Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Actor Heath Ledger Dies at Age 28

Hey, this is Falcon,

We were supposed to be discussing the Oscar nominations today, and will in the near future, but I couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging the loss of Heath Ledger, passing today at the age of 28. Apparently, there was a problem with some pills, it may be accidental, and I will wait until the toxicology test comes back to comment further...but, what a shame!

Heath was a tremendous talent who brought us a variety of portrayals, amoung the most recent, as one of the Bob Dylan actors in "I'm Not There", and I am sure he will bring a new dimension to The Joker this summer in "The Dark Knight".

To his family, friends, and loved ones, our deepest, sincerest sympathy. I cannot imagine your sorrow. Please know that love never dies, and that all that was wonderful about Heath will be with you always.

As a parent, my thoughts went immediatly to his beautiful little daughter. I hope that she and her family are given the proper space to mourn, and that comfort and grace be given to them all, but to her in particular.

Dove, my daughter sends her sympathy as well. We will cover the Oscar noms soon, but today...we bow our heads.

May you be at peace, Heath. We will miss your spirit.

In love, and respect,
Falcon and Dove

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