Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello Pennsylvania Family,
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has a message for you this Saturday night: STOP DRIVING ON THE ROADS! Really. They are pissed. They can't clean the snow off the roads if you keep trying to drive on the roads. There is a State of Emergency for the entire commonwealth, so it is important that unless you are emergency personnel (police, fire, EMS, hospital personnel, security, military, etc.) you are not supposed to drive.

If your boss says you are, tell him or her that the penalty right now for getting stopped driving tonight is a suspension of driving privileges; yes, your license can be suspended. That would suck, so here's a solution: don't drive. It is not worth the risk or injury to be driving when the roads are so bad. There are people who haven't been home for at least 24 hours because they can't get home. If they can wait until tomorrow, so can you:)

Be safe Family. We care.
Falcon and Dove

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