Sunday, November 30, 2008

TFATD: Thanksgiving Show - Part 1 - Rik Emmett and Holiday Movies

The Falcon and the Dove is BACK with a two-part Thanksgiving show! We have a packed show for you! Although we won't be doing shows weekly again until further notice, we WILL release a show anytime there is a major event, film, etc. that we feel needs attention/discussion. And of course, Falcon will be posting on The Falcon and the Dove blog fairly regularly.

The first part of this show is for all audiences. The second part is for slightly more mature audiences (no swearing, however). We have an excellent show for you this week, so enjoy!

- Falcon attended a Rik Emmett concert on Nov. 15th in Pittsburgh, and reviewed it on this blog! She talks about that show and more!

- Falcon AND Dove attended the next Rik Emmett concert in Philadelphia on Nov. 22 at the Tin Angel. We review that show. We have video!

- A comment from a fan at the Philly show opens a discussion on our podcast: 'Is Rik Emmett the best living guitar player on the planet?' What guitar players still have their chops, and who is past their prime?

- Rik Emmett and Triumph are on iTunes! Check them out if you are new to them!

- Tori Martin: Only 9 years old and what a voice! She was at the Philadelphia show and has a CD with Triumph's 'Magic Power'! Check out her website at

- We review holiday movies! Twilight, Bolt, 7 Pounds, The Tale of Desperaux, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and more, including movies on DVD such as Hellboy II, and The Fall!

Download Part 1 of our Thanksgiving Show! (Right-click and Save Target As) (Length: 1 hour, 4 minutes; Size: 118 MB)

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