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Men, New Moon, Eclipses, and Summer Solstice

Men: The Summer of Change Starts June 21
Summer Solstice, New Moon in Cancer

Hi World Family, and especially the men!

This summer has some pretty dramatic astrological aspects, especially for men. Guys, Father’s Day brings HUGE changes in the landscape, immediately followed by New Moon in Cancer Monday morning.

There are significant aspects with Cancer this summer season, and lots of issues involving women, emotion, home, security, home appliances, home products, and mothers.

Specifically where the Cancer New Moon is concerned, there can be significant action in work with non-profits and community organizations, or on the Dark Side, some heavy aggressive, angry, get-it-at any-price energy. Falcon’s Mars is in Cancer, which normally is very ebb and flow like the ocean, and more gentle than when it’s located in other signs (now, before some people who know me jump all over this, remember, I am a Scorpio-ruled by Mars and Pluto, so the action you see from me is probably from my Sun Sign, and be grateful my Mars isn’t someplace else…like Scorpio!) but Monday may give even the most peaceful folks a kick. Everyone, just keep your heads on straight. Take a deep breath…relax…

The New Moon in Cancer has some interesting aspects with it that can bring sudden upsets in a very public way; ironic, since Cancer really likes familiarity and security, and sort of prefers to avoid public attention on its private emotions. If it is handled well, these sudden upsets can bring new emotional beginnings that will bring Cancer more security and stability in love. Sometimes, the changes come suddenly and shake things up in order to create a new (and sometimes better) future. Those who may experience political and social upheaval, it may be necessary to suffer losses to ultimately get larger gains. This will be a summer of significant social and political changes.

By the way, the moon goes ‘out of bounds’ (void-of-course) in the wee hours of June 20 for a couple of days, and that can bring out a sense of higher consciousness without drug accompaniment where imagination and freedom will be heightened. Hmmmm…

Jupiter has already gone retrograde along with Neptune, so if there’s something that you really want to know, now is the time to find out. Follow your intuition and your heart; you can’t go wrong. This is a good time to finish projects you have been working on, nurture relationships, and go introspective to build your inner talents. This is not really a good time for a new job or new project to start. If it is in the same vein as things you have already been doing, then you are probably going to do just fine.

Venus and Mars are coming together (in Taurus) in the middle of the Summer Solstice week next week, June 21-25. The reason I refer to it as a week is that for several days, the sun appears to not move at all. This is a high season in Native American tradition for the male; the highest energy for the Life Force in its greatest power of the year. Venus and Mars coming together means that there will be opportunities to express unconditional love freely and openly.

Dads, load up on the hugs!

Lovers, enjoy the sharing in a genuine way that is healing and generous to each other. Let the love flow as the Bellamy Brothers would say…and that new singer on the Prius commercial…Petra, right?

The Sun and Uranus are also coming to the party this summer with some unexpected events and opportunities. This could be fun. Watch yourselves! When Pluto comes on the scene with these two, there will be reform, revolution, rebellion, etc. There will also be new perspectives for the self, new revelations, and sudden adjustments to the changes that may happen at a moment’s notice.

Saturn wants everyone to take responsibility for changing their lives by making a solid life plan, cutting away the old, and embracing the new. Personal freedom is featured, as well as a serious change within the Self from the way things have been. The system is still there, but it will look very different from this point forward.

Neptune wants you to celebrate spirituality, not be surrounded by deceitful or inauthentic people.

Jupiter and Pluto want you to come together in partnerships that are enriching and rewarding, joint aspirations, working for the benefit of others who are less fortunate, and handling large projects that have a long term benefit with and for others. It’s a great time this summer to start working on new partnerships that give as well as receive. This can be a magical time to get things done and create successful endeavors.

There are THREE eclipses this summer: July 7, (Capricorn) a total solar eclipse July 21 (Cancer), and August 5 (Aquarius). Those whose sun signs are in Capricorn, Cancer, and Aquarius should be ready and willing to throw out the old and welcome the new. You will get a fresh, new start.

The first eclipse on July 7 is going to (along with other very interesting aspects) present some challenges. You don’t want the list, but you do want the bottom line: there could be arguments, fights, disputes, jealous rage, financial problems, as well as the possibility of accidents higher than normal.

So, why am I pointing this post toward men? Well, gentlemen: you tend to have greater access to weapons when in disputes, and therefore, higher incidents of violence and losses. Okay, so what am I telling you to do? I am begging you to keep your cool. Disputes and arguments may happen, but you are still the boss of you! Try to maintain some perspective.

Jealousy is the worst, and I am talking to the Women, My Sisters now, too. No fighting over relationships; it is not worth it. If someone is leaving, let them go-at this point, you have probably outgrown them, or they you, and it’s for the best, no matter how it looks in the moment. If they cheated on you, let them go so you can find someone who actually deserves your good graces. Clearly, something wasn’t right, and cutting them loose is a gift for both of you. If there are children involved, you be the grown-up! Don’t turn your kids’ affections against your partner; tell them the truth as they can handle it in terms of age appropriateness, but don’t poison the proverbial well. One day, you may be glad that you kept a civil relationship with the other parent of your child. If you are a step-parent, remember that you are, and allow the parents to do their job first, and run batter-up when needed. It does take a village to raise a child, and it takes adults to raise children. If you are dealing with an addiction, rather than allowing it to take you away from everything that is sacred, including yourself, dump it! This is a sign to let it go.

There are no solutions at the end of a fist, a gun, or a knife used in anger, aggression, jealousy, or disappointment against another person. Stop and think. Someone out there loves you…and one of those people should be you. Love yourself enough to not destroy your life or someone else’s. No hating! Have the fight that may be inevitable and let it go.

The second eclipse on July 21 (July 22 overseas) brings a total solar eclipse at 29 degrees in Cancer.

I have to be honest with you about this one: it is fierce. This aspect can bring out the hero in some people and challenges in others. This is not a time to ‘buy, buy, buy’ as Jim Cramer might say, since investment losses could be significant during this time. This could be a time when illness may take its toll, or unexpected deaths in greater numbers than anticipated may occur. Relationships may break-up, and others may decide to take control of their lives and go get what they want. The ‘sleeper may awaken’ as Herbert Frank might say. Many of these things may happen unexpectedly, without any warning. Stay alert to shifting trends financially, and with people’s emotions. The attentive and intuitive may see a shift in those most sensitive coming…like beginning right now. Many times, things begin to shift in the month before an eclipse. With three so close together, no one will be able to catch their breath from one to the other. Start looking at things now that may show signs of stress: people, structures (bridges, tunnels, political structures, individual emotions). Remember Venus Retrograde? Yeah. Well, let’s keep our wits about us and try to ride out the changes. Some will be great. Some will be challenging shifts in reality. Create a new reality, and don’t hold on to what is past.

The third eclipse on August 5 in Aquarius will be much less volatile than the previous two, but brings up hope out of change, and an opportunity to think creatively about the future. There may even be a reason to celebrate for some. This is Lughnasa (Mid Summer, in the truest sense of the word, middle of summer), and the early harvests will begin to come in. In some places, there will be bounty beyond what was anticipated. If we haven’t had 3 major hurricanes by then, there should be enough to go around this year. Sharing and caring as well as an attitude of gratitude is important this summer.

Men, please keep up your highest graces, even in the most difficult times.

Avoid those that don’t. That is the key to getting through this summer of change.

Fathers, remember that someone looks to you for leadership and strength. Sometimes, the greatest, most powerful lesson you can share with your children…is that you are human, and capable of mistakes, and a renewal of spirit. Forgiveness is also an excellent trait to share.

Have a powerful Father’s Day, and a Happy Solstice!

Falcon and Dove

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