Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays From Falcon and Dove-One Wish

Hello World Family,

Falcon and Dove wish you all the best of holiday seasons and a prosperous New Year! Be happy, healthy and generous of heart in 2009. Don't wait to share your love with friends and family. 2008 has demonstrated that things can change very quickly in the world, so don't hold your affections hostage to doubt, past wrongs, and misgivings; share and watch the magic happen! People can be transformed by the slightest gesture of kindness. If we all do our part, the world will benefit from our collective sharing.

Use your words to heal, not harm. We don't mean be nice in the face of atrocities; those should be handled with direct, forceful language. We should speak sternly and follow up with action that denotes our unwillingness to tolerate the intolerable. However, be careful of what you say, and know that your words may mean more than you think they do.

We mean don't use language that is petty or otherwise attempts to diminish the spirit of others. Speak the truth, and yes, there is one. There is an expression running around that has disturbed Falcon and Dove: Perception is reality. Well, no it isn't, it's perception.

What we perceive can be slight of hand; our senses can fool us. It is foolish to think that what we see as individuals or societies makes or truly perceives is simply what we can grasp at the time, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking that is 'real'.

Indeed, most of what we thank of as reality is truly illusionary. For example...the straight line. In reality, there are no straight lines in nature; everything has a bow to it. The strongest form in nature is an arch. Let's bridge-build with each other in ways that make us all stronger. Let's acknowledge that 'truth' is still elusive for us, and that what we perceive has some truth in it perhaps, but our perceptions are not reality; they are walking dreamtime...until we awaken to a greater truth, then the reality shifts.

Let's strive to live the highest, greatest ideals of our faiths: let's love each other and ourselves. Let's show an aptitude for gratitude. Let us be thankful for the blessings and for the trials, because we learn a great deal from both. Let's thrive... in the greatest sense of our spirit and our faith...and helps others to do so.

We hope that you have love and faith in your hearts...with an open hand to others, and not a closed fist. Embrace opportunities for growth and experience that will give you more to give to others. Don't allow anyone to limit your spirit. You have a lot to offer; let your sharing with others reveal how sacred you are.

That is our one wish for you this holiday season: that you see how truly beautiful you are.

Peace...good will to all,
Falcon and Dove

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