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Venus is Retrograde-Is this a Good Thing?

Hello World Family,
Falcon, here. Here's a couple of curious questions for you: have you had a major break-up recently? Or are you getting together with your One True Love? Are your finances making you crazy? Well, these are all signs of the once every 18 month cycle of Venus Retrograde...and we are here to help.

This is an ambitious post. I am going to try to describe in some detail what is happening for the next six weeks with Venus: March 6-April 17, 2009. As you know, this planet is extremely important in Native American traditions, particularly to the Maya, whose calendar my people, the Tsalagi, follow.

Why is Venus so important? Well, she is the symbolic keeper of love (all types of love, whether family, friends, and lovers), art, music, creative projects, some types of work, luxury items, associations with women…you get the picture. She is pretty important. Some people think that this once every 18 month occurrence means love and beauty completely drop out of the picture. Nothing can be further from the truth. If you play this period properly, you could find more love and happiness than you thought possible and move out some things you no longer need that have become burdensome or toxic to your future. Self love is important as well: developing a healthy, loving sense of self that is natural and without false fix ups (this is not a good time for cosmetic surgery of any kind, but great for exercise and eating right) is all featured.

This particular Venus Retrograde is important because of where it is in the Venus cycle: it is the fifth retro line to the grand star, which has pretty important significance to our economy, wealth, values, and our personal and interpersonal feelings about love.

This is a time when old friends or lovers who you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile may return. If they do, there is unfinished business that must be dealt with in order to move forward in a positive fashion. For example, I heard from a friend I hadn’t seen in 14 years a couple of weeks ago. She and I were very close, like sisters, and her departure from my life had always left me saddened. She contacted me, hoping that all was forgiven and that we could reconnect. It was great to hear from her, and of course, I had not held on to the perceived wrongs of the past. I have an old friend back, and I am delighted. Conversely, there have been those whose relationships were distractions and unhealthy, and I have kicked them to the proverbial curb, with love and grace, telling them that I do not wish them ill, but that I cannot have them in my world contaminating my well. When you take the high road, firmly but gently, release becomes a bit easier, although there is pain that we all must go through in re-establishing relationships or in letting them go. The process may seem brutal, but it is necessary to grow beyond our limitations to something more positive and mature.

This retrograde period has some very strong medicine for those who are Soul Mates or Twin Souls: Alpheratz is a star of the nature of Venus, awakening grace, popularity, independence, and honors for those who have karmic pledges to keep, and duties to obey. This could make this particular Venus Retrograde more pleasant than others in some respects, at least for those taking on the task of completing outstanding karma and moving forward in expanding love.

Casual conversations could become quite serious. Female relationships, partnerships of all kinds, joint ventures, and alliances could become stronger during this period. The older you are, and the longer you have been invested in this alliance, (including Soul Mates, et all), the better. The more mature you are personally as well as your age will also play a role in your success. The older, the better: more structure and seriousness will be asked of in your relationships, and that can mean improved stability and commitment. This retrograde period will move Venus from Aries back into Pisces and that will have different meanings as this period goes on. The Pisces period will play an extremely important role to our economy world wide. Although, just getting through the Spring Equinox Period (March 20-22) could get interesting.

Venus is the goddess of love, so she rules feelings and emotions, relationships, fashion, taste, luxury items, art, music, social interactions, and anything having to do with the feminine. When she is retrograde, tastes that have been personally hidden or desires that have been muted may come to the surface in a big way. Experimenting with sex in the context of love (not one night stands), may arise with people in ways they never imagined: the normally conservative personality may become unleashed, and those who are normally outgoing may become more sensitive to their hidden side than usual. Those who are sensual and exotic may become more so now, and those who never thought they could be may give it a whirl.

The other side of this is that those who may have only slightly disliked each other may be at a full blown war during this period. Misplaced anger could quickly turn to rage in the uninformed. Compromise and peacekeeping will be in short supply for some personalities, so watch for triggers than can put some over the edge. Bad driving will be at a premium.

The key now is to take care of unfinished business, particularly in relationships. Don’t remodel, change your hairdo significantly, or buy expensive items during this period. Flea markets and thrifty purchasing is better now. For those who have businesses that thrive on big ticket items or fees, expect things to improve after April 17 and especially after May 2, when the flood gates will open again for those who can afford your products and services.

Venus retrograde in Aries indicates that we may react emotionally, rather than logically to well…everything. That cute puppy commercial on TV will be even cuter and felt deeply. Messages from the simplest things will become more deep seated and profound; expect some major revelations during this time. Some of these will come from the most unusual or benign sources. Aries is a Cardinal Sign, so those who have astrological signs in Cardinal locations will be doing some serious introspection about their personal feelings and relationships. Those effected the most are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. There is an opportunity for those in these signs to gain greater insight into their feelings about sex, finances, creativity, and most importantly, values.

This is extremely important because our value system determines what we invest in emotionally, financially, socially, and creatively. Those in Cardinal Signs who usually are very rigid in their values may come to realize during this period that they were serving the wrong masters. Some may realize that they lived too superficially, more worried about what other people thought about their lives, than actually paying attention to it themselves. Some may realize that there was too much time spent dreaming about love, and not experiencing it. They may dive in with abandon now that their values have grown to include their own happiness, as well as the consideration of others. Ironically, that may produce better results than when they were sacrificing their own happiness, supposedly for others, and in the long run, hurting themselves as well as those they care about the most. In becoming more available to love, and experiencing it for themselves (perhaps in ways that were once denied to them by themselves or others), they will be happier, and will be better friends, lovers, partners, parents, co-workers, etc. because they are actualizing their own happiness by advancing their values.

Venus Retrograde in Aries

Venus Retrograde in Aries is intelligent, affectionate, imaginative, lively, engaging, yet sometimes changeable in romance and in love.
Since it is a retro period, old loves, or karmic relationships may appear or reappear. These are relationships that are fated or destined. These will probably be passionate relationships that are full of the possibility of embrace and intimacy. Have fun! The other side of this aspect is that you can appear to be pushy or perhaps too aggressive. Gauge the behavior and then proceed with lots of communication about what is, and is not, acceptable. Sharing and respecting each other’s expressions is what will make this period the most enjoyable and enriching that it can be. Refrain from rich foods, and stay with your diet and exercise plan throughout the period.

Venus retrograde in Pisces

Once Venus slips back into Pisces, those who have signs that are Mutable will be most greatly impacted: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sag. After April 11, 2009, deep feelings could be awakened. This could be a blessing…or maybe not.

This year, Venus will go Direct in the final degree of Pisces, conjunct with the Fixed Star, Scheat. This could bring out the worst in human behavior, as people begin to act on deep seated feelings they have not processed or fully understood. Financial discord could be at a premium. Dramatic engagements could result, for better or worse.

Those that did their good work while Venus was in Aries on karmic relationships will spend this period connecting in deep, expansive, loving ways that they may not have ever imagined possible. This can be a period of compassion and sensitivity.

Those who are in relationships that wound and are counterproductive could find this period one of their worst nightmares. Let go of what doesn’t work, ASAP. Guard against those who could take advantage of you emotionally. If you are in a break-up during this period without a safe place to fall, this could be a very difficult time. SO…right now, connect with friends, loved ones, get a good pet…something that you can hold on to during the most challenging times. Making the proper connections now can help you avoid devastating emotionally challenging times between April 11 and April 17, 2009. Remember, things don’t settle down until around May 2, 2009, so take it easy, and avoid the high drama if you can.

If you have done your work right, especially those in karmic relationships, you will find the Direct station period one that can help you make valuable decisions on relationships and social interactions as well as construct a positive direction for your life in the future.

Special times to pay close attention:

April 3 Venus will square Pluto (which will go retrograde on April 4).
Keep reactions in check, and do not over-respond to something innocent in a negative way, and all should be fine. Always turn negative energy to constructive purposes.

Between now and September of 2010, do not allow old memories of wounding and hurt to be manipulated by others. Free yourself using love and compassion. Again, those in karmic partnerships: use your connection for the highest and best purposes. This is your strength. The more you love and honor each other, the less likely anyone will think of trying to take advantage of one or the other of you. Forgive your past in each other that may have caused hurt, and celebrate the joy and love of your rare alliance. Your capacity to love can not only heal each other, but can be a defining teaching tool for others to align to higher principles.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition that completed it strongest direct influence on February 5 will still have its influences through September 15, 2009. Since this Venus retro occurs during the middle of this period, it has some global implications. Globally, this means more financial crisis, more organizations and groups negatively impacted by past greed and dishonesty, and more conflict on a global scale. Personally, this means to stay flexible, be careful, and observe what has happened in the past and what is going on currently. Be cautious in your responses to things through September 15. That will at least minimize the damage. Right now, what really matters is real worth and real value, not the illusion of worth and value.

March 11-Make a heartfelt apology and it will probably be graciously received. Artists and writers: don’t worry about temporary setbacks-things will be fine after the period passes. You may have to extend some deadlines, diplomacy will work best.

General indications by sign:

This is very, very general by each zodiac sign on how Venus retro can impact. It is NOT to be the final authority on how this period will impact each individual. Remember, you have an ascendant, and that sign is just as important with respect to this kind of impact. Also pay attention to where Venus falls in your own chart. (For example, Venus is in my First House (self) on my birth chart, so how I feel about myself may be greatly affected by Venus during this period. If my self esteem is in tact, maybe I won’t be too self-critical. It all depends on a number of influences, and what you choose to do with what you have to work with that determines success. The below is courtesy of Fern Feto, M.A.


With Venus, the planet of love and relationship, going retrograde in your sign on March 6, you are going to need to cultivate patience in matters of the heart. Since fast-forward and "full speed ahead" are what you do best, this retrograde cycle could present you with a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Aries thrives on challenges, so use your Ram-like determination to meet this one head on, striving to go more slowly even when you’d rather break the speed limit. (First House-House of Self/Personality).


Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, goes retrograde on March 6, giving you a chance to look more deeply at your approach to love. You may find yourself reviewing relationships from the past, or thinking about how things “used to be” with your current partner. You can use this time to your advantage by drawing on your sensual nature to reconnect with your lover or to think more carefully about what you might want in a future partner. NOTE: Venus is retro in your 12 House of karma and the underworld.


Flirting is second nature to you, Gemini, and you thrive on meeting and interacting with all kinds of people. With Venus going retrograde in your 11th house of friends and community, you may find that someone you had thought of as only a friend has taken your relationship more to heart. Take your time in figuring out what your feelings are before you make a response, as your first impulse may not be the best one.


Your sensitive and dreamy nature makes you easy to love, Cancer, but can also leave you open to hurt feelings. As Venus travels retrograde in your house of public reputation (NOTE: 10th House), you may encounter situations where you find it difficult to hide your heart from behind your sturdy crab shell. You may encounter individuals from your past who stir up old hurts and memories. Try to protect your tender insides while still maintaining a connection with the outside world.


Leo, being in love makes you shine like the star you are. You may find that right now you are discovering romance in unexpected places, and are having to realign your ideas about what love is. As Venus goes retrograde in your house of higher education and travel, you have a chance to gain a whole new perspective on matters of the heart. This might mean releasing some old beliefs and philosophies, but it will ultimately bring you to a more truthful place in your relationship. (NOTE: Venus retro in your 9th House)


This promises to be a deep and powerful time in love and romance, Virgo, as Venus goes retrograde in your 8th house of sex and intimacy. Shadows from the past may veil your relationship with your current partner, and it is up to you to use your refined skills of discrimination and discernment to decide which of these patterns to keep and which you are ready to release.


You are in the spotlight now, as Venus in retrograde highlights your 7th house of relationships. How do you balance your own needs for independence and freedom with your innate desire to meet others' needs? You may find that you need to go back to the past for answers, either through encounters with old lovers, or for another round with your current partner on an issue that just won’t seem to go away. Use your Libra skill at finding balance to navigate this time diplomatically.


Mundane matters can hold more weight in love and relationships now than ever before. You may need to revisit agreements you have made with your partner around day-to-day activities such as cooking and cleaning, in order to keep your relationship running smoothly. Single Scorpios may devote more time to self-care, with an eye to how this could benefit you in future relationships. Diet and exercise can be a way for you to demonstrate the love for yourself that you may soon see reflected back in the eyes of another. NOTE: Venus retro in your 6th House of Ocupation/Work


You may have to take another look at how you express yourself in love and romance now, Sag, as Venus goes retrograde in your 5th house of self-expression. It’s possible that your love target may misunderstand a gesture on your part, and you might have some explaining to do. Try to be patient and keep your sense of humor, as you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of love. Remember that you thrive when you have a chance to grow, and try to see this time as an opportunity to learn more and expand your understanding of others.


Old memories of family and the past may return to you now, Cap, affecting your most personal relationships. Now is a good time to try and turn your attention towards home and your personal life, and sort through your innermost thoughts and feelings about yourself. Trying to escape into work or other pursuits will just slow this lesson down even more. Turn your attention to those closest to you and take the time to reflect on how your relationship with yourself affects your relationship with others. (NOTE: Venus retro in your 4th House of Home).


Aquarius, you may find that communication is an area of focus in love and romance now. With Venus turning retrograde in your 3rd house, you may need to take more time explaining yourself to the object of your affection, as they may not understand you on your first attempt. You are known for being a little outside the box, so it’s no surprise that sometimes you have to work a little harder to connect with others. Try to be patient now, and take the time you need to get your point across to your partner or loved one.


Venus retrograde in your 2nd house of values could be making you take another look at how you value your own time and energy in relationships. Are you giving more than you’re getting, Pisces? Does your partner take you for granted or value what you have to offer? Now might be a time for exploring these questions and possibly reaffirming your worth to yourself and your significant other. Though your gifts and skills may be unique, they are still valuable, so spend time meditating on who you are and what you give to others during this retrograde cycle.

One note about compulsion and addiction during Venus Retrograde:

If you or someone you know already has problems with addiction to drugs, shopping, alcohol, sex, etc. it may only become more pronounced during Venus retro. If you see someone who needs help in one of these areas, this may be the time to rally the friends and family and try to help this person before they go off the deep end. Heavy spending during this period or heavy gambling has been reported.

If you know yourself that you have a tendency toward excess in alcohol or drugs…STOP completely during this period, please...get some help. Yes, 'cold turkey' could be tough, but it will be better now than at other times. Cleaning up your act could be transformational and healing right now. No jokes, no bull. There are people and places to help. Get it. Now.

Dear friends, this is a crazy time, but if we hold on to each other, we can make it a better time for all of us. Talk to each other, and share your feelings. Judgments are counter-productive. Just listen and be a real friend. You are our global friends, and we will be here for you.

Falcon and Dove
Disclaimer: All Astrological stuff is for entertainment purposes only...we hope you were entertained :)

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