Thursday, June 18, 2009

G-20: Get your Hotel Rooms Now!!!

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Those of you coming in September 24, 25 for the G-20 Economic Summit: Get your rooms now! Some hotels are already filling up. Below is an excerpt from our Summer Vacation blog posting that we have now moved to a separate post for easier access. Here is the latest, and check back frequently because this post WILL be updated!

Those of you interested in the G-20, BOOK NOW!!!Every hotel for miles will be filled. Here’s the thing: Try to stay at a hotel that has transportation to the Convention Center, or has access to nearby transportation that takes a direct route. DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE AND PARK DURING THIS EVENT! If you need to be close to the city, pick a hotel or bed and breakfast that has free parking close to the convention center. Make your inquiries now, don’t wait.
Here’s some other suggestions I thinks may help. If you really don’t like traffic, but must drive from where you are to this event, try staying at a small boutique hotel or B&B outside of Pittsburgh…I mean, significantly outside of Pgh.

UPDATED June 18: Because of their available airstrip, Nemacolin Woodlands is FULL! There is no availability at any of the hotels, cabins, suites, etc. We did mention that things would move quickly.

For example, stay in Cranberry Township at one of the many hotels there. Stay in the Laurel Highlands (Donegal, Somerset, Johnstown area). Yes, these are an hour out, but all highway driving. From there, you can park at one of the many Port Authority Transit Park and Ride lots (PAT), and take the bus directly into downtown Pittsburgh to the Convention Center. They are reasonably priced: Latrobe is also close by for those who want to fly.

Those hotels in Latrobe, Ligonier, Donegal, Somerset, etc. on less than 30 minutes from the airport. Johnstown is also another great place to get a more reasonably priced hotel with an airport nearby. Don't forget the magnificent Bedford Springs Resort and Spa as well. Beautiful, quiet, but with all the amenities one would expect in the city. The Laurel Highlands make a great alternative.

This will give you some peace in the evenings after events, and some reasonable places to eat inexpensively nearby if you want.

Remember, there are a ton of Bed and Breakfast locations throughout the region. Check with :
For a list and location information.

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