Friday, April 17, 2009

BROTHER: Drastic for a Good Cause

Hello World Family,
This is an extremely important event. Please read the message Falcon and Dove received from our dear Brother Hamish of the Celtic Tribal Rock band, BROTHER.

Falcon and Dove

BROTHER: Drastic for a Cause

Hamish, a founding member of BROTHER, is set to lose 7 years of dreadlocks in Australia this weekend to raise money for cancer research. If you haven't yet, please check out "Drastic For A Cause" at and help make sure the cutting is well and truly worth it ...

Hamish speaks: G'day lovelies. It's been a while now since i've caught up with most of you but i still delight in the many, many faces and characters that roll like an old home movie through my mind whenever i think of all the touring, all the shows, all the different places over all those evolving BROTHER years.

Anyway... i'm putting my dreadlocks on the chopping block to raise some funds for cancer research. Annie Robinson - an old college friend - inspired me to do my bit. She has rewritten the medical record books, having bounced back from metastatic cancer again and again over the last 10 years. Annie died just over a week ago.

The dreads have been my companions for the last 7 years and they will be missed - i'd really appreciate everyone's help in ensuring it's all worth it. Not long to go now so anything you can do to help spread the word and fill the bucket would be appreciated. $10,000 is the goal - how close can we get?

Forward it on, share it round.

love love love h

From anywhere in the world, purchase "Drastic For A Cause" coupons from BROshop @

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