Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello World Family,
As June 30 approaches, millions trying to qualify for grant money and scholarships begin to realize there may be a gap to attending their First Choice university. BEFORE YOU GIVE UP, and decide to go to a runner up because it's cheaper, try these last minute, but extremely effective tactics:

First, get yourself on FASTWEB.COM right now, and check and see what scholarships you are eligible for. It is NOT too late! There's a ton of stuff out there that is easy to do and can get you a few quick bucks! DO IT! you have nothing to lose.

Second, talk to your First Choice University's Admissions Counselor and then Financial Aid office right away. Find out if there is anything additional that you are eligible for and see if they will give you some MERIT MONEY (think discount). Also, if you are an athlete, and may not be playing the NCAA sports, but maybe a club sport, see if the school offers some money for athletes in that particular interest. You never know until you ask.

Did you belong to a specific club in high school, see if there is a scholarship for your interest in college. Are yo a sci-fi fan, there may be a scholarship out there for your area of interest at your school. Find out! Don't let pride get in the way.

Third: Does your family belong to any special civic or ethnic organizations? The Rotary Club, a social club, NAACP, Urban League, etc. all have scholarships. Ask about applying. Deadlines have not passed; you still have time. Go for it!

Fourth: Parents, are you throwing your graduate a party? Are you attending a party of a high school graduate? Here's a clue about what you can get them for a gift:


Look, if ten relatives and friends give that young student $100, that's $1,000 right there! Don't buy them plaques, pens, and expensive athletic shoes, give them their gap funding. you will be the biggest super hero ever in helping a student meet that gap. Next year, they may have that gap filled after they prove themselves academically on the college level. In the mean time, they have to get there. They have earned the honor of attending college, DO NOT LET THOSE DREAMS DIE!

Give...and give generously to the grad!

There are various need-based scholarships offered at universities. Here is a secret: many private schools have more support for financially struggling students than public schools. Don't be afraid to ask. There is no loss of pride here. Hold your head up high. Parents: you have helped your student get to this point. Students: you have worked hard and deserve to follow your passions where you will do your best job.

Get those loans, public and private. Borrow as little as possible, because you will have to pay it back. You cannot discharge these debts in even bankruptcy, so only borrow what you need, but use it wisely, and make your investment work for you.

Falcon has a book coming out later this year, called : THE PARENT'S GUIDE TO DEBT-FREE COLLEGE: Get in, Stay in, Graduate Debt-Free

We will let you know when the book is available to the public. It will be very reasonably priced so that you can afford to get it. Save this advice because this is a sample of some of the helpful information you will find. The book will be great for those with young children, middle school aged, and of course, high school age.

The important thing to remember World Family:
Start saving early for college. Keep it in the parent's name, rather than the child.

Good luck, families.
Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2010!

Falcon and Dove

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