Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our First Anniversary

Hello friends and family,
Well, it's our first anniversary! Rather than getting out the drinks and party balloons, we are focusing on this year, 2008. It is an important year, politically and environmentally, and we here at The Falcon and the Dove will continue to discuss some of the more difficult issues, and hopefully get answers to some hard questions.

There will be interviews this year with people who are making a difference in our communities and around the world. We hope their information will inspire you to do something significant in your corner of the world this year.

This is a very important year in politics in the U.S. We must make our voices heard in ways perhaps that they never have been. Speak up, or stop whining about what's not right with the world. Participate, don't be a spectator. Do something proactive, not always reactive. My new motto for the year is: "Get a spine, and helps others to do so." For those of you who have always been bold and fearless, I salute you! Your courage, hopefully, will be acknowledged and rewarded.

For many of you, this is the first time you will be old enough to vote in a presidential election. Remember, it's not just the president who makes decisions. Those making some of the greatest impacts in your life are those on the local and regional level, so get out there and tell them what you think, and what you want them to do. After all, there are public servants; they work for YOU! Vote accordingly.

Be strong, vibrant, and dynamic. If you have an opinion about something that can help your community, region, the environment, etc. find out all you can about the subject, and then move forward with that conviction from an informed position. Study, ask questions, and demand a timeline for action. Be persistent.

If you are looking at an opportunity for advancement, this is the year to go for it. Knock on the proverbial door again and again. If they won't let you in, don't be discouraged, go to a different door. Or, as that wise sage Lee Trevino says," if you can't get in the door, break out a window and climb on in..." hehe

We will also be having some fun this year with some of your favorite subjects: movies and film, Oscar predictions and follow-up, pet stories, and craziness from around the world.

Stay strong, my Brothers and Sisters. Keep the faith, and don't let the stupid ones get you down. You are powerful and beautiful, remember that. Share that sentiment with someone you love.

Falcon (Dove is studying for mid-terms)

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