Friday, March 20, 2009

"Knowing" is a Wild Ride, great effects

Hello World Family,
Falcon and Dove here. Happy Spring Equinox! If you are looking for a movie to see this weekend, Knowing is a good one, but it comes with a caution. It is extremely well produced, especially the sound. Summit Films has a winner, unless you have PTSD. I am serious. Don't go if you have had a trauma that involves fire, plane crashes, 9/11, etc. this film is so realistic, we would advise you stay home and hear about it from friends. There are some serious emotional tugs here that could have a heavy impact for those who have already had some rough experiences. Once it is released on DVD, you can pick and choose what to sit through, something that is not an option in a theater.

Now, to review the film. It is well acted, has great cinematography (although Falcon is mixed on a lot of the hand-held shots that might have been better served with a Steadicam), and is a fine screenplay. This film is the kind of story that will bring up some conversation around the coffee pot and the proverbial water cooler. What would you like to know, if you could, abut the future? What should you know? Does everything have a fated quality to it, or is it all chaos? The characters ask these questions repeatedly throughout the film, as well as bring up issues of faith, love, (unification and separation) and what the future holds for us all.

The adults and children are fine actors, the cast is highly diverse and well placed. Nickolas Cage gets criticized sometimes for the films he chooses, but this one really runs the range of emotions; it is an action film, a disaster film, but more than anything else, a self-examination film. He should get props for choosing this project. The personal intimacy and interpersonal communication between characters is at the center of the story. That is what makes Knowing more than just another action packed apocalyptic saga. While we don't see this heading for any major awards outside of perhaps special effects and technical areas, it is worth seeing in the theater...and then go hug the people you love. If they aren't in arm's reach, give them a call, a text, or a happy prayer and thought. Yes, that is how you may feel when you leave this film.

Have a great spring weekend!
Falcon and Dove

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