Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey World Family,
Falcon here with BREAKING NEWS! The children from Bresma Orphanage along with one of the two sisters from Ben Avon who had been taking care of these beautiful babies since the horrific earthquake in Haiti last Tuesday have just landed in Pittsburgh and they are boarding buses and on their way to Children Hospital. They look like they are in good shape considering what has happened to them, and some are waving to everyone! Warms my heart...

Jamie is coming a little later; had to take care of one child; they will come tonight or tomorrow.
They don't seem to even notice it is cold here.There's Governor Rendell and Rep. Altmire.

They are wrapping up some of them in blankets...it's cold here, babies!
Welcome to Pittsburgh!

If you want to watch tape of the press conference:

Those are the best local channels to get unique angles and stories on the ground. Of course, all the major national networks must be covering this story.

Falcon is full of tears...some happiness during this trying, prayerful time.
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Many items were gathered for children ages 1 to age 4, but there are obviously going to need more, and some children are bigger and older than the original request for winter items. Right now, Falcon cannot get through to Catholic Charities to ask about specifics, but we can assume that there will be a major need.

There are 53 children here right now.

Peace, and much love,
Falcon and Dove

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