Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why is Everyone So Crazy? Also: Mercury Retrograde for September

Hey World Family! Falcon here to pose the question I keep hearing over and over again right now: Why is everyone so crazy? We are not talking about the usual quirks and idiosyncrasies; we are talking bold flat-out off the trail and deep into the woods, off the rez, not making any sense, completely off their rocker, crazy. Here are some of the dynamics that may shine light on the deep recesses of the current lunacy.

First of all, there is a Uranus opposition to Sun: we experienced this on Election Day of 2008, and again in February of 2009. Seeds planted then are now coming to bear fruit-for better or for challenge. Now, not all the challenges are ‘bad’; some are the fruits of stuff that needed to be sorted out a LONG time ago and was pushed under the proverbial rug. Now is the time to get them cleaned up and straightened out. It may seem crazy, but ultimately, it may lead to a better more conscious way of living-more responsible, more resourceful, more mature.
There is another reason that there seems to be more unbalanced responses from people right now-it is the symptom of a much larger cold-the virus of FEAR.

I am not going to sugar coat this; it could be a rough fall and winter. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be good things coming down the pike, but only if you have prepared to receive them. If springtime was spent in folly, unfocused, and not taking responsibility for something that should have been owned, fall could frankly suck. Like those who didn’t put seeds in the ground for harvest now, you may find your personal pantry depleted. Here’s the part that really stings: you probably have no one to blame but yourself, even if it appears others are involved. Let me explain:

Health Care Reform: words that strike fear in the hearts of politicians everywhere. Many of them think that the crazy people they are running in to at meetings are completely without merit; in some cases they are right. There is a bigger story to this, however. For years, we have needed modification in this country to health care. We have allowed profit to override, policy; lives to be sacrificed for drugs that don’t work and food additives that poison our populations, and it has all gone unabated. The idea that the federal government could run health care any better than anything else of recent memory is positively fear evoking for many.

We need universal health care. We need to take profit out of the healing of bodies, and it needs to be done now. If we don’t have something in place very soon, it could hamper our efforts to treat people on a large scale if we have an epidemic, a pandemic, or just a bad cold and flu season. The problem is: many people are acting with fear as the leading motivator, not reason and lucidity. As a result, the fear gets all the attention, and little is actually done that promotes creating a system that will benefit all. We must benefit all, or we all will fall.
High paid consultants have been paying people to misrepresent themselves at meetings, send emails that aren’t from the organizations they say they are (astroturfing), and there have been general disruptions in what could have been a sensible, solution-centered conversation about health and wellness. This is despicable. The result is, we may not get a health care plan in place before the end of the year, and literally, lives could be lost because of it. Further, there is no discussion about integrative therapies that could save millions of dollars, and many lives. We could bear bad fruit from inaction, and worse, allowing fear to override reason.

What should we do? There must be a strong, steady response to the stupid. People are whispering about the madness, and not shouting that it is completely irresponsible and costing us collectively. It is time to respond with loving reason and sensible dialog. That used to be respected. That time should come again. We are all responsible for the stupid unless we rise up, speak out, and act accordingly.

Oh, and if you are one of the individuals who have perpetuated lies, misled, behaved deceitfully and maliciously, interfered with fair process, or propagated chaos-you are in deep do-do. Depending on your astrological sign, this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period (beginning September 7 and running through September 29) could be nothing but challenge. You may have experienced a Wylie Coyote lesson this year (i.e. doing things for a prolonged period of time that were completely wrong, and maybe awareness of that wrongness has just come to the surface). If you have, don’t go away mad, just go away. This is a spanking that if not heeded will only grow in its painfulness of teaching whatever important lesson that needed to be gleaned. Don’t be vengeful because in some way, you asked for it. Just take it, be prayerfully grateful it wasn’t worse, and move on.

To those who are just plain overwhelmed with fear right now: STOP. Embrace something nice that makes you feel strong, steady, and renews your confidence. Don’t listen to those who would put you down or try to damage your spirit through underhanded tactics. Celebrate your self. You are so much more than you know; and your capabilities are much greater than you think they are. Rise to the occasion and move forward with confidence that you will figure it all out. Don’t let the retrograde period fool you; better times are coming and you can build a build a better future-visualize your possibilities. Don’t start the program until after Merc retro passes. Plan now.

There are going to be times this fall when it is clear that you are going to have to cut some people loose. You may not win this one, and just let them go and wish them well. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH REVENGE ATTACHED RIGHT NOW>YOU WILL PAY IN SPADES! Let it go. Move on.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of planning, introspection, cleaning out junk, organizing, moving forward with current plans with caution, but not starting any new ones right now. If you have a really great new idea, start it as soon as this period is over. Right now, investigate how to implement it, and form a business plan. Stay light on your toes; be flexible and patient. This period will pass.

Every time one of these challenging periods passes, we hear from Family on the blog that find the warnings were helpful. That is why we continue to share them.

Oh, and one more thing: if I had been in the store where the 61 year old man had hit a 2 year old baby four times for crying while in the check-out line, the baby wouldn’t have been the only one crying! The comments I have heard from mothers the past few days confirm to Falcon that this guys was lucky that mother wasn’t like the mothers I have met…or me for that matter. This was an example of extreme stupid craziness. Whatever kind of bad day this man was having, he is now facing felony assault charges-did that make his day any better? Think before acting, Family! Walk in love, even when it’s tough love. Let go of what you have outgrown, or what is no longer appropriate for you. Don’t seek revenge, seek wisdom. Keep as cool a head as you can right now.

Falcon and Dove

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