Friday, May 9, 2008

Last minute ideas for Mother's Day

Hello Everyone!

Falcon here...offering some last minute ideas for gifts for Mom's special day. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Falcon, are these things that you would actually give, or things you want for Mother's Day?" The answer is: both! The grest news about these ideas are that they are very inexpensive to do, and will be well received by any mom with a pulse! Here we go...

Gift basket...made by you. Have you noticed how most gift baskets put together by companies have things in the basket you don't really want, but you just deal with it because it comes with the package? Well, the solution is: make your own! It's easy. Just get an empty basket at a thrift store (the bigger and sturdier, the better), and then fill it up with a theme: kitchen basket, fruit basket, spa theme, flowers and herbs, etc.

The Kitchen Basket is a piece of cake: get spices, utinsils, preserves, jellies, teas, coffee, chocolates, honey, pancake mix, berries, sea salts...whatever you know mom would like, put them together in a basket and wrap it with clear or colored plastic wrap. Done! You can make this basket as expensive or as inexpensive as you can afford.

Another basket along a similar line, but also great for gardners is the Herb Basket. Of course, this is a living basket. Go to your favorite greenhouse and for a few dollars get the most commonly desired herbs: sage, basil (there are many varieties), chives, borage, organo, dill, sweet margoram, parsley, (many kinds), lavender, etc. and put them in a basket or a planter basket. Get some good potting soil, carefully remove your herbs and place in the planter, surround and cover them with soil and water. That's it! It smells wonderful, and helps mom have great access to healthy herbs.

The Spa Basket should have pampering items: lavender, creams, sponges, lotions, and gift certificates or gift cards for places that mom can relax: a spa day (if affordable), movies, favorite restaurant, etc.

The Fruit Basket is obvious: just get a strong basket, go buy fruit (wash it) and arrange. Wrap and you're ready to go.

Okay, suppose you are really on a are a couple that are nearly free!

Get mom a journal so she can write all her special thoughts.

Go to a park for a secial Mother's Day walk. If you're involved with Race for the Cure, you already have a great way to spend time with your mom. If you are not, take mom on a special walk to your favorite place in the park. She will enjoy you sharing that with her, and she will never forget it.

Extreme Mom Home Makeover
Let's suppose that mom has a porch or patio that needs a little fix-up. Some chairs may need cleaned, or a table painted and spruced up...well, while mom is out at a church luncheon, you and your gang can do a quick fix, add a couple of flowers and make her spot beautiful. She will appreciate any effort, and it can be the beginning of a springtime project, or completed in an afternoon. Either way, mom will love it, I bet.

Picnic in the park-get your siblings together, make a cover dish, and take mom for lunch in the park. She won't have to cook, and she will love it. Remember to take pictures. If the weather is poor, take the cover dish to mom's house, so she doesn't have to cook, and have some fun. Are there more than one mom you need to honor on this special day? Make a special dish or dessert for each; they'll know that you're thinking about them, and how much they mean to you.

Have a great weekend, and to all the moms everywhere...have a happy, blessed mother's day!

Falcon and Dove

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