Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Drive on Your Campus for 'Invisible Children'

Hey World Family,
We received this message from our Brother at the IQA concerning children who desperatly need our help. Please read below.
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p.s.:Don't forget that the Quidditich World Championships will be held inext month near Boston. Check the IQA Facebook page for more information.

Alex Benepe September 23 at 2:15pm

This message is on behalf of Seth Williams, a member of the organization Invisible Children. The IQA supports groups that promote literacy and education for children, so we hope you will take a minute to read this message.

INVISIBLE CHILDREN began in 2003 as a documentary on the Ugandan civil war. Today it is a non-profit that helps to improve education in the region in which it was filmed. So far the program has put more than 765 Ugandan students through High School and more than 120 through college.

In order to bolster the program, a new group called Schools for Schools was created. Schools for Schools is an organization of high school and college students working to raise money and awareness about civil war and the need for education in Uganda.

SCHOOLS FOR SCHOOLS NEEDS MORE STUDENTS to help. Last year they partnered with Better World Books ( and collected over 2 million books for Ugandan schools.

If you are interested in running a book drive at YOUR CAMPUS (or high school) send an email to more information, check out

Best Wishes,

Alex Benepe

IQA Commissioner

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