Rivers Climate Convergence banner and “Skills for the New Millennium” permaculture bus and display of sustainable and alternative living practices, including live chickens
At the Women’s Coalition Tent City at Point State Park, free lunch served at 12noon

11am-5pm Longwall mining tours led by the Center for Coalfield Justice
Departing from the Overlook at 11:30

12:18pm Flashmob “Wake up Call”
Penn Ave/7th St. Food Court

1pm Action on the Northside – Details TBA on Monday morning, call Kim for more info

4pm Climate Roundtable at USW Building – 3RCC focus on ensuring the voice of climate justice is present in the discussion

7pm “Coal Country” screening at Melwood Screening Room, followed by a reception at the Sierra Club office at 425 N. Craig St.

9pm-11pm Equinox Ritual – “calling for the sequestration of greed and the liberation of abundance” at Convergence space, Schenley Overlook

Tuesday Sept. 22 – This is Climate Ground Zero: Day of Actions for a Coal Free Future
8am Action Downtown – Details TBA on Monday night/Tues am, call Kim for more info

9am-4pm Rolling anti-coal actions downtown

1pm Action Downtown – Details TBA on Tues morning, call Kim for more info

10am-6pm 3 Rivers Climate Convergence banner and presence at the Women’s Coalition Tent City at Point State Park, free lunch served at 12noon

Wednesday Sept. 23 – Beyond Green Jobs, Building Sustainable Economies
9am-5:30pm Workshops at the Convergence space and “Skills for the New Millennium” permaculture bus and display of sustainable and alternative living practices

4:30 Youth Convergence and Critical Mass bike ride and caravan to the Clean Energy Jobs Rally
Meet up at Schenley Plaza, across from the Cathedral

4:30 Climate Justice convergence – Getting Beyond Green Jobs, alt organizing for Clean Energy Jobs Rally
Meet up at Steel Plaza on Grant and Sixth

Thursday Sept. 24 – Our Climate is Not Your Business
9am-2pm Workshops at Convergence site

2pm Youth Press Conference – Global Youth Voices for Climate Change Solutions, featuring the founder of the Indian Youth Climate Network, Executive Director of Energy Action Coalition (U.S. and Canada), Avaaz.org, Sierra Student Coalition and Pittsburgh Sustainability Alliance
At the media hub in the August Wilson Center for African American Culture
980 Liberty Avenue

2:30pm “Our Climate is Not Your Business” Climate Justice Contingent of G20 Resistance Project march
Meet up 40th and Penn

Friday Sept. 25 – United Voices for Global Solutions
11am Climate Justice feeder contingent to the People’s March (lots of great visuals, art displays and a drumming group)
Meet up at CMU lawn at Forbes and Melwood


Raina Rippel - 724-229-3550 - Longwall mining, impacts on SW PA Communities

Raina Rippel has over nine years of experience researching and working on energy and environmental public health issues. She was previously the Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Maine, and helped build coalitions around climate change and other progressive issues. During her studies at the University of Pittsburgh, she spent six months in Newcastle, Australia, where she witnessed daily lines of 35 or more coal ships on the horizon, living next door to one of the busiest coal ports in the world. As an avid supporter of climate change prevention and mitigation, she eagerly witnessed Australia's sign-on to the Kyoto protocol, and believes firmly that the local is the global, particularly when it comes to the devastating effects of coal as our number one energy source in America.
Dea Goblirsch – 914-960-2197 – Mountaintop removal, impacts on Appalachia, importance of non-violent direct action
Dea Goblirsch is an activist and writer based out of Rock Creek, West Va whose work with Climate Ground Zero has included doing off-site action media and co-writing the content for the website. She has written for Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades, Bitch Magazine, and most recently covered mountaintop removal coal mining for the Earth First! Journal. She studied at Oberlin College for two years, pursuing a major in environmental studies and spending a summer taking Spanish courses in Chile, before deciding to take a year off to seek her education in the real world. She is currently an organizer with the Three Rivers Climate Convergence and will be returning to West Virginia in October to work with Climate Ground Zero and Coal River Mountain Watch.

For the following, please contact Hallie Boas, on her mobiles 203 247 3756 or 415 336 6590

Anna Pinto - Climate Change, Gender Justice, Indigenous Rights
Anna Pinto is the Secretary and Programme Director of CORE (Centre for Organisation, Research and Education), an indigenous peoples' policy research and advocacy organization based in the North East of India. Anna has been an active member of the Indian Women's Movement for over two decades. She will speak about the intersection between climate change, gender issues and indigenous rights. Anna will tour the Northeast U.S. in September to help mobilize participation in actions and events that will take place in Pittsburgh during meetings of the G-20. While the leaders of the twenty richest countries meet about the financial crisis and the climate crisis, activists representing diverse movements will convene in Pittsburgh to expose the common root causes of the financial crisis and the climate crisis and link them to war as well as the other crises we face: including food, water and biodiversity.

Jihan Gearon - Impact on poor communities, connections to global finance to environmental Injustice
Jihan Gearon, is Diné (Navajo) and African American. She is Tódích'ií'nii (Bitter Water) clan, and her maternal grandfather is Tl'ashchí'í (Red Bottom People) clan. Jihan's family is from the community of Old Sawmill and she grew up on the eastern part of the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Jihan is the Native Energy Organizer at the Indigenous Environmental Network, a member of the Steering Committee of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative and on the Coordinating Committee of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. Jihan will be speaking about the impacts of climate change and fossil fuels on poor communities and communities of color in the United States; and about the intersection between the financial crisis and the climate crisis and connections with the struggle for environmental justice in the U.S. She will be speaking in the industrial Midwest on a tour beginning in Pittsburgh during the G-20 talks at the end of September and ending in Detroit one week later.

Anne Petermann
Anne Petermann is the Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project, and the Coordinator of the STOP GE Trees Campaign. She is also the North American Focal Point for the Global Forest Coalition. She has been involved in the international and national climate justice movements since 2004, when she co-founded the Durban Group for Climate Justice. In 2007 she co-founded Climate Justice Now! at the Bali UN Climate Conference. And in 2008 co-founded the North American Mobilization for Climate Justice. Anne speaks around the world against socially and environmentally destructive "false solutions" to climate change, specifically focusing on the destructive social, ecological and climatological impacts of genetically engineered trees, and second generation biofuels made from wood. She has presented around the world on the subjects of climate justice, GE trees and second generation agrofuels at capacity-building trainings for indigenous peoples, and at conferences including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the UN Forum on Forests and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. She is the author of a report on genetically engineered trees, published in 2001, and is also a co-author of a major report on the impacts of agrofuels on forests and forest dependent peoples, published in 2008.

Lidy Nacpil
Lidy is currently Regional Coordinator of Jubilee South Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JS APMMD). She served as International Coordinator of Jubilee South for 9 years, from 1999 until recently. She is also Vice President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition of the Philippines, Member of the Board of Director of the Development Group for Alternative Policies, and with the South Council for 50 Years is Enough. She started her activism in 1980 campaigning against the Marcos dictatorship, and contributing to the development of the women's movement. Her husband was killed by the military in 1987, leaving Lidy alone with her young daughter; In 1993, she began her anti-debt and economic justice work and is now considered one of the leading resource persons on the subject.

Kim Teplitzky
Coal Campaign Coordinator
Sierra Student Coalition
412.802.0811 - office
267.307.4707 - cell
Skype: kim.teplitzky
Twitter: kim_t

As the Int’l Coal Conference and the G-20 descend on Pittsburgh,
people from around the globe will converge to show
that another, sustainable world is possible. We will resist the
corporate lobbyists and political leaders who profit from the
pollution of our land and demand solutions that empower and
strengthen our communities.
We are United For Environmental Justice

Featured events include:
climate action camp•
sustainable living fair
renewable energy demos
films•direct action

Workshops, Trainings, Art, Movies and More Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday check out www.3riversconvergence.org
for the full schedule

•Coal Country Film Screening on Mountain Top Removal in Appalachia 2pm
120 David Lawrence Hall (3942 Forbes Ave), University of Pittsburgh
Monday: Welcome to Coal Country- End Long wall Mining in
Western PA.
•Citizens Coal Council Bus tour of Coal Mining effects on Greenfield County
Departing from XXX at 11am
•Wakeup Call Flash Mob @penn/7th corner food court (set your cell phone
alarm) 12:18pm http://tinyurl.com/pgh1218
•Flash Dash Against Coal For meet up 12:30 at North Side of PNC Park
•Put The Alliance For Climate Protection On The Hot Seat- ACP/USW
Climate Roundtable at Steelworkers headquarters 4pm 5 Gateway Center-
Show up with climate justice questions.
•Coal Country Film Screening on Mountain Top Removal in Appalachia 7pm
Melwood Screening Room 477 Melwood Ave
•The Age of Stupid (film) World Premier- 7:30pm Pittsburgh West Showcase
Cinemas 301 Park Manor Dr


This is Climate Ground Zero: Day of Protest
against the coal industry in Pittsburgh
•8am meetup at the park at Grant and 1st street in Downtown.
•Noon meetup at Steel Plaza, Grant and 6th Street


•Alliance for Climate Protection and United Steel Workers Rally For Clean
Energy Jobs with Joan Jett, Kathy Mattea- Doors at 6pm Point State Park
•Youth Convergence/Meetup and Critical Mass/Caravan to PSP- 4:30pm
Schenley Park Plaza
•Climate Justice Meetup for concert- Getting Beyond Green Jobs- 4:30pm
Steel Plaza, Grant and 6th Street.


Our Climate is not Your Business! Climate Justice Contingent of the G20
Resistance Project march 2:30pm 40th St and Penn Ave. (Unpermitted)


Climate Justice Feeder March for the Peoples’ March to the G-20 leaving
from Carnegie Mellon University Lawn 11am
For a full schedule of all G20 events and updates check out:


The primary sponsors of the Peoples’ Summit are a partnership of educators and advocacy groups concerned with peace and social justice. They include:

Global Solutions Pittsburgh
State Senator Jim Ferlo (PA 38th District)
Three Rivers Community Foundation
The Thomas Merton Center
United Steel Workers
National Organization of Legal Services Workers (UAW Local 2310)
Project to End Human Trafficking

REMP Upcoming Events:
September 25, 2009: B-PEP Moment: 25 Years Anniversary Awards Dinner Rev. J.A. Williams Evening of Recognition at the Churchill Country Club, 800 Beulah Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Join us as we honor Tim Stevens with our highest recognition award for 20 years of continuous service to the church and community and Celeste Taylor for her commitment as a civil rights activist and Dr. Marilyn Barnett for her contributions in the field of education. Come out and enjoy the excitement Tickets: $40.00
Call 412-330-4622 with any questions.

Don't forget to get your tickets to join us in Point State Park for our Rally for Clean Energy Jobs
Doors open at 6pm. Join The Sierra Club, Blue/Green Alliance and other organizations and unions for this event. There will be fun as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will perform! Get your green on, and come let the world's leaders know what you want. After all, they do work for us...at least they are supposed to;)

Everyone be cool out there, and respect each other. We all have a job to do; let's honor each other with the spirit of understanding, even if we are on polor opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to opinions and policies. Remember, there really is no US and THEM; there is only WE.

Stay strong and safe.
Falcon and Dove

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Arnie!

From Falcon and Dove, we wish you the happiest of 80th birthdays, Mr. Palmer. It would be impossible to put into words all the respect, love, and deep appreciation we have for you. We are proud that you are from our region, and honored at the times that we have had the opportunity to meet with you, honor you, and in Dove’s case, walk 18 holes with you.

A ball you autographed for her sits in high esteem on the bookshelf of our living room, surrounded by all the medals, awards, trophies and plaques that she was inspired to win in part because of your gentle but firm guidance to youth in the southwest PA region. To begin to talk about your influence, those who did not know your humble beginnings must understand what you overcame to be the king of the game of golf…and so much more.

The world is a better place because you have graced us with your presence. You have always been kind to everyone I have seen, and over the years, there have been many. Your influence in the world of golf is only matched by your generosity to children in regards to their health and well being. You have raised more money on their behalf than I can count, and you may never know how truly and deeply loved you are by so many you have never met.

Dove and I have marshaled many matches, and you have been a part of many of those events. Our volunteer time was always made better by your kind words of appreciation and thoughtful time spent with everyone you encountered.

My daughter (Dove) has said that one of the highlights of her life was having the honor of being the standard bearer at the 66th U.S. Senior PGA Championship at Laurel Valley with you, Fuzzy Zoeller, and Larry Nelson at your tribute. Mike Reid won, but we thought you were the champion of the week. I walked with your group the entire 18 holes that day, and saw that birdie! It was a fantastic day, and made the marshal work the rest of the weekend like a breeze. The weather was cool during the week of the practice rounds, but the tournament days were gorgeous. I watch the highlight reels they show on the Golf Channel (which couldn’t have happened without you) and marvel at how perfect that day was. My daughter looked more like 12 instead of the 16 she was at the time, delighted like a child at Christmas, watching every move you made.

From both of us and so many more, we wish you Happy Birthday! May you have many healthy, hearty, and happy more.
Falcon and Dove

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pittsburgh: From the Secret Service

Press Release
September 8, 2009
Contact: (202) 406-5708
GPA 10-09

First phase includes plans for perimeter near David L. Lawrence Convention Center
(Washington, D.C.) – The United States Secret Service in cooperation with its local, state and federal security, public safety and military partners, is developing the overall security plan for the Pittsburgh Summit. The summit will take place Thursday and Friday,
September 24 and 25, 2009.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated the Pittsburgh Summit as a
National Special Security Event (NSSE). When an event is designated an NSSE, the
Secret Service assumes its role as the lead federal agency for the design and
implementation of the operational security plan. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as a number of other federal, state and local agencies, will play a critical operational role in securing the summit and resources will be deployed to maintain the necessary level of security. These same agencies have been involved in developing the overall security and transportation plans for the summit.
The first phase of closures announced today affect the area near the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. In addition to these temporary restrictions, the City of Pittsburgh
will be announcing a more comprehensive transportation plan in the coming days.
Additional announcements are expected in mid-September regarding temporary closures
near the Phipps Conservatory and other possible event sites.
The following security and transportation measures will be in place for the Pittsburgh Summit in and around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center:

Secure Restricted Zone: A map detailing the secure restricted zone is attached.
Beginning at 8 p.m. on September 23, 2009, through 8 p.m. on September 25,
2009, the secure restricted zone will be put in place in downtown near the David
L. Lawrence Convention Center. Information on the security zones will also be
available online on the City of Pittsburgh’s new website at www.g20safety.org.


Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Safety is developing a comprehensive
downtown-area transportation plan which will be put into effect September 24 -
25. The city expects to release this comprehensive plan the week of September
14, with the primary goal of keeping Pittsburgh safe while still ensuring that
downtown residents, businesses and guests are accommodated to the largest
extent possible. When announced, the transportation plan, along with maps and
other safety information, will be posted on the city’s official summit information
website, www.g20safety.org. Currently, individuals may sign-up via the website
to receive emergency e-mail and text alerts, as well as up-to-date information

Checkpoints: There will be checkpoints to facilitate pedestrian access for
members of the public to businesses and residences on Penn Avenue and 10th
Street. Credentials are not required to enter the pedestrian access area.
Individuals entering these areas within the secure restricted zone will be screened
using magnetometers prior to entering the area. Checkpoints will be located at:
o 9th Street and Penn Avenue
o 10th Street and Liberty Avenue

Prohibited Items: As a security precaution the following items will be
prohibited from the pedestrian access areas within the secure restricted zone:
firearms, ammunition, explosives, weapons of any kind and any other items
determined to be a potential safety hazard. Surrendered items will not be returned
or available for pick-up.

Airspace Security: An interagency airspace security plan will be implemented
to provide secure airspace over the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. A Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory listing enhanced restrictions was
released on August 24, 2009 (amended August 31) and can be accessed online at
www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=59419. Pilot inquiries should be directed to
the Special Operations Support Center, available 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT at 202-
It is anticipated that several Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) will be issued in
support of the temporary flight restrictions for this event. All aircraft operators
should check NOTAMs frequently throughout this event for possible changes and
to ensure they are aware of the latest procedures.

Water Security: There will be an enhanced security presence on the waterways
around Pittsburgh. The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port will establish a
waterside security zone starting at 6 a.m., September 24, which will be in effect
through 10 p.m., September 25.


Navigation will be restricted in the entire width of the rivers from the West End
Bridge (mile marker 0.5) on the Ohio River to the South Shore Marina (mile
marker 1.8) on the Allegheny River to the 10th Street Bridge (mile marker 1.5) on
the Monongahela River. Persons and vessels shall not enter into, depart from, or
move within this security zone unless specifically authorized by the U.S. Coast
Guard Captain of the Port Pittsburgh or a designated representative.
Coast Guard related inquiries should be directed to Lt. Sue Kerver at (504) 671-
2020, with specific inquiries concerning the security zone directed to Lt. j.g.
Douglas Kang at (412) 644-5808 ext 2108. For emergencies, the U.S. Coast
Guard can also be hailed via VHF-FM Channel 16.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For questions concerning this release, please contact the United
States Secret Service Office of Government and Public Affairs at 202-406-5708.
Questions regarding media credentials and other event-specific questions should be
directed to the White House and/or State Department.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why is Everyone So Crazy? Also: Mercury Retrograde for September

Hey World Family! Falcon here to pose the question I keep hearing over and over again right now: Why is everyone so crazy? We are not talking about the usual quirks and idiosyncrasies; we are talking bold flat-out off the trail and deep into the woods, off the rez, not making any sense, completely off their rocker, crazy. Here are some of the dynamics that may shine light on the deep recesses of the current lunacy.

First of all, there is a Uranus opposition to Sun: we experienced this on Election Day of 2008, and again in February of 2009. Seeds planted then are now coming to bear fruit-for better or for challenge. Now, not all the challenges are ‘bad’; some are the fruits of stuff that needed to be sorted out a LONG time ago and was pushed under the proverbial rug. Now is the time to get them cleaned up and straightened out. It may seem crazy, but ultimately, it may lead to a better more conscious way of living-more responsible, more resourceful, more mature.
There is another reason that there seems to be more unbalanced responses from people right now-it is the symptom of a much larger cold-the virus of FEAR.

I am not going to sugar coat this; it could be a rough fall and winter. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be good things coming down the pike, but only if you have prepared to receive them. If springtime was spent in folly, unfocused, and not taking responsibility for something that should have been owned, fall could frankly suck. Like those who didn’t put seeds in the ground for harvest now, you may find your personal pantry depleted. Here’s the part that really stings: you probably have no one to blame but yourself, even if it appears others are involved. Let me explain:

Health Care Reform: words that strike fear in the hearts of politicians everywhere. Many of them think that the crazy people they are running in to at meetings are completely without merit; in some cases they are right. There is a bigger story to this, however. For years, we have needed modification in this country to health care. We have allowed profit to override, policy; lives to be sacrificed for drugs that don’t work and food additives that poison our populations, and it has all gone unabated. The idea that the federal government could run health care any better than anything else of recent memory is positively fear evoking for many.

We need universal health care. We need to take profit out of the healing of bodies, and it needs to be done now. If we don’t have something in place very soon, it could hamper our efforts to treat people on a large scale if we have an epidemic, a pandemic, or just a bad cold and flu season. The problem is: many people are acting with fear as the leading motivator, not reason and lucidity. As a result, the fear gets all the attention, and little is actually done that promotes creating a system that will benefit all. We must benefit all, or we all will fall.
High paid consultants have been paying people to misrepresent themselves at meetings, send emails that aren’t from the organizations they say they are (astroturfing), and there have been general disruptions in what could have been a sensible, solution-centered conversation about health and wellness. This is despicable. The result is, we may not get a health care plan in place before the end of the year, and literally, lives could be lost because of it. Further, there is no discussion about integrative therapies that could save millions of dollars, and many lives. We could bear bad fruit from inaction, and worse, allowing fear to override reason.

What should we do? There must be a strong, steady response to the stupid. People are whispering about the madness, and not shouting that it is completely irresponsible and costing us collectively. It is time to respond with loving reason and sensible dialog. That used to be respected. That time should come again. We are all responsible for the stupid unless we rise up, speak out, and act accordingly.

Oh, and if you are one of the individuals who have perpetuated lies, misled, behaved deceitfully and maliciously, interfered with fair process, or propagated chaos-you are in deep do-do. Depending on your astrological sign, this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period (beginning September 7 and running through September 29) could be nothing but challenge. You may have experienced a Wylie Coyote lesson this year (i.e. doing things for a prolonged period of time that were completely wrong, and maybe awareness of that wrongness has just come to the surface). If you have, don’t go away mad, just go away. This is a spanking that if not heeded will only grow in its painfulness of teaching whatever important lesson that needed to be gleaned. Don’t be vengeful because in some way, you asked for it. Just take it, be prayerfully grateful it wasn’t worse, and move on.

To those who are just plain overwhelmed with fear right now: STOP. Embrace something nice that makes you feel strong, steady, and renews your confidence. Don’t listen to those who would put you down or try to damage your spirit through underhanded tactics. Celebrate your self. You are so much more than you know; and your capabilities are much greater than you think they are. Rise to the occasion and move forward with confidence that you will figure it all out. Don’t let the retrograde period fool you; better times are coming and you can build a build a better future-visualize your possibilities. Don’t start the program until after Merc retro passes. Plan now.

There are going to be times this fall when it is clear that you are going to have to cut some people loose. You may not win this one, and just let them go and wish them well. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH REVENGE ATTACHED RIGHT NOW>YOU WILL PAY IN SPADES! Let it go. Move on.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of planning, introspection, cleaning out junk, organizing, moving forward with current plans with caution, but not starting any new ones right now. If you have a really great new idea, start it as soon as this period is over. Right now, investigate how to implement it, and form a business plan. Stay light on your toes; be flexible and patient. This period will pass.

Every time one of these challenging periods passes, we hear from Family on the blog that find the warnings were helpful. That is why we continue to share them.

Oh, and one more thing: if I had been in the store where the 61 year old man had hit a 2 year old baby four times for crying while in the check-out line, the baby wouldn’t have been the only one crying! The comments I have heard from mothers the past few days confirm to Falcon that this guys was lucky that mother wasn’t like the mothers I have met…or me for that matter. This was an example of extreme stupid craziness. Whatever kind of bad day this man was having, he is now facing felony assault charges-did that make his day any better? Think before acting, Family! Walk in love, even when it’s tough love. Let go of what you have outgrown, or what is no longer appropriate for you. Don’t seek revenge, seek wisdom. Keep as cool a head as you can right now.

Falcon and Dove

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Polluter Fraud Citizen Tip Line Launches THURSDAY

Hello World Family,
Falcon here with an important announcement and conference call THIS MORNING!!!
Please see the announcement from our Brother at the National Wildlife Federation:

Polluter Fraud Citizen Tip Line Launches THURSDAY

Aims to Uncover Extent of Oil and Coal Lobby Abuses
Callers Can Report Forgeries and Staged Events

What: Lobbyists funded by the coal industry are under
investigation for forging letters to Congress--
going so far as to falsify and steal the letterhead of civil rights,
senior, and other interest groups and send letters on their behalf to
members of Congress. Recent weeks have also seen the American Petroleum
Institute create a new front group in an effort to manufacture
opposition to comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation.

Now the AAUW, National Wildlife Federation, NAACP, and Center for
American Progress Action Fund and Sierra Club
are joining forces to help
average citizens blow the whistle on deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal
tactics being perpetrated by big polluters and their lobbyists to strike
down clean energy innovation. The tip line (866-363-4648) launches on
Thursday morning.

When: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Dial-In: Call 1-800-944-8766 pin 62856# just before 11 a.m.

10 a.m. (Central) / 9 a.m. (Mountain) /
8 a.m. (West)

Who: Adam Kolton (moderator), senior director, congressional
and federal affairs, NWF

Linda Hallman, CAE, executive director, American Association of
University Women

Mary Anne Hitt, deputy director, Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign
Hilary O. Shelton, vice president for advocacy & director, NAACP
Washington bureau

Dan Weiss, senior fellow, Center for American Progress Action Fund

Contact: Tony Iallonardo, National Wildlife Federation,
202-503-8581, iallonardot@nwf.org
Lisa Goodnight, AAUW, 202-785-7738, goodnightl@aauw.org

Special thanks to my friend Ed Perry for forwarding this along. This is too important!

Falcon and Dove

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going to TIFF? Check out this event!

Hello World Family,
This morning we heard from our Brother Mike Regina at TORN-The One Ring.net, and he will be part of a panel at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. See his information below:

I will be doing a panel at the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) and would love to have a chat with anyone else who is attending! Dropme a line if you are interested, my panel will be:

Time: Sunday 13th 11:00am to 12:00pm
Location: 5th Elementt Restaurant, 1055 Bay Street, M5S 3A5

I am doing it in conjunction with the folks from z2hmedia.com, check out their website when you get a chance!

The panel is part of the 'Meet With...' segment of TIFFhttp://www.tiff.net/industry/programmes/meet-with

Meet With... is a series of informal and intimate information sessions on the hottest topics in today's film industry. Meet With... provides attendees with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the fundamentals of thebusiness and craft of filmmaking from seasoned industry professionals.

Meet With... is open to all Sales & Industry and Guest Relations Passholders.

2009 Meet With. Topics include:
* Feature comedy writing*
Digital distribution*
DIY Web 2.0* What filmmakers and producers should know about the convergence of the Film and Game industries*
An interview with a special selection of Variety's "Top 10 Producersto Watch"*
The state of international film festivals* and more...

Confirmed Guest Speakers include:
John Cooper, Director, Sundance Film Festival

Matt Dentler, Head of Programming and Marketing, Cinetic Media

John GalwayPresident, Astral Media

The Harold Greenberg Fund

Paul GertzExecutive Producer, Network Entertainment

Nathon GunnCEO, Social Game Universe

Sydney LevineStrategic Planner, sydneysbuzz.blogspot.com

Kevin ShorttLead Scriptwriter - Story Design,

Ubisoft Matt TonerPresident, Zeros 2 Heroes Media

All the best, Michael Regina, Editor in Chief - TheOneRing.net