Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Terrible Towel Creator and Broadcaster Myron Cope dies at Age 79

Hi Everyone,
Well, anyone who has every watched an American football game has probably heard of Myron Cope, Steelers broadcaster since 1970. He coined the term 'Immaculate Reception' in reference to the catch made by Franco Harris in the last 22 seconds of the now -famous 1973 game. He did crazy holiday videos, Steeler videos, Pirates promotions, etc. What many people outside Steelers Nation probably don't know was how big Myron's heart was, in addition to his color commentary. He donated the proceeds, and eventually the rights of his Terrible Towel creation to the Allegheny School and Autism research. He held celebrity golf tournaments, all to benefit his favorite charities. Myron Cope was a fine writer, before he became the voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1970. He loved and respected all people, and they had a ball with him. He was fun, enthusiastic, and genuine. He will be missed.

Myron, I hope they have Terrible Towels in heaven. I know you will be waving yours with all of us for every game. We love you, and we will pray for your family.

Our sincerest sympathy on your loss. He gave so many of us so much joy. We hope that you find comfort in the fact that he was and will continue to be, so well loved.

Hugs and kisses, Myron. Oi!!
Falcon and Dove

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