Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello World Family,
State of Emergency everywhere in the eastern portion of the U.S. Family, don't even think you are driving anywhere. If you have a snowmobile and live near an interstate or main road, please check and make sure that no one is freexing in those abandoned cars.

PITTSBURGH-we have around 19-23 inches, depending on where you live. In the Laurel Highlands, I can't even count...maybe approaching 30. We are completely buried.

Family, do not try to shovel everything at once! It is a heavy, wet, dangerous snow.
YOUNG PEOPLE-we need you! Help your neighbors. Take shifts, don't do too much at once. By tonight, this stuff will cool in the temps and turn into a concrete like substance. You need to move it, but do it slowly-I don't want any of you having to make a trip to a hospital.

Speaking of hospitals, some have a code black in the Pittsburgh area. If you need to go, call on the way to make sure they are open.

We will get through this. World Family, thanks for your prayers and support. Everyone pull together.

Falcon and Dove

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