Friday, January 8, 2010

DGA Nominations Announced! Five Wonderful Directors

Hey World family,
Falcon here with a quick mention: The Directors Guild of America nominations for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Film are out. The list will not be surprising to most of you, but it is one of the strongest in recent years:

James Cameron-yeah, the man who is truly King of the World at the global box office. Of course, you all know Cameron for TITANIC, the number one grossing box office film of all time, but in a mere 21 days, his masterpiece, AVATAR has moved into second place, passing THE RETURN OF THE KING on Wednesday. AVATAR has now earned a staggering 1.13 billion in just 3 weeks. TITANIC earned 1.87 billion. It appears that a new champion is on the horizon. For bringing this stunning, visually intoxicating, magnificent tale to the screen, Cameron makes the cut for the nomination.

Kathryn Bigelow-for THE HURT LOCKER, an intense, never-lets-up film with war and psychological clastrophobia in the extreme. Yes, she is Jim Cameron's Ex-and she rocks!She also did MISSION ZERO and K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, and shows a strong eye and an unflinching courage to do the tough stuff, yet her vision is balanced. Every frame is important.

Lee Daniels-for the most unblinking film of the year, PRECIOUS. He has done the best job with material that moves the soul and ignites the desire to change the human condition for the precious people in our lives. Lee, you are local (from Philly) and strong, I am so glad you are getting the attention you have longed deserved, and Falcon and Dove personally congratulate you for being the first African-American director to be nominated by the DGA.
For those of you who don't know about Lee, he built his own business by age 21, then sold it to fund his film interests. He has also managed some of the top talent in the industry, as well as direct this tremendous film. He is a model man, not only because he has industriously managed to finance his career, but also because he raised twins as his own who were a niece and nephew. He handles material and people with respect and with an intimate vision missing from so much modern filmmaking.

Quentin Tarantino-what can we say about him: daring, creative, scary, seductive...and nominated for INGLOUROUS BASTERDS. Quentin has a history of insane, controversial films, some of them excellent, and some we were sure he left the building on. All of his projects from PULP FICTION, to KILL BILL are smooth as silk, and deadly if you blink. That style gives him a spot on this distinguished list of the best of 2009.

Jason Reitman-he is nominated for his job on the vast ensemble cast sort-of comedy, UP IN THE AIR. He is the son of Ivan Reitman, as you might has gathered, and did the wildly entertaining, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, with Aaron Eckhart and J.K. Simmons. Obviously, we thik of this Canadian's work on television more than for films, but he has ambitiously taken on a great piece and delivered the goods. It is well shot, edited well, and has some spice to it. He is in pretty powerful company, and we give him props for making the cut.

Congratualtions, all. You have done some of the finest work of the decade; thank you for your dedication to the craft, and your visionary fortitude.

Falcon and Dove

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