Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Falcon and Dove: Oscar Predictions 2010

Hello World Family,
It's an annual event, and of course, this year is no different. It is time for our Oscar predictions: what we think will win, and what we wish would win.

We will keep it simple. This is a powerful year. We feel going to 10 films under consideration for Best Picture was a good idea, since there certainly are enough great films this year consider.

Best Picture-It is going to be a very tough category, but we feel AVATAR will win BEST PICTURE, although we think THE HURT LOCKER will give it a run for its money, and both are fine films. PRECIOUS is nominated, and were there not an AVATAR, this would be our choice for Best Picture.

Director-Kathryn Bigelow did a fantastic job, and of course, Lee Daniels was awesome. We would love to see Lee upset this category, but we are also fine with James Cameron getting his Oscar.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role should be Mo'Nique. She was devastatingly magnificent.

Best Actress-this is a very tough cetegory, and will probably be won by Sandra Bullock. Is it her best effort or role...well, no. This is a feel good category. Every single woman in this group did an extraordinary job this year.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role-probably Christophe Waltz

Best Actor-probably Jeff Bridges, but we would also like to give props to Colin Firth, whom we enjoy tremendously.

In technical categories, we would like to see awards for the following films: AVATAR, STAR TREK, HP: HBP, and The Secret of Kells.

Best Animation will probably be UP, but the best project this year was CORALINE.

Best Original Screenplay- It's a toss up: THE HURT LOCKER and THE MESSENGER

Best Adapted Screenplay-PRECIOUS should win-we will see

Best Visual Effects-AVATAR, period, seriously

Music-Randy Newman may get a win here for work in Disney's THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG

Best Documentary-FOOD, INC.




It is truly a wonderful year for film. See as many of these great films as you can on screen, or on DVD.

Falcon and Dove

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