Sunday, January 28, 2007

Episode 1 Is Now LIVE!!!

The Falcon and the Dove, Episode 1: Fantasy, Ratings, Bannings, and Art is now live!

This is the first episode of The Falcon and the Dove. We have a jam-packed show for you this week, and I hope you will all enjoy it. Here is what will be featured this week:
- Intro.
- Oscar nominations. Which films were nominated, which were over-looked? Great year for the Mexican film industry!
- Our Review of Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth.
- Movie ratings: what makes a PG, PG-13, and R rating? Are the ratings getting stretched? Do we need more ratings in the USA?
- Our opinions on children playing roles in R-rated films. Dakota Fanning is featured.
- What we think films like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and other adaptations will be and should be rated.
- A woman in Georgia is still trying to get Harry Potter banned in her school district after 18 months and 3 appeals. Our thoughts.
- Does Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have too many adverbs?! Sound ridiculous? It is...
- The college process and how to afford the school of your choice! Fastweb.Com!
- An interview with Jay C. Bakari and his magnificent drawings! Scans of his paintings are coming soon!
- Beer...for your dog??? Don't worry, it's not alcoholic!
- Does your Zodiac sign tell you how good or bad of a driver you are? According to a recent study, Aries and Libras are the worst, and Capricorns and Leos are the best. Since I am an Aries, I take exception to this! ;)
- We cap our discussions off this week with a Quote of the Week!

Download Episode 1 Here! (Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes; File Size: 60 MB)


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