Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun this weekend!

Hello Everyone!
Falcon here. Are you wondering what you might do this weekend besides stress out on holiday shopping? Falcon and Dove have some suggestions:

PSO Holiday Concerts this weekend!
Check out the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and their Holiday Pops concerts. They start at just $20/ticket! It will be beautiful, fun, and you will walk away from the performance with some great songs in your head, ready for the upcoming holiday weeks.

Solstice Celebration at the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, 4pm

If you live near Pittsburgh or are visiting north of Pittsburgh near Dorseyville, PA, why not break up the holiday doldrums and come play some drums, sing, and celebrate the arrival of Winter on Saturday at 4pm at the Singing Winds Site of the American Indian Center, 200 Charles St. in Dorseyville. Special note: Coming to tho event will be easy' leaving a little challenging because of the Festival of Lights at Hartwood Acres, just a mile away. If you would like to attend the festival after the celebration, that would be great, and the traffic won't be a problem. If you would like to miss the traffic, turn LEFT when leaving the site, and make a right at Route 910. That will take you to Route 28 or the PA Turnpike and away from the line-up into Hartwood. By the is FREE! The Rite-Aid Festival of Lights is $12 per car donation. Load up the car, come have some fun with your indigenous Brothers and Sisters, and see some pretty LED (going green this year) lights around the property on the three mile drive at Hartwood Acres. This will re-energize your focus on the Season of Light: Hanukah, Christmas, Yule, Kwaanza, and the New Year.

Christmas Carols
Okay, this is only for those who can is great to get together with friends and family and irritate your neighbors with your joyous song! A splendid time will be had by all, and take some pictures and put them on your FACEBOOK or MYSPACE page to show everyone your holiday spirit!

Make a Gingerbread House
So...maybe your aren't a baker. Here's a fun alternative. Use graham crackers and icing for house glue! Perhaps get a gingerbread house kit. They run about $7.99. You may be able to find a kit for less than that at a dollar store. Candy is much better on the house you won't eat than always in the children's stomach, so got for it! It will be fun...I know, you are thinking that the house won't stand. It will. Falcon will now reveal one of the secrets of the universe!
Guess what?! Your kids really don't care how much you spend on Christmas gifts; they just want to spend time with you. It the house stands, great. Making a mess with your child regardless of age (well, from around 3 and up) is priceless! If you can spare some time from work and holiday planning, your children or grandchildren will thank you for doing something zany with them.

Be a Secret Santa
Note: not a stalker, a Secret Santa. Give a present to a person who is shut-in, or a senior in a care home, or a child in a hospital (with the parents' permission, of course). You will feel better, and they will feel much better.

This is a great time to drop all the materialistic stuff and give yourself some prayerful downtime. That is what the season is all about, eh? Go to church at a session you normally may not attend, meditate, take a yoga class, or visit a friend's church for something new and fun. You may make some new friends, and get some new insights about your current situation. Falcon finds that when she needs enlightenment or guidance, it comes from everywhere, and visiting your church, temple, synagogue, or a place of worship is a great place to start.

Most importantly, whatever you do this weekend or holiday season, don't drink and drive. Ever. Falcon lost a great friend many years ago (okay, lover) in a car accident after he was killed by a drunk driver. Just take a cab...or call a friend...or ask another sober party-goer for a ride home. Get creative, but don't get behind the wheel. Please. Falcon and Dove love our World Family, and we want you around to email and call us for years to come. As Indiana, PA native Jimmy Stewart found out, it is a 'wonderful life', and we would miss you.

Have a great weekend, World Family. By the way, Seven Pounds, Tales of Desperaux, YES Man, and The Wrestler open this weekend, so enjoy those new offerings as well.

Next week, Falcon and Dove will talk Golden Globes (lots of our movie recommendations made the nominations, and we are very happy about that!), things to do that honor the holiday spirit, and the year in review (sort of).

Stay safe, and stay strong.
Falcon and Dove

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