Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rally and March for Jordan Miles 12 Noon Today

Hello Pittsburgh Family!
It will rain later today, but it will be fine this morning. It's a great time to rally for a wonderful young man at noon at Freedom Corner in The Hill District. Jordan is a resilent young man: honor student, college bound from CAPA. He was walking from his grandmother's home to his house one evening when he was brutally attacked by three men who turned out to be undercover police officers who thought Jordan was a drug dealer. All charges against Jordan were wisely dismissed, but the officers want the DA to refile. Why ? Probably pride. It certainly doesn't have anything to so with justice.

Come out today and walk with Jordan and let him know that it's still legal for a young African American man to walk home at night in the US. He should be able to make that walk anywhere, regardless of where he lives, without fear or immediate suspicion.
Peace, Jordan. Have a great time at college. We are very proud of you!

Falcon and Dove

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