Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Savannah College of Art and Design opens Hong Kong Campus!

Hello World Family,
I got this email in my box this morning from the president of Savannah College of Arts and Design. There is a link included that you can follow to a new website with a nice retrospective of the history of the university as well as a sneak peak of the new campus in Hong Kong.

This is exciting news to our Brothers and Sisters in Asia considering college entry for 2010 and any students who may consider transferring, those who may want to teach at the school, and of course, guest artists and performers. Check your calendars!

The announcement appears below.
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Falcon and Dove

From President S. Paula Wallace:

Today, I’m proud to announce plans to open a new SCAD campus in Hong Kong. This announcement is made possible through the awarding of the historic North Kowloon Magistracy building to SCAD by the Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Development Bureau – a distinguished committee of business, cultural and government leaders appointed by the Hong Kong government. SCAD expects this recommendation to be approved by the Hong Kong government on February 24. When that happens, SCAD will become the first U.S. university to establish a degree-granting campus in Hong Kong. This is a historic moment.

SCAD-Hong Kong is made possible only because the SCAD family, working together, has made this institution the finest, most relevant, and most caring art and design university in the world. SCAD-Atlanta, our first branch campus, demonstrates the high quality of SCAD, while having grown to an impressive size in just four years. SCAD-Savannah demonstrates how the university can transform an urban landscape with award-winning programs and beautiful buildings. SCAD-Lacoste demonstrates the international character of the university. And SCAD-eLearning demonstrates the university’s commitment to innovation and technology. All these successes are harbingers of good results for SCAD-Hong Kong.

With a target opening date of Fall 2010, this new campus will be located in the heart of a sophisticated international city where SCAD students, graduates and professors can partner with organizations in burgeoning creative enterprises. The campus will be housed in the North Kowloon Magistracy, a seven-story former judicial building that SCAD will renovate and repurpose for students. SCAD-Hong Kong will offer degree programs in advertising design, animation, graphic design, illustration, interactive design and game development, motion media design (broadcast design and motion graphics), photography and visual effects; sound design will be offered as an undergraduate minor. To learn more about specific undergraduate and graduate degrees to be offered, visit www.scad.edu/hongkong.

The entire SCAD family knows that the university is committed to smart growth – which means that no resources will be taken away from other SCAD campuses to support this new campus. Rather, SCAD-Hong Kong will strengthen the entire institution, offering greater access to creative professions, a wider network of arts professionals and design-minded businesses, and new opportunities for students and alumni to make their dreams come true on a global scale. It’s a vibrant time to be a part of SCAD, and this news makes our 30th anniversary year even more monumental. Thank you for the important role you play at SCAD.

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