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Rik Emmett has Great Opportunity for Songwriters

Hello World Family,
Since our Brothers and Sisters here who subscribe to The Falcon and the Dove are apparently HUGE Rik Emmett (Canadian Guitarist-Singer-Soungwriter extraordinaire) fans, I know you would like to know about this important announcement from Rik.
I have attached it below. Check it out, and act quickly!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rik helps launch Songstudio 2009
[posted: March 3, '09]

Songstudio 2009 - July 18th-24th, Toronto

Dear Songwriters,

I am writing to you because I'm hoping you might have an interest in learning about a new songwriting workshop opportunity...or maybe you know someone who might be interested, and you can forward this information along.

Some of you may recall my involvement with a songwriting workshop in the summer of '08 that included an accomplished and passionate faculty (Christopher Ward, Terence Gowan, Fergus Hambleton, Ember Swift, Shari Ulrich, Emm Gryner, James Linderman and Blair Packham), and featured intimate concerts and interviews with up-and-coming and famous songwriters (Bruce Cockburn, Arlene Bishop, Dala, Eddie Schwartz, Greg Wyard) and industry professionals, as well as evening Open Mikes, late-night jamming and co-writing, and a Thursday night student showcase at Hugh's Room.

Although Humber is relinquishing its role as the host location for the summer songwriting workshop program, after months of quietly working out details, Blair Packham, Bill McKetrick and I are pleased to announce the creation of Songstudio, Toronto's new summer songwriting workshop, happening July 18 -24, on Ryerson University's downtown Toronto campus.

Modeled on the most popular attributes of our past summer songwriting workshops, Songstudio promises to introduce some major innovations.

Perhaps the most important change is our central downtown location: Ryerson is close to the transit system, bookstores, music stores and other shopping, restaurants, clubs. Everything a songwriter could want is nearby.

The residences at Ryerson are excellent, and the classroom facilities are spacious and modern.

Another change: we are booking local live music venues for our Open Mikes this year-giving you an opportunity to play for real people in real nightclubs in Toronto.

Yet another innovation: more time set aside for collaboration and co-writing.

Establishing a workshop like this without an institutional financial and administrative safety net is daunting, but we're adjusting: the workshop groups will function at a ratio of one facilitator to ten participants, under a working theory that larger groups may well be more dynamic and exciting. The larger-group-effect will be counter-balanced with more one-on-one consulting time wherever possible. (Yes - you can consult one-on-one about your own songwriting with Rik, and other great songwriting resource people - also take part in the daily group sessions of these experienced teachers.)

As part of our effort to solidify the financial viability of the workshop, the basic price will be $750 + GST for the week (rising to $850 + GST after May 15th). No discounts - this represents our break-even point with 50 attendees. Also, this price includes only two meals - the Saturday Orientation Luncheon, and the Friday Awards Luncheon. Given our workshop's track record for quality of instruction, consultation, creative encouragement and community-building, we're hoping you'll agree that it's still a bargain.

(Residence charges are separate from workshop tuition. Ryerson nightly rates range between $35-$55; more info @ http://www.ryerson.ca/conference/accommodations/)

NOW - first - we need an e-mail confirmation of interest from you. If you think you would want to join us for our fifth workshop year, please send Blair an e-mail indicating so immediately. blair@blairpackham.com

Given a good response, we can move forward with our plans and start booking faculty & guests, as we build this year's program.

Soon, we will be asking all of those who responded with a "yes" for a refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot, but also to cover our initial operating costs (deposits on the Ryerson facilities, building a central website to disseminate information, promotion, etc.). This deposit will be refundable to you up to April 15, if you change your mind, or if your plans have to change. (If WE have to cancel the workshop after that, however, you will get your full deposit back). The balance is payable before May 15th, after which the basic price rises, as noted previously.

If we get enough interest in the 2009 workshop, we can ensure our success, extending into future years. That's why we need you to tell your songwriting friends about Songstudio and encourage them to sign up.

We are hoping that we'll get to hear many new voices this year, as well as receive the support of many of the same participants who have been with us for the past four years. Please join us this summer!

Best regards,

Rik Emmett

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