Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone 3G-a scramble to get, great to hold

Hello World Family,
Falcon and Dove decided that there was nothing else to do with a beautiful Friday morning but go stand in line waiting for the new iPhone 3G. Why not? It could be fun.

You meet lots of great people when you stand in line at 4 places to get an iPhone. It's like standing in line to see a popular rock band. You know if you ever see these people again anywhere, they will great you and you will great them like long lost family. It's just that way when you spend 7 hours together in line.

The AT&T stores that we visited in the Greater Pittsburgh Area ran out of phones early, but treated everyone with style, including cool bottles of water while waiting. At the big Apple store in the Shadyside section of the city, there was laughter, free Smart Water, and good conversation. Plenty of iPhones for everyone; it's just the waiting that was the hardest part. (Tom Petty reference completely intentional).

The iPhone 3G is awesome, especially for someone like Falcon whose cell phone was actually being considered for display as an antiquity. It was war-torn and beaten up, but worked everywhere...even in places others feared to try: tunnels, underground, and out in the middle of the Atlantic. The iPhone 3G has lots of applications for free downloads and Falcon and Dove have lots of icons on our Home Page now as a result. We can read newspapers, check stocks, get our horoscopes, and even turn our phone into a light saber, complete with sound choose the color of your saber. Check the weather anywhere in the world, book flights and vacations on the Travelocity application, and watch videos on YouTube. The sound is great now and it takes no time at all to download. Facebook and MySpace are a breeze, and Kyte will help you with your photos and videos to the Web. Oh yeah, and there's an iPod, too...almost forgot.

Falcon and Dove give this new iPhone 3G two claws up. Yes, the 2 year contract will put your costs on the back end, not the front like the old iPhone, but this one works better. It really frees up people to get away from their PC or laptop, and get outside and improve your quality of life. You still can't jog with a laptop, but you can with an iPhone 3G. This is portable computer access in your hand, and you can really leave your laptop at home (after downloading some important applications).

I think of this device as an investment. It is not bling. This is not a pair of shoes, a great handbag, or a fancy watch. It is a device that can give you access to the things you need the most, give physicians your records at the press of a button, give emergency information to personnel in case you cannot, and keep you moving. The price point is much more attractive than in the past, making this iPhone more accessible to more people around the world.

Bravo, Apple! Well done.
Falcon and Dove

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