Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey Everyone,
Some important updates:

Penn-American has lost their water treatment plant, so all 180,000 users are supposed to conserve water. Includes baths, showers, etc. Sorry. They had a power outage.

PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE IS CLOSED westbound from Breezewood to the Ohio line. There are disabled vehicles everywhere, but particularly from Somerset to Donegal. Advice, stay off the roads.

Gov. Rendell has just declared a Sate of Emergency and an Emergency Declaration. Stay off the road unless you are emergency personel, and don't try to clear this all at once.

Southwestern PA is socked in with about two to three feet of snow, depending on where you are. Shovel carefully and take frequent breaks. Don't try to go anywhere in a car, period. Give yourself plenty of fluids and stay warm.

bundle up and stay warm. If you are CLOSE to a fire hall, they have been turned into Warm Centers. I mean, like you can walk to the fire station in less than 5 minutes on a normal day. Any further than that, stay put. A short walk in this depth of snow would be like a decathelon for many of you. Take care of yourselves.

Peace, and love to you all.
Falcon and Dove

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