Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Sunday and Tuesday

Hi Everyone,
Falcon and Dove would like to wish you a Happy Super Tuesday! If you are having primary elections Tuesday, vote please. If you aren't, well, we might as well watch the returns, it's likely to be as interesting as all those Super Bowl commercials.

Was it me, or were the Super Bowl commercials this year, well...not that super. I enjoyed the horse named Hank trying to make the team over the course of a year, with the Dalmatian helping him train. That was interesting. Underarmor's ad looked like a really cool video game with excellent shoes, and the giant pigeons on the Fed Ex commercial were hysterical, as was the baby on trading stocks, but otherwise, I wasn't blown away. None of them were really awful except the Sales Genie ads, and I understand that they were trying to suck, so in that case, they were successful.
Even Big Ben trying to sing for his American Idol fantasy, while funny...could have been better.

I still think one of the best ads ever was the Mean Joe Greene ad with the little kid giving him a Coke. Oh yeah, the coke commercial with the rivals of The Hill was nice on Sunday, too. But, nothing beats Mean Joe. If you haven't see that old ad from the 1970's, you know where you can find it...You Tube probably.

Congratulations to the NY GIANTS!!! You did it! Plex, we miss you in The "Burgh, but you did an outstanding job! We were cheering right with you.

Tiger Woods...a come from 4 strokes behind to win in Dubai?! Yikes, I think Ernie Els thought it was Groundhog Day all over again. For real. He keeps having this nightmare where he and Tiger are neck in neck (or in a sudden death playoff) in Dubai and he has his second shot on 18 over the water and...pluck! The ball goes in the water, and Tiger wins.

Sunday in Dubai, Ernie was holding a 5-wood, hoping that he was awake and that it really wasn't Groundhog Day, but the Day After. Alas, Sonny and Cher was probably playing in his head, just like in the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell as the ball got caught up in the wind while sailing for the green and went...ploop! Right in the middle of the lake. It was awful for Ernie. All I can say is, if Tiger is going to be this good every time he comes out to play (he has now won 4 straight times beginning back near the end of '07), the rest of the field may indeed be playing for second this year...especially in the Majors, where Tiger has been quoted as saying that he may in fact garner the Grand Slam. Yikes, again.

Ye have been warned. The odds are with the man in red named Eldrick on tournament Sunday. I think his baby daughter Sam is helping him with his putting. How else do you sink a 25-foot downhill toward-the-water, three-feet-outside into the hole birdie on the 18th hole to win after a week's worth of play and a 20 hour flight?! Even when he's not in the fairway, it doesn't matter; he still gets the job done. His daughter is a cutie, and her dad...amazing.

All you Super Tuesday is your time. Vote, participate, and make sure your neighbors get to the polls, too. After all, it's our country. Put the remote down, and get out there and let your voice be heard.

Time for movie predictions...the final nominations for the season (Empire Awards) have been announced, so Falcon and Dove are busy preparing our predictions for the award season. What are your predictions? We want to hear from you! Tell us who you think will win what, in which awards: Oscar, BAFTA's, Empire.

Be safe, and have a great week!
Falcon and Dove

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