Friday, August 21, 2009


Hello World Family,
BREAKING NEWS! As of noon today, all G-20 public permits have been approved! All parks will be used that were applied for, and the march is also approved! HUGE VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY!!!

This is why America can be cool! When we all work together, use our voices, use some logic, and keep our hearts and minds open, we can find an accord. Yes, there will be conditions...

Point State Park is only available 9am-11pm-no overnight camping. We still don't know where the march on Friday will end in downtown; that is still going to be figured out, but it will happen with approval!

Other issues like who is paying for all this and additional police begin approved to come in rom other cities was also on the docket today, all the figures seem to be all coming together.

More news is pending, and things will be in flux for awhile, but we here at Falcon and Dove just had to share the good news!!!

Everyone, be proud of your hard work!!! It was excellent! I am so proud of all my Brothers and Sisters who worked so hard on this. I am proud of our officials who worked diligently and consistently in front of, and behind the scenes to make this a reality.

World-you are gregariously welcomed to Pittsburgh to share ideas, protest, and engage in democracy during the G-20. You are invited to not be disruptive nor distructive. This is our house, and we want you be comfortable, but we don't want you doing anything that will bring harm to us or our children. Be kind, engage, enlighten, but do not disrespect our hospitality.

There will be many, many local eyes and ears and hearts in this sacred place: honor it with your presence, your love, your insight, and your wisdom.

Falcon and Dove

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