Tuesday, August 18, 2009

City of Champions Becomes a G-20 Police State? Oh, No We Can't

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here, reporting directly after returning from a meeting of coalition forces of labor groups, spiritual groups, environmental groups, veterans groups, and more to say that even though no permits have been approved for the public for the G-20 period in Pittsburgh Sept. 24-25, 2009, our voices will be heard! This is our house, and we will be heard.

Here's the thing: It's our right. It's our constitutional right. Americans have watched their rights widdled away by government during the past decade, and this is another example of a good idea gone bad. Want to protect the public? Allow them to participate in the Democratic process that is our right as Americans. Here's what I mean...

Turning Point State Park into a staging area for law enforcement is, in a word: dumb. There's a reason my ancestors didn't base themselves in what is today the Golden Triangle: you're a sitting duck down there. This is the space that law enforcement will plan and stage? The point furthest from everything else in downtown Pittsburgh, including the Convention Center? Seriously? Well, a malcontent wouldn't have to be in downtown to do damage; they could pick you off from the West End!

This is not good; let the people have the park...every park; staging should be done in strategic places all over downtown, and preferably, underground. Yeah, I know soft targets in the park? Better locals with local knowledge a double the sets of eyes in Pittsburgh on every bridge, buffer, underpass, tunnel, overpass and hillside than some out of town law enforcement who are going to have a crash course in familiarizing themselves with the streets, topography and terrain in a month's time. Yes, I said that. If permits were issued to the organizations who applied, there would be 100,000 pairs of eyes with local knowledge, working with law enforcement 'cause this is OUR HOUSE! This is OUR HOME! You think we are going to let some troublemakers mess up our town? Oh, no we won't!

If the approach is to treat this like a natural disaster, I have a suggestion: bring in the aid BEFORE the storm hits! Your aid is your people; the people.

This is not just a political issue; it is a moral one. This is a sacred place; the confluence of The Three Rivers is a sacred force of power and prayer. That spot belongs to the people. ALL THE PEOPLE.

This is the City of Champions. WE are champions because we invite all peaceful people into our borders as family and friends. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Isn't that what Falcon and Dove have said since we started this blog?! We honor our differences and the opportunity to share our perspectives. We are not going to allow those with distracted tendencies to undermine our messages of peace, tolerance, and our constitutional right to do what we will do. We will also not allow our city, our home, our front yard to become District 9. We will walk, talk, and act. That is how democracies work, and that is how it will work in Pittsburgh during the G-20. WE will see to it.

We are all shareholders: veterans, politicians, clergy, environmentalists, union members, bloggers, firefighters, police, EMS, and teachers. We all have an investment in this event, and we all have something to gain...and to lose. There will be drama to be sure, but if we focus all our collective efforts, this will be an extraordinary opportunity to share. Why the elitism? Why the separation? What are we really afraid of? NOTHING! WE THE PEOPLE are not afraid.

We are taking a stand for our children and our grandchildren. We are honoring our ancestors with our hands, our voice, and our walk.

As Peter Gabriel once said in a song about a strong freedom fighter, Steven Biko, "The eyes of the world are watching now".

So are our children.

Falcon and Dove

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