Monday, December 17, 2007

TFATD: An Interview with Lillian Brummet

Hello everyone! The Falcon and the Dove is back, well at least Falcon is! I (Dove, aka Areya) am away at college (but on break at the moment). So we both now present Falcon's (Steph's) interview with Lillian Brummet, just in time for the holidays!

As for our regular show, it looks like Falcon will take over and post an article on the blog when she can. We won't be able to record together because I will be more than 700 miles away from her most of the time. Therefore, we have arranged this compromise. Falcon is an excellent writer, and she hopes to provide the same valuable information that we both brought you through the podcast! But for now, enjoy her interview with the charming and wonderful Lillian Brummet!

This show, Stephanie (Falcon) speaks with Lillian Brummet, co-author with her husband Dave of 'Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd', 'Trash Talk - An Inspirational Guide to Saving Time & Money through Better Waste & Resource Management', and 'Towards Understanding - A Collection of 120 Poems on Society, the Environment & Overcoming Trauma'. They disuss writing, drumming, music, gardening, the environment, and much more! Enjoy!

- Check out The Many Hats of Dave and Lillian Brummet, their website!

- Check out Dave and Lillian's radio show, Conscious Discussions on BlogTalkRadio!

- Also, check out Lillian Brummet's MySpace Profile!


stephanie falcon said...

hi! this is random, but we had to google ourselves for a project and your site came up, with this post, because my name is stephanie falcon! haha. anyway. now that i've come across this blog i'm reading your posts, they are interesting. thought i'd say hi!

Areya Simmons said...

Hi and welcome! That's funny how some things turn out isn't it? Well I hope you enjoy the blog and the posts! This year promises to be big! Good luck!
- Areya (Dove)