Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Somerhill releases! Falcon sings background vocals

Hello World Family,
Falcon here! I received an email from a producer I worked with on two projects that have just been released. The band is called Somerhill, and the two released are titled, Free Your Mind (Tara Na), and Today or Tomorrow. I sang backing doubled tracks on the song, Tara Na, and on “We’ll Keep Going” on Today or Tomorrow. It was great to have the opportunity to work with these guys. They are wonderful. Both are available on Amazon. The singles are available on iTunes. Below is some copy from the press release.
Falcon and Dove

Free Your Mind (Tara Na)’ and ‘Today or Tomorrow’ now available

On ..December 14, 2008.., Core Media House L.L.C. released Free Your Mind (Tara Na), a new song performed by Somerhill. Core Media House released a second new Somerhill song, Today or Tomorrow, on December 28, 2008. Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and Today or Tomorrow are available on the Internet at Amazon.com.

Somerhill is:

Chad Gontkovic: lead vocal; backing vocals; electric guitar

Greg Kehl: backing vocals; electric rhythm guitar; electric guitar solo; synthesizer strings; synthesizer electric grand piano

Bill Rose: backing vocals; six-string and twelve-string acoustic steel guitars

With Somerhill were

Charles Constantino: electric bass guitar; acoustic nylon guitar; acoustic drum kit; synthesizer piano solo; synthesizer electric pianos; synthesizer shaker/triangle

and other performers

Winner of the 2006 Rockin’ in the Valley original music contest held by Our Town, Somerhill was the closing act for American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry in March 2007 in Pittsburgh Charles Constantino and Chad Gontkovic wrote the lyrics for Free Your Mind (Tara Na) that include the phrase, “..Tara na,” which is “Let’s go” in the Tagalog language of the Philippines. William Rose and Charles Constantino wrote the music for Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and the lyrics and music for Today or Tomorrow. Digitally tracked, mixed and mastered at 24 bits/96 kilohertz, the guitar-and-drum-driven Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and Today or Tomorrow combine rock, funk and jazz elements with four-part vocal harmony, vintage keyboard sounds, and unconventional mixdown touches.

“I learned a lot just being around him during pre-production and recording sessions. I also learned the definition of meticulous,” remarked Chad Gontkovic of Somerhill about Core Media House cofounder Charles Constantino, who mixed and produced Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and Today or Tomorrow. “He’s awesome.” Greg Kehl noted, “Charles showed us how to turn our basic riffs and melodies into layers and layers of beautiful sounds. It was fun to see someone with so much knowledge of music in his element while we were in pre-production and in the studio.” “He’s just a musical genius,” Bill Rose said of Constantino in an interview for Our Town. According to Rose, Constantino added “multiple harmonies, different back-up vocals, different types of singing, and different instruments that we hadn’t even considered.” “The determination of Somerhill to evolve as musicians and songwriters impressed me. I enjoyed my time with the group,” Constantino stated.

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