Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman, Spider-man, and Rocco

Hello Everyone!
If you are trying to see Batman: The Dark Knight this your tickets IN ADVANCE! Do not go to the theater hoping to get in half an hour before the movie starts. You won't. If you are going to IMAX, you MUST go on line first and get your tickets, or you could be very disappointed. I saw many faces today turned away, so buy early.

The film The Dark Knight is excellent. Heath Ledger was disturbingly magnificent. We will review this film further after opening weekend. It's a go for it.

Talk about another amazing thing...Camilo Villegas shot a 65 at The Open in Southport at Royal Birkdale. Not only did he shoot the low round for the tournament so far, but Spidey as he is sometimes called (for his ability to get into a position that would challenge most yoga masters while sizing up a putt) made 5 birdies in a row on the back 9...8 birdies total in a round on a course where many veteran players were trying to just make the +9 cut. And once again, Rocco Mediate is in the hunt, fresh from challenging Tiger Woods on a bum leg to 91 holes of pure U.S. Open golf.

Kudos to all. It should be a very exciting weekend whether your watching players hit knock down shots in horizontal winds at Birkdale or watching Health, Christian, Maggie, Morgan, and Aaron with Michael Caine running around

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, why not join us for the 10th Anniversary of the release of the Harry Potter books at Borders East Side. the event is from 1-3pm on Saturday, July 19. It should be loads of fun: books, authors, trivia, spelling, games, and probably chocolate frogs!
See you there!
Falcon and Dove

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