Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Earth has been Knocked Off its Axis!!! Frank Sarris dies

Hello World Family,
The Chilean earthquake 14 miles
below the surface of the earth has knocked the planet about 3 inches off where it was before.

That has made out days shorter by 1.26 millionth of a second. You probably won't notice it, but the earth spinning faster does leave one pondering...

Speaking of knocked off our axis...


Chocolate icon of southwestern PA Frank Sarris has passed away suddenly.
Falcon and Dove are very sad to hear this news, and offer our prayers and sympathy to the Sarris Family and employees and friends.

Falcon thinks of Sarris as family-many, many school and sports fundraisers, church groups, and holiday shopping have all involved Sarris.
Frank was at work yesterday! A visit to their ice cream shop and store is an annual event for our family. I had the best chocolate ice cream cone ( the size of Rhode Island on a sugar cone, I want you to know) with chocolate jimmies ( sprinkles for you non-yinzers) of my life there during last December! Absolutely awesome!!! The dark chocolate Covered apricots are one of the things dreams are made of! And then there's the giant candy castle! Oh, and all the stuffed animals and novelties! Sarris has always been a special, family owned business in Cannonsburg.
Frank-we love you dearly and will miss you muchly.
He was 78 years young.

Falcon and Dove

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