Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Update: Predictions Come True!

Hi Everyone,
We hope you have enjoyed the Academy Awards this year. Falcon and Dove are very happy: we only got 5 wrong! Okay, I guess we should have given The Bourne Ultimatum the rest of the Sound Catagory and Film Editing, and of course, Documentary is always a tough catagory. We were shocked that The Golden Compass got an Oscar, considering how it was orphaned by the entire critical industry, not because it was all that bad, but because no one seemed to like the religion of the book's writer. Bizarre...but it got Best Visual Effects. We thought Pirates: At World's End might have pulled it off. But, hey, it's a great night. Congratulations to the winners, all great work! Well, that was a nice distraction, but it's time to focus on the three E's again.

Economy, Elections, and the Environment.
Have a great week!
Falcon and Dove

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