Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loving ways to Honor St. Valentine

Hello World Family,
Falcon here!
It is that time of year where rose and chocolate prices go through the roof, where tissue boxes fill the aisles in fancy boxes for tear-jerking romantic comedies, and Scooby-doo and Captain Jack Sparrow grace the refrigerator door of those with small children. Yes, it's Valentine's Day. Some people love this mid-winter homage to love, and some just want to vomit. We here at Falcon and Dove have some suggestions to make the day more enjoyable, whether you are coupled or not.

First of all, nothing fills the heart with love more than helping others. Find a non-profit organization you can help that day; I am sure they will give you a big hug!

Thinking about adopting a pet? Maybe this is the weekend to give some space in your home to a dog, cat, bird, or other shelter animal looking for their forever home. The affection you get from them will more than make up for the extra stuff on the hips from the box of chocolate chip coolies that were previously being considered.

Visit a shut-in neighbor or relative this weekend. They would enjoy your company, and you may find yourself having some fun, too.

See a movie that inspires you, instead of one that leave you wondering why you actually handed them money at the gate, instead of the other way around. You can usually tell by the title if this film is a complete waste of coin or not; do the right thing: rent a Ghandi or Cry Freedom, not Saw, whatever number it is. If you are going to the theatre, see something like Slumdog Millionaire, a D minus slash thriller or not-so-romantic comedy. If you have children, Hotel for Dogs is perfect, while some of the proceeds go to help shelter animals.

If it's been ahile since you have done anyting on Valentine's Day, do something wonderful for yourself: a nice bubble bath, a massage, a good book. Don't curl up with a pound of chocolate and down the box! Don't take a half gallon tub of ice crean and work your way to the bottom! A little treat is nice, but don't overdo. As a matter of fact, get to the gym or take a nice walk with other friends who might join Chocoholics Anonymous. Again, a couple of pieces, cool...the entire selection of assorted varieties...not so much.

Write a letter, send a card and personalize it. Not an actual letter (if you can). You know with paper and an ink pen or pencil. Why? Because letters are beautiful, and it shows you really took the time to care. I know I love hand written things, or hand made items. Paper, pen, postae stamp...perfect price: priceless!

Above all, be good to yourself, and by extension, be good to others. Keep that in your heart all year. This is the time of year to dream the dreams you want to make real. Put your throught into planning, and then, action. You may surprise yourself how well things come out.

Here's hugs and kisses from your Sisters here at The Falcon and the Dove! Be ever beautiful: Walk in Beauty, Walk in Light, Walk in Love.

Falcon and Dove

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