Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Falcon and the Dove Podcast Has Been Launched!!!

Welcome to The Falcon and the Dove podcast! The Falcon and the Dove is the official podcast of AreyaSimmons.Com. This podcast show is conducted by myself (Areya Simmons) and my mother Stephanie, and will consist of discussions on many varied topics that concern Baby Boomers, Echo Boomers, and everyone in between!

The mission of this podcast is to provide vital information which can be utilized in the real world. Our goal is to provide you with pieces of information that you did not know before-hand. Through this show, we hope to make many people's lives easier by offering information that people need to know, and providing entertaining and thought-provoking discussions on issues that are important to people in this day and age.

This podcast will be a mixed bag of topics. Everything from books, films, music, and other entertainment, to technology, the environment, censorship, a touch of politics, and maybe even the mysteries of the universe! The reason why it is so mixed is because we want to be free to discuss anything that might be important to our listeners. We do not wish to be limited by topic, which would force us to censor ourselves. In short, anything floats our boat. Therefore, if there is any topic that you would like to hear discussed on our show, please feel free to drop us an email at, and let us know what YOU would like to hear about!

For full details of this podcast, Click Here!

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