Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movies, Music, and Giving Thanks for the Holidays

Hello Everyone!
Falcon here. The Holiday Movie Season has started, and there should be some interesting choices in theaters this year, since some major movie releases were moved to next summer. That has allowed some smaller, independent films to get attention and additional screens that would have been difficult under normal circumstances.

First, I would like to make a music update. Apparently, there are a lot of Rik Emmett fans out there who read Falcon and Dove's blog! Wow! We have posted one of the comments that was pretty typical of what we received: fans for years, seen many a Triumph and solo show...must see this guy in concert! Thanks to everyone who wrote or emailed, or friends who just called and said they didn't know there as a show last Saturday night, and how they wished they would have known because they would have gone to see him. I almost didn't go myself because I had plans to go to New York, and things changed at the last minute, so I probably didn't do my duty of broadcasting the event in advance the way I should have...we will NOT let that happen again.

There will be Triumph reunion tour shows apparently in 2009, so everyone hold on...or "Hold On...(that pun really wasn't intended) and when we have news and tour dates, Falcon and Dove will let you know here!

Now...movies, movies, movies. I think everyone saw Quantum of Solace last week for opening. Is there anyone left who hasn't seen it? Great opening numbers...this weekend is Twilight the extremely popular books by Stephenie Meyer and starring Harry Potter's Cedric Diggory, Robert Pattinson. This is hard to describe. It you like the books, or the eye candy, you will love the film. If you don't know anything about it, and you go to the may enjoy it, maybe not. I wouldn't take young children to this, I don't care if they have read the books. Take them to see Bolt. There are some delightful animated features coming out this season with some great voices provided by veteran performers. We will cover them as they come along.

The Punisher has been cut by 30 minutes. Ugh! What I have seen leaves me wondering if it will still hold up. There are some projects that if you undertake them you do so with an understanding that some aspects cannot be compromised. The Punisher is violent and a little complicated. It is what it is. If you don't explain that well, the movie will not fly. Let's see how it looks, but I am hesitant at this point.

For stocking stuffers, make sure you get Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Ironman for those fans of comic delight. These look fierce and have great offerings in their home packages. Those who get Hellboy on Blu-Ray will have an opportunity to open some special features in the package, fill in some questions, and submit them to Guillermo del Toro who is being interviewed on Universal's HD link (Sunday at 9pm, EST)and shown on the Sci-Fi Channel next week. go to

Other up and coming films include a remake with Keanu Reeves of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Looks like the outcome is the same. Star Trek the younger...starring Pittsburgh native from Central Catholic high school (and villain on Heroes) Zack Quinto looks really impressive as Mr. Spock. There are a couple of distinctly Glasswegian accents in this younger group, and nice on the eyes for the female viewers (okay, I like rugby players, too...they're hot), but it really is hard to tell where the plot is going by the trailer. We have been waiting a long time for this one...I hope it lives up to all the hype.

Benjamin Button...well, I don't know what to say. This could fly high or drop like a rock; hard to tell. The cinematography looks great, strong actors, panoramic view through various cultures and history... but the plot is weird...weirder than weird. Baby born old and shriveled gets younger as he grows older and looks like Brad Pitt by the time he's middle-aged. Falls in love with Cate Blanchett's character, and is getting younger looking while becoming older. I don't know how this could possibly end well.

Dove and I will cover these and other films on the Thanksgiving weekend podcast next week in more detail.

Many of you are traveling for the holidays beginning this weekend, so we would like to wish you and your family well this holiday season. Stay safe, strong, happy and healthy. From our family to yours, we wish you well, World Family.

You know, Thanksgiving for us is a special, solemn holiday. It's not about football games, and stuffing ourselves over the feast (okay, maybe a little).

Thanksgiving is literally about Giving Thanks. It is a time when my daughter and I share with other friends and family members how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. We review our gratitude journals together and talk about what we are thankful for: the gifts, the blessings, and the trials, because the trials we survive teach us so much.

These are hard times for many families. Some people are losing their jobs, their savings, their livelihood. I know that it is hard to be positive at this time of year when so much is expected. The most important gift you can give anyone, is yourself: free from the burden of doubt, self deprecation, and pity. You may not be able to buy the gifts you want for your family this year, but you are not your are a sacred gift and what you have to offer from your presence in your loved ones lives is more important than money will ever be. You are the priceless gift. Do not allow pettiness, competitiveness among friends and family members, etc. distract you or make you doubt your strength and fortitude. You will get another job, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. You are NOT just your occupation; you are what you dream, share, and actualize with others.

Volunteer this holiday season, you may meet your next employer standing beside you as you pass out the holiday dinner. Put a dollar in the red kettle, if you have one to spare. Sing carols to elders in nursing homes and children in hospital beds; you cannot imagine how much that means to those families. Help send gifts to our troops overseas and away from home. Coordinate events that make people smile, small or large. As you know, Falcon and Dove love these kinds of events. We meet so many cool people every event we do. Make your own celebrations for your own accomplishments. Reward yourself with down time, a good book, nice relaxing baths, or a vigorous workout that you love. Don't forget you during the holidays.

Celebrate the simple things: making meals together, playing in the snow, watching the games on television,listening to music, singing, dancing, sharing. See a movie with the kids for a dollar; most cities have bargain theatres. Celebrate your faith genuinely. Give somebody a hug. Give a lot of somebodies a hug. Tell someone you have never told that you love them. Remind those that you love what a joy they are to have in your life. Be bold and unafraid of rejection or judgement. Forgive past wrongs. Really...what does holding on to all that do for you anyway? It poisons you, and brings no joy. Let go of it and see how much better you may feel.

For those with loved ones far away, know that they love you and know that they know you love them. Distance does not make love any weaker; sometimes it actually makes it stronger. Keep you faith and your prayers high.

Dove is coming home for holiday break, and it looks like we may make a quick road trip to Philly. There's someone she would like to see...

Have a great weekend, Brothers and Sisters!

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