Monday, July 14, 2008

Harry Potter 7 Anniversary Party at Pittsburgh's Eastside Borders!

Can you believe that it has been almost one year since the 7th and final Harry Potter book hit U.S. and U.K. shelves? We were there 3 hours before the Witching Hour when we held our LIVE Podcast for the seventh book's release, and had over 600 people in attendance at Pittsburgh's Eastside Borders!

This coming Saturday, July 19th, from 1pm to 3pm, The Falcon and the Dove will be at the Eastside Borders again for a reunion party! As well as celebrating all of the Harry Potter years that have gone by, we will also be having a panel discussion of Women Authors and Conservation, featuring J.K. Rowling, Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring), and Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit tales).

We will be reading excerpts from the authors' books, as well as discussing their histories and each of their roles they have played in the conservation of this planet. It will be a fantastic reunion and a learning experience for people of all ages, whether you know and love these authors dearly, or are just picking up their books for the first time!

We are very excited about this party, and we hope to see you there!!!

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