Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rik Emmett/Dave Dunlop CD PUSH and PULL Available May 2

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Well, Falcon knows after the concert webcast Monday night that many of you wanted to know when the CD for PUSH AND PULL would be available. Well, May 2, in Toronto, IF you are attending the show at Hugh's Room. There will be advance copies available, autographed at that show.

The CD for PUSH AND PULL will be available May 26 from Maple Music:

MP3 version available at:

For more information go to

Push and Pull harkens like their debut project of Strung-Out Troubadours, and has a similar mix of instrumental and vocalized pieces. One tune, “A Deeper Kind of Blue” appears both as a dueling guitar instrumental and as a p.s. version with Rik’s emotional tenor conclusion. Most of this project is fun stuff, with extremely impressive pieces like “52 Pick Up” and “Red Hot” burning up the axes like only Emmett can. Dave gets a more balanced presentation and the load seems more evenly split on this project, including his surprising lead vocals on “Only Time Will Tell” (original, not an Asia cover; I only mention this because three people have already asked me that question).

“Way, Way Kooler (a nod to Way Cool from the late 1990’s Swing Shift) actually is, and “Declaration” seems to be an anthem-like affirmation of daily renewal. “Miracle of Love” is a nice piece that would make a good mainstream rock single, although Falcon has to admit that the version done with Orchard Studios live from Brampton on the Internet broadcast with just Rik and Dave is more favored that the retro background vocals on the studio recording.

The first single from this project, “Why, Baby” had been out since December, and it is now joined by these and one more masterpiece, “And The River Still Runs” which thematically has its origins in the same vein as “Dos Arroyos” from the debut Troubs (“Two Streams”, although this piece flows like water or consciousness, depending on your mood) which also brought about the construction of “State of Grace”, from the same project- which was one of the most elegantly constructed songs Emmett has written in his solo career. Overall, Push and Pull should be added to your collection.

Falcon and Dove

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