Monday, May 12, 2008

Golden Corral Rocked Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone!
Falcon and Dove hope all the mothers of the world are honored all year long, especially on Mother's Day. Falcon took her mom to the Golden Corral-a wonderful buffet restaurant with choices that boggle the mind. Falcon's mom is not the easierst person to please, and is not the most patient, but Golden Corral was uber busy on Mother's Day and handled the crowd with no problem.

The really cool part is when it's really busy, they get you a table, so no scrambling or fighting for a seat. The salad bar is the Field of Dreams with lots of leafy choices and tons of fixings. But, let's get to the good part...the entrees! Yes, the sides include the best baked sweet potatoes of all time, baked potatoes, various veggies, macaroni and cheese and well...chicken galore, (in various forms) and STEAK!!!! Ok, that was the carnivore in me, but Angus steaks cooked the way you order! On a buffet!!! Now, I know my brothers and sisters of the south have probably had Golden Corral for awhile, but we just got a few in Pittsburgh over the past couple of years, and they are wonderful! Clean, neat, and unpretentious, but never tacky. The food is always hot, home cookin' with extremely nice people from the door, the salad bar, the dessert table, until you depart. Everyone is warm and friendly, and that fact that they were that happy on Mother's Day is remarkable. They ran the restaurant like a well-oiled machine, and accolades are deserved all around.

Did I mention the desserts?! Leave room...the Hogwarts feast or Peter Pan table in Neverland would be jealous. Did I mention the price? Dinner for two, all you can eat for $25!!!!!

The best LOVED it! She couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had. I also think part of the fun was that everyone in line was so absolutely pleasant. No one complained, everyone was nice.

I have now been in Golden Corral restaurants from Monroeville, PA through North Carolina. I have had a genuinely great experience every time. I am very impressed with the chain, and I can't wait for Father's Day!

They say there will be steaks served all day...hehe.

Falcon and Dove say...we hope you had fun with your mom, whatever you did. Stay strong, mothers! You have the hardest, but greatest job in the world!

Falcon and Dove

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